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September - Sovereignty or Slavery - Time to Choose

Kia Ora, Greetings, Aloha🤗

WOW, what a month this has been. A Birthday month for me and many others. I have entered the Golden Times, and so far it's been interesting. Thanks to everyone who sent me messages of blessings and love for my BIG day, which I happily spent receiving a Crystal Bowls Healing Session in Hamilton, thanks Annie, it was blissful. Then a yummy dinner with a couple of my friends😍

Last month I had started with Change comes fast, and I have to say, it's been very changeable and we are now in "Pause" again, thanks to Lockdown Level 4!

I just made it home from Auckland on the night we went into Lockdown on that Tues. So it's been a very reflective time, watching the level of Fear escalate

around me whilst I'm staying Sovereign and neutral. A couple of times, I felt myself wanting to expand basic understanding to some around me, however,

not always received with grace, so I wait for a new opportunity, whilst acknowledging the fear within each to their spirit. I noticed it did settle them more.

When to share, how to share and do I share? We are at such an important crossroad, where each Soul is being asked to "step up and stand in their sovereignty" and for many, there is little understanding of what that really means. I feel like I have been trying to fast track people since 1990, and it was always so frustrating where people were unable to perceive some of the things that we are now witnessing. I am now sitting in a more neutral space of being so aware of not having an opinion as it just adds to the energy, and more of observing myself when others' opinions may trigger or charge me. I know that it's about finding that zero point, neutrality of understanding everything is really happening for a reason for whomever is having to experience that. I am grateful for the many resources that are now available where we can listen, check-in, express and share to whomever is open. That's all that is required. The depth of understanding that dropped in for me this month, was the "perfection of each individual soul's choice at each moment that is now redefining our reality".

I am aware to not be pulled into sides; and with this particular issue, regarding the vaccine. My mum (84 last week); she asked my opinion on this; as she is being coerced by my brothers to get vaccinated. I gave her my perspective and advised her that if she didn't feel she needed or wanted it, she should say so. Even though she has expressed this to my siblings that she has no fear of the virus as she is well aware of her own body, has never taken any flu shots in the past and didn't see why she needed to now, she's feeling a little bullied into conforming. I gently advised them that they should respect our mum's wishes, but "logic" prevails in the face of Fear. I stand by what I believe, to honour my truth, and I'm aware I'm not here to fight, as it really is a personal Soul choice. This is what is meant by each taking "Responsibility for your own choices". How my mum chooses, despite going against her wishes, if she concedes then I respect this is part of her experience and journey (the tyranny of the masculine, patriarchy controlling the feminine" - there it is, right here in my own family! To be fair and clear, my brothers are not bullies, but they are strongly selling her the "safety path, through their logic, whether it is right or wrong for her". In her lifetime, I have witnessed our lineage of women being controlled, their choices not being heard by the masculine, and this is still very real in her reality. This is her "misplaced Loyalty". She is fiercely loyal but is confused to whom she is loyal to through her own cultural, traditional conditioning. She does not have enough belief in her own Self that she can actually choose NO this time. I'm not judging my brothers, as I know they truly believe they are guiding her with care, they do not have enough self awareness of the play they are participating in (this is also their own "misplaced Loyalty'', as we were very much conditioned that we must be good citizens and obey Authority!). Despite reassuring my mum she has a right to choose, she still feels powerless to choose. What is also interesting, she knows my opinion is correct, yet she somehow doesn't feel supported or aligned to stand by her truth, therefore, is now folding to please my brothers (because on a deeper level she is still subservient to the masculine, the patriarchy), despite her own intuition, and that has been her story in this life. That's a reality we are all facing.

What I'm referring to here, is the conditioning that we care about others first before we can truly care about ourselves. This Sovereignty movement is actually understanding this is the dismantling of the foundations of the past that has enslaved each soul in this lifetime. Freedom always lies within. What we are witnessing on a local and global level needs to happen, but it's up to each individual on how it will happen by taking responsibility to embrace their own Sovereignty. This is part of the plan and make-up of what we are all going through right now. No-one is forcing you to do anything right now (it's a coercion), and when you do not choose to stand for your Sovereignty, then we are not changing anything. I'm aware this is a sensitive subject to many; all I'm saying is, it's OK to disagree, it's OK to question, it's OK to feel differently to what everyone else is feeling. Honour your feelings, this is your point of empowerment for YOUR Soul growth. Respect others' choices, do share what you know if you care without expectations, at least they are informed.

There needs to be an acknowledgement that people will have differing roles right now, it's important to check in with your own Being, your Soul, if the action, decision etc is something you need to be part of. Many are playing out their destiny, however, we all have a choice on how this needs to unfold now by making choices that matter to you. If you are passionate about a certain thing, then understand where to focus your Sovereign passion so you do not get distracted. A time to truly "Know Thyself". When you look at what is going on from a higher vantage, there will be a sense of relief to know everyone is playing the role they came to play. I hope this will give some latitude of comfort for those who are struggling with the changes happening around us right now.





My living situation is still in the flux of change yet to happen...during my drive home I was questioning my Higher Self about where and how to move, and I kept getting the message "do nothing", as the owner of the property I was living had been sold and we were asked to find alternative accommodation within 2 wks! As I didn't want to put energy into "worrying about it", I put it on hold til I was driving home. To my surprise, maybe not, when I came through the door, I was given the good news that we as a total household would just move across to a new property and home by the end of this month. That was a relief, as it gives me time to assess and create my next place of abode if need be. Ha ha, then comes the spanner in the works, Lockdown! We should be moving today, nevertheless, nothing is moving til further notice, so we have all been sitting tight for the last week. I have to admit this Lockdown has been more uncomfortable for me, as I'm feeling restless, but at the same time, grateful that I get to hang out and appreciate and enjoy this beautyful space of where I have been living, which is only approx 3 months. Then a few days ago, with the energy shifts that are happening, my gums and teeth started to react and have not settled yet. In fact it really does feel like my back teeth will fall out soon. So how am I feeling?? Hmm a bit exhausted, in pain with toothache, and restless. I have been sitting with this, for the last week, not fun but also aware that I need to pull the rabbit out of the hat, again! Well we do have 6 planets in retrograde too😉 So whilst we are in an enforced Pause, I sense it is timely with what is happening in the skies. The energies are coming in thick and fast and it really is about staying present, grounded and aligning as best as you can with your emotions to neutrality and perspective (this is the shift in consciousness).

I have been prompted by a few people to give a Shamanic Journey online, and whilst I'm open to the idea, I'm not that ofay with technical issues. And, once I said YES to the idea, a dear friend colleague offered to set it up on ZOOM for me. We did a trial run to hear the quality of the drum, but unfortunately, it sucks🤔 This is one of the things I will not compromise, is the quality. Nearly had it, but until I get to a place with better reception, it will be on hold.

In terms of upcoming events and workshops for September; at this stage I have put this on hold til further notice. I am considering doing some online workshops, so will let you know in due course.

The Souls Journey and Living Life as a Multi-dimensional Being Workshop has been postponed til Sun 12 and 19 Sept in Kerikeri, so long as we have come out of Level 3. Will keep attendees posted. If you are interested in joining this workshop, please email me for more info, thanks. Picture is from my Soul's Journey in Kauai, happy times with nature👣💕

Some further videos to idle away your time with new perspectives, info and wisdom;

SoulSpeaks 5D: Sarah Breskman Cosme, 29 July 2021
We are experiencing the separation in "real time" in order to re-experience and sense what this separation means to you. We are purging the past, and the more we hold on the more we will suffer. I share this video as I listened to the interview with Sarah and she shared stories of people's journey back to the Altantian times, it was also showing up as being "this time in our humanity". I was aware of the activations that were arising from what Sarah shared, it may be the clarity and understanding that could be freeing to your soul? Be EnJOY🙏💕
How To Boost Your Immunity & Heal Your Body Through Meditation | Dr. Joe Dispenza A MindValley interview; this fascinating talk, Vishen is joined by Dr. Joe Dispenza to discuss the vital subject of how to heal yourself at this time using your mind. This gives really good information on how to focus your "mind and feelings" in order to focus on creating your reality. This is a simple powerful way of understanding your energy for creation.

I'm keeping this e-letter Blog shorter and once again I thank you for your attention, support and love. I appreciate your feedback when I get them and my purpose for sending these out is to give you a sense of the energetic pulse of what is going on a personal and global level. We are all connected, we are loved and we are safe. If you are not feeling this, then I would encourage you to find your "tools" to assist you in this practise of reconnection. Reconnection is not automatic, it needs to be practised til you actually understand how it "feels" like to you, without you resisting this. To know when you are not grounded, to feel your true feelings without guilt. We are ONE, but not without your reconnection.

BTW, I am available for online sessions, please enquire.🙏💕

Stay safe and beautyful, practise grounding and Sovereignty. You were born for these times, so let yourself SHINE🤗🌈🐬

Love and blessings

Alyse Young🐬💜

Energy Intuitive

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