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August 2022 - A Different Sense of Change


Happy Lions Gate (8.8), and Happy EarthDay to fellow Leos celebrating our special day in August and new year ahead. It's been a full-on July, ha ha, so what's different right? Well quite a lot and it's hard to articulate what that change feels like just yet. I had alluded to this a few months ago, and now finally I can really sense that the shift happened, yet, still to show up. In this space of anticipation has been disconcerting as I feel like my whole world has changed, and yet not. Here's an astrological view for August: August starts with a BANG - the BANG being the once-in-a lifetime, much-anticipated Mars-North Node-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Yes, it’s finally happening. Mars, North Node and Uranus are unpredictable, volatile, and change-oriented. Breakthroughs and paradigm shifts are likely. There’s a sense of urgency in the air. Something is about to happen. Follow your intuition. Mars will give you that extra push to take action and stand for what really matters. Link for full description; I'm aware that I was feeling really nervous this week, not fear but nervousness. Like something is about to happen or show up. It was really quite heightened and felt uncomfortable for my Being, til I actually acknowledged the feeling, then it settled. This week has been one of enquiry and introspection of what this really means. Not really getting any answers but more of a confirmation that my purpose has been fulfilled and my new purpose is now being formulated. Interesting times! It's been a month of mental exhaustion as I'm endeavouring NOT to think my way thru this, but surrender to allowing the potential to show up. The mental exhaustion is coming from the space of needing to know, to prepare, to be safe, etc....arrrgh, this old programming is constantly having to be updated!! Happens to the best of us, LOL. A time of heightened awareness of staying as an observer, witnessing what is arising from our projections; starting to see patterns more clearly and not reacting to them, but responding with a new (present perspective). Feedback I've been receiving in the last month has been exactly that. However, when I enquire, did they connect and talk to their inner child, most did not, but in hindsight could understand this is where the re-"connection" of un-"conditioning" needs to be applied, as this is the point of re-"charging" your energy, your true power. A conversation with a client, she expressed, she was shown a memory in her childhood where she remembered the feelings of unconditional love, and wondered why this was showing up. My sense was, the reason is the opportunity to "reconnect the charge of unconditional love that her Being already knows from a place of experience before it was shut down", which is why turning in to your inner child is beneficial, (the point of disconnection); and bridging the past with the present (true perspective) of your understanding. I reiterate, if you are aligning and comparing yourself with beliefs and conditioning of others, there will be a struggle to find peace. It's a time of really understanding what is your flow and trusting your sensitivities that all will unfold as you dreamed it. I'm also noticing that sometimes the new perspective, consciousness is quite a stretch, so our ego state will debate the pros and cons, throw up doubt etc, therefore, if you are experiencing your own resistance to new or different information, say to yourself; "I'm just going to contemplate what that means for me", this allows your Being to gently deepen into arriving at your understanding of what it means for you. This is an excerpt from The Gene Keys Pulse; "Mindfulness is the organic flowering of Self Awareness," Richard Rudd Gene Key 33: Forgetting – Mindfulness – RevelationCurrent World Theme: 31 July - 5 August 2022 ... The main difference between contemplation and either mindfulness or meditation is that contemplation also uses the mind in a proactive way. We make use of mindfulness by inwardly watching our mind, our emotions and body, but with contemplation we are also doing something active. Contemplation engages the power of mind, emotion and body. It fuses and uses their energy to bring about an increased state of self-awareness, freedom and general prosperity. Thus, the real power of contemplation is that it naturally turns into decisive action, and that action brings about fundamental changes in our life.🤔 More info see link; At the last couple of Shamanic Journeys, once again, always reiterating the need for "grounding and rest, stillness for recalibration", The message received was "to be gently powerful". There was a lot of symbolism of this meaning that we need to lean into our feminine energy to feel into paving the way, rather than the masculine energy of "making it happen". We are indeed in a space where it's the great reset, rebirth, renewal. And, moving into August for the Lions Gate portal, which is also a very important activating time, the energies are just ramping up, A good time to remember to set your Intention, be aware of responding thru Alignment, and Surrendering, to Trust to how it needs to show up, and allow it to show up in a new and magical way. EVENTS in AUGUST SOMETHING SPECIAL

SPIRIT TALKS, Thursday, 4 August (11am NZT), "The Awakening Experience That Changed My Life", Natali Brown (Host), Rach Williams, Angel Aquarian, Allan Dahlitz and me🤗 This session, Part 2 of the Spirit Talks on ZOOM hosted by Natali Brown. I will be participating on this panel with other guests for a conversation about our soul awakening to our spiritual journey. These conversations are very informative and relevant for the big changes everyone is facing right now, how to leave a way of life to embrace a new way of living and thriving. Looking forward to hearing and sharing on this platform, hope you can too! If you would like to register to join us on this ZOOM chat; please use this link;; or for more Spirit Talks updates:

Catchup Soul's Journey Gatherings Saturday, 6 August, Kerikeri (9am-12.30pm) The next gathering for attendees of the Soul Journey Workshops held in Kerikeri. This is an opportunity to come together with like-hearted souls to share and experience deeper healing as a group as well as putting to practise some of the tools. Also includes a Vibrational Sound Recalibration. These have been powerful sharing and cross healing in the space. $50 attendance, RSVP Essential. NB: For those who have completed the Soul's Journey Workshop, I encourage you to revisit your notes, especially for Day 2 as these tools are relevant NOW, and it will assist with a smooth transition into your ascension. It is this time!


  • SUNDAY, 14 AUGUST (11AM-1PM), Opito Bay, KERIKERI

  • SUNDAY, 28 AUG (11AM-1PM), Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, AUCKLAND\

  • TUESDAY, 30 AUG (6.30pm-8.30pm), The Space Within, Arkles Bay, WHANGAPARAOA

An opportunity to re-experience your connection to the Soul and the All That Is - Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into the underworld or upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with your soul and your multi-verse. AND, now offering this experience to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula region at The Space Within, Arkles Bay, Giulia and Wessel Cronje (Hosts). Tues evening, 6.30pm-8.30pm (limited spaces). RSVP Essential for all dates, (please indicate which area you are booking for) Prepaid event $30 per person to secure your booking, Email; 🙏

UPCOMING EVENTS IN SEPTEMBER A Soul's Journey Living Your Life as a Multidimensional Being Workshop Sunday, 11 & 18 Sept, KERIKERI (2-day workshop over 2 weeks (9am-5.30pm) An important workshop giving practical tools for the change we are now experiencing. This is the year of embodiment and quantum changes in a new way. For many it's just a concept, however, the tools you will experience, when you practise them, you will start to see big changes in your life as you come more into your multidimensional self, claiming your sovereign being, mastery, power and your creator energy. It's all changed so be part of the change. This is all about reconnection learning how to navigate your sensory Being. Remember how to sense, flow and grow into your expansion. It's not hard, just different. This is the time we have all been waiting for, to Be who we were born to Be, this lifetime. If you are interested in experiencing this, to acquire simple, powerful tools to help you stay balanced. Payment plan available, please enquire. I will facilitate this workshop with a minimum of 2 people.

Investment: $444; (Deposit of $144) A detailed programme of this 2-day intensive; email;

Private Sessions One-on-One Private sessions (1 hour) in Kerikeri or online nationwide or overseas - please enquire Monthly Subscription; I am offering a monthly subscription for 2-3 shorter sessions(20-40 mins) during the month and this will assist with supporting your healing and consciousness. What I have noticed is that people are struggling with understanding of new concepts, so this has proved to be very effective for those who have taken up this option, giving them a sense of clarity. Family Constellation - this is an effective way to help create space for healing for your family and lineage. It works on the soul level and the family members do not have to know, we work with their Higher Self, but what has been really amazing, is that each member feels the shift (even if they don't understand it); something opens up for them to be able to move forward, whereas in the past the whole family is "stuck" in a specific consciousness; for eg; suffering, health issues, common patterns of abuse etc. A lot of this work I have done in the past is for people overseas, and they feel it immediately, pretty cool. Please enquire. FOR YOUR CONTEMPLATION Another wonderful Soulogy Speaks 5D Podcast, Todd Medina and Suez the Galactic (Guest). This video conversation is a stretch of consciousness; the topics shared are about the soul purpose and growth, UFO's/ETs, Frequencies and Dimensions. I found this to be a fascinating conversation, enlightening perspectives which may assist in a deeper understanding of this new consciousness and era we have come into. EnJOY!🤗 Thanks for keeping up with me so far, for your time; and, always appreciate those who send me their comments and feedback. Keep Grounding, it is thru the practising of "feeling and sensing your energy and body", this is the embodiment of Knowing. Love and Blessings Alyse Young

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