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Alyse invites you to...Ground and Expand. 
Get Connected to Your Source Now!


Alyse has observed over her years of experience, that most people are very ungrounded.   For many it's difficult to know how to ground yourself if you actually don't know what it feels like!   Conceptually everyone gets it, but physically it's still a new sense for many.  Grounding simply means to "embody your own energy".   

She was given this simple but powerful exercise by Source one day lying on the grass and it was so effective she knew this is key to helping people to truly heal and become more connected to their Being.   This is a gift from the Universe and it has been her soul purpose to share this with as many people who are willing. 

All her workshops feature Grounding, they are deeper forms of Grounding - embracing your own energy.   For more information on Grounding, and working with your personal energy, see her book "Talk To Me", now available for purchase.

"These are important times of change, and great growth, a time where new and simple ways to co-create life with a different perspective, with Joy and Ease! It's not hard, just different! This powerful, but simple tool to re-connect you with 'modern-day shamanism', innner-mastery, are all already within you."

Practice the Grounding Exercise

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