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About Alyse Young

Energy Intuitive, Shaman and Author of the book Talk To Me.
She now currently resides in NZ after living and working as a facilitator of healing in Australia, Hawaii, and NZ.


About Alyse

Living a Soul's Journey, Alyse received a call to live in a remote valley in Kauai, Hawaii for 3 years, living with nature, in a tent, cooking by fire, drinking and bathing in Spring waters and the river, gardening and communing with nature. During her time there she experienced illuminating expansion of consciousness. Being with nature, she learned how all the elements co-operate with our intentions in a magical way. It is her soul's purpose to share this consciousness as we move into 5th dimensional life and beyond, to BE it by living it. It's more simple than we realise. Magic is a natural state of our Being.

Alyse facilitates energy healing, by interpreting personal energy, the dynamics of energy, then translating it into language of emotions and feelings, working with the inner child and Higher Self. She works with the consciousness behind all dysfunctions and dis-ease of the body, mind and Spirit. It's simply giving your past experience a different perspective that fits in the NOW. It's our conditioning that impedes our potential. She believes she assists in offering the person a new perspective in going forward in these important changing times. It's not hard, just different. 

Alyse has been working and living as an Intuitive for over 20 years. She is committed to her Soul's journey living as a sovereign Being. Through understanding and embracing her own energy, her innate Shaman came through naturally, and what she now perceives, is that the inner child work is "modern day shamanism" for the 21st century! This is her Soul's purpose, to share her experiences and to encourage self-awareness, acceptance, empowerment and self-healing with others. Creating and living in Love, Joy, Truth and Freedom. Her focus is to support the millennials in accepting who they really are so they can live and BE the change they already are, here and Now.

Alyse's experiences includes;

  • Energy Intuitive Facilitator

  • Inner Child healing

  • Connection to the Soul, Higer Self and Innate Body and the Crystalline Grid

  • Aligning and activating the multi-dimensional body

  • Shaman - Soul retrieval, Ghostbusting (taking souls through) and Depossessions

  • Pleidian Energy Light Work

  • Theta Healing (DNA reprogramming and activations)

  • Absent healing on family constellations (family dynamics)

Alyse is available for personal sessions, in person or via Skype. Her work takes her to many places around the world and she is open to sharing her knowledge, and if anyone feels called to host her for a workshop, please fill out the contact form or email


Talk To Me

Alyse wrote this book for her clients to assist and support them with their journey of embracing their own energy, and working effectively with their own inner child

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