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Shamanic Journey

A sacred journey of reconnection for the Soul
to the beat of the drum.


Shamanic Journey

If u are wondering what's going on in your inner world, maybe time to reconnect and receive some insights and healing. If u have never experienced a Shamanic Journey before...this is what it's about, and so much more when u do experience for yourself.

A good time to reconnect with your soul, journeying to the beat of the drum into your inner uinverse and multi-universe, where you will connect with your power animal, spirit guides, multi-dimensional self to receive timely empowering messages of love , healing and recalibration.  

Appreciate you arrive 10 mins earlier and bring something to lie on and to cover yourself during the journey. 

Upcoming Dates



26 March

11am-1pm. At the river.

$30 Book via


Arkles Bay

31 March

The Space Within

$30 Book directly via
Wessel & Gulia

Native Drums


2 April

Yoga Roots studio

$30 Book via

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