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Book Talk To Me 

An easy and practical guide to understanding and
communicating with your energy through your inner child. 


Talk To Me

Alyse wrote this book for her clients to assist and support them with their journey of embracing their own energy. Working with the 
inner child is a way of giving new perspective to their feelings in a nurturing and harmonious way.

Easy and simple references throughout the book to ease you into understanding your energy. Order your copy now, email:

The book is based on the Soul's Journey workshops. These workshops offers people the opportunity to experience their energy as feelings, giving them a point of reference to how the body actually communicates with us.

The author, Alyse Young facilitates energy healing, by interpreting personal energy, the dynamics of energy, then translating it into language of emotions and feelings, working with the inner child and Higher Self. She works with the consciousness behind all dysfunctions and dis-ease of the body, mind and Spirit. It's simply giving your past experience a different perspective that fits in the NOW. It's our conditioning that impedes our potential. She believes she assists in offering the person a new perspective in going forward in these important changing times. It's not hard, just different. 

Alyse is available for personal sessions, in person or via Skype. Her work takes her to many places around the world and she is open to sharing her knowledge, and if anyone feels called to host her for a workshop, please fill out the contact form or email


“I read her book while riding the subway and I use this as a constant reminder of her wise, loving advice and insight into my person and spirit.

James-Robert Sellinger, USA

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