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October 2022 - Opening to Receiving more of You


What a full month Sept turned out to be. I feel like we have been around the Universe and back. There's a lot of activity, ha ha, when is there not, on the energetic landscapes of recent's not over yet, October promises to be a month of deeper change! With the recent passing of the Queen was a marker of change, and shift in our consciousness, to acknowledge that many are feeling deeper grief and sadness, please understand that you and the rest of the collective are currently going through impactful changes and many will feel like they are dying inside, allow this grief, this is a truth. I was surprised I was caught up in a wave of grief when the news came out, and at first I denied it was grief because I have since changed my stance of what the monarchy represented, but could still feel the outpouring sadness from the collective, so I tuned in and sure enough this was coming from my younger self as I was a bit of a royalist, so there was sadness of someone who represented an important symbol of our society, in the world at that time. I acknowledged and owned this grief, she was a human being with feelings too, yet she played the role that was chosen for her, she was essentially a good person, but lived with misguided values of service and misplaced loyalty.

Our current reality is very much going through a death. The death of the Queen was a significant marker for a time that has now ended. In my two Shamanic Journeys during this period, the first one, everyone was given a crown (to take up your own sovereignty), in the second one I witnessed Kings walking around the circle giving up their crowns and placing them next to the people in the circle, they were surrendering the ways of patriarchy, knowing this era of the Monarchy has ended. The words, displaced loyalty, and disservice to Self; signifies an end of an era as we redefine what those values actually mean to our Self moving forward. We have been conditioned to place our loyalties outside of Self first, to serve others first, and this belief and value is now being challenged deeply within all souls. To understand what "loyalty and service actually means". We have been conditioned to serve others first, take care, look out, support others before our own dreams. The table has finally turned inwards. If we look at the bigger picture, the loyalty and service was always to something outside of our own needs and desires, which in turn brought about an imbalance of power. and disillusionment

I am observing a louder need for people to really feel "received", heard, understood, and supported and, so many dramas falling away once they embrace how to "receive" themselves without needing it from outside of themselves. It's a real point of difference and empowerment when you truly get "alignment" and what it feels like. For many I know this is still a concept, understanding and embodying are quite subtly different. Good to remember it's not someone or something doing to us to cause drama or pain, but the mirror of remembrance of blocked energy from a space-time that wants to come into vibrational alignment with your true Self, your true North! I'm borrowing this line from Lee Harris, we are in great times of metamorphosis, "People who tend to have been in control of others, don't let go gracefully, they tend to fight harder and rear their head more and become more vocal. How are we going thru this change of metamorphosis, are we fighting or are we willing to remember that metamorphosis is life...When it feels hard to shift, it's our programming meeting our soul energy and the two are trying to have a new relationship! This is Gold! You can watch the October Energy Update with Lee on the link below.

I moved homes in early September, and what should have been with ease and joy, turned out to be a chaotic nightmare! Just to put it in perspective, I moved with ease, but the rest of the household was in utter chaos. Felt very much like piggy in the middle. It was incredibly draining and exhausting, plus moving from a one level home to a 2 level home also created a whole new dynamic, where power struggles were surfacing! This was quite challenging coming from a somewhat harmonious home base, to suddenly feeling like I was being singled out on many levels. It was a reminder to reassess where my true North is lying to realign back to that course of direction. And, interestingly, as soon as I expressed my concerns with my inner child, it all came back into alignment. Things happen to force us to express our Truth, not with anger or spite, but understanding for the longest time You have not been honouring your true thoughts or feelings, the subtle compromises we make on ourselves in order to "fit in", only to find you are now feeling like being outed! Often it is just the acknowledgement to yourself of how you have allowed this to continue, why you let it continue, an expression of clarity to self and, without me asking, the household came into alignment again, it was like they could sense my thoughts and feelings.

Recently, a client shared with me a similar situation and she explained she spoke to her inner child after a chaotic time with family, and acknowledged to her inner child the feelings arising, stating "enough is enough", she was not putting up with the compromises anymore, and later when she spoke to her partner, and she was pleasantly surprised that he did not react, in fact agreed with her and told her he felt the same! How's that? I asked her if she understood the subtle difference? No. I explained, when she actively spoke to her inner child about the feelings and thoughts that were arising, she was bringing her Truth to light, bringing her energy into alignment with her present moment. In that, she was acknowledging, aligning her energy as ONE (choosing something different), then when she went to address this, she was already aligned so no "charge to her feelings" but simple sharing of her truth. This was "received by the other" without having to defend or deflect, and in turn, he was able to express his true feelings too. When we share from the truth of our heart, it is felt, there is no drama or ego reactions. This is subtle, but if you take the time to make this alignment, all will be smooth sailing. All we are doing is owning, admitting, this is how we feel and it's OK because it helps us to know, this is not how I want to feel or be. This is taking responsibility.

As I mentioned above, there is a real need for people to express what they are feeling...often it can feel like dumping or you may come away feeling quite drained and exhausted. This happens when you have an unchecked projection. Any projection of feelings or beliefs you carry unacknowledged will get tangled in the energy of what is wanting to be understood and released. And, if you are not aware of that, then your energy will mesh with theirs which will leave you feeling quite drained. This is the time to be aware that you are only listening (very important to let your inner child know or you will go into your energetic pattern of either rescuing, judging etc) To practise being the Witness, simply just remind yourself you are only listening, not only does this offer true compassion and unconditional love, it allows the other to truly "feel received", not judged for what they are saying. It will give them a sense of relief that they have been hoping for.

I realise at the moment, my elderly mum seems to be going through a life review and lately has been super critical towards me. At first I was a little disappointed as I truly felt we made great progress, and on reflection I realised all her unresolved disappointments were directly projected back at me. So now when I'm with her and she starts up, I just gently remind myself, "Oh right, she is just talking about herself, it's Ok, there is love and there is compassion now"...and then she kind of snaps out of it. The energy of the times is bringing up deep wounds and hurts, and all these feelings want to be received, to feel heard, loved and accepted by YOU, despite the earlier experiences already had. If we can shift our understanding to this perspective (Witness), healing will be so much smoother and quicker. We are programmed to give to others first, this is the moment where we need to stop and give back to ourselves, to the younger self. It's really very simple, but overlooked. No-one can make it better, essentially you have to understand on an inner level you are perpetuating this pain through a difference of understanding and perspective. If not now, then when? You are truly in charge of your reality and creations. The whole purpose of this huge healing in humanity is EMBODIMENT of your true energy.

There are a lot of intense energies coming out, October is no more forgiving, but it can be quick and instant and that is the beauty of these new frequencies. Learn to really surf your feelings, not get caught up in your stories. I am seeing so much healing happening faster and faster. The less you think and the more you feel and allow is the trick!

Lee Harris' Energy Update is so succinct, do listen if you are struggling for perspective of what it means for you. I was also forwarded a video with Matt Kahn, in conversation about Grief and Death. It was a really powerful message, so check out the link below. This material I include is to further support change and understanding right now, they are useful if you take time to listen and contemplate the different perspectives.

As I previously announced, I will be making a journey to the Bay of Plenty region in November so save the dates if you are from this area. I'm offering Shamanic Journeys and Embody YOU Retreat with the lovely Marjolein van Leeuwen in a collaboration of Embodying energy and Transformational Yoga using awareness of senses, breathe, sound, movement and mantras, at Savali Sanctuary, KatiKati. (16-17 Nov) and possibly another one-day workshop with Healing Your Inner Child, Changing Programming and Patterns, more info coming, in Tauranga/Mt Manganui area during the dates of 20-28 November. During this time, if anyone is keen to have a private session, I can be available for that as well. It's a big journey away for me, I have not been the BOP for almost 3 years, but I'm excited to reconnect with some familiar souls and meeting new ones too🤗


  • SUNDAY, 16 October (11AM-1PM), KERIKERI (with sunnier days, I will start to hold outdoors by the River, weather permitting) - venue TBA upon RSVP

  • SUNDAY, 23 OCT (11am-1pm), Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, AUCKLAND

  • TUESDAY, 25 OCT (6.30pm-8.30pm), The Space Within, Arkles Bay, WHANGAPARAOA

An opportunity to re-experience your connection to the Soul and the All That Is - Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into the underworld or upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with your soul and your multi-verse. Prepaid event $30 per person to secure your booking, Email; (Please indicate in which area you will be attending, Cheers) The Space Within, Arkles Bay, Giulia and Wessel Cronje (Hosts). Tues evening, 6.30pm-8.30pm (limited spaces). Our 2nd Journey was equally as epic as the first, a truly lovely space to go within! RSVP Essential, book directly from their website; PRIVATE SESSIONS One-on-One Private sessions (1 hour) in Kerikeri or online nationwide or overseas - please enquire, BTW, I do land and home clearing if anyone needs this service, the shamanic practise of removing energy NOT belonging to you or in the space, do enquire. Monthly Subscription; a monthly subscription for 2-3 shorter sessions(20-40 mins) during the month and to assist with supporting your healing and consciousness. I have noticed, people who struggle with understanding new concepts, this has proved to be very effective for those who have taken up this option, giving them a sense of clarity and support to keep the momentum of change in their thoughts, feelings and patterns. Family Constellation - this is an effective way to help create space for healing for your family and lineage. It works on the soul level and the family members do not have to know, we work with their Higher Self, but what has been really amazing, is that each member feels the shift (even if they don't understand it); something opens up for them to be able to move forward, whereas in the past the whole family is "stuck" in a specific consciousness; for eg; suffering, health issues, common patterns of abuse etc. A lot of this work I have done in the past is for people overseas, and they feel it immediately, pretty cool. Please enquire.


  • This month's October Energy Report by Lee Harris and his Guides,The Zs always timely intel, giving perspectives on current issues surfacing through this immense change especially for this month, with important questions we need to ask ourselves. Heart and Throat expansion, Lee mentions this, and this has definitely been showing up in our Shamanic Journeys...always on time, on purpose! A worthy watch and listening!

  • The link to a video with Matt Kahn, - All For Love sharing his experience and consciousness around Death and Surrender. I found the depth of info profound, and hope that when you listen that you will also feel his transmission. Matt is using vibrational language during this transmission. I realise it's what I do with the inner child. Same but different! Something to contemplate as this will give you insight in regards to the need to "control" outcomes;

  • SA Smith, The Girl In the Universe; Top Five Grand Solar Flash Questions, in this video she answers questions regarding what the Grand Solar Flash is, which is the energy we are currently receiving. This is a deeper perspective of what people are experiencing, what it might mean; it's more info for you to have a bigger perspective and meaning of the changes currently taking place. This may or may not resonate, however, feel it's worth sharing for deeper understanding;

I endeavour to keep these e-letters succinct, informative and interesting, providing insights from my experiences, sharing of others' experiences to encourage, inspire and support real life expansion. Thank you for your feedback, always appreciate those who take the time, and it's always surprising to know that some of you actually read the content, Bless! There is always so much more to share, but I'm mindful of the time you take to read and digest this information. Brace yourself for the expansive October energies, it's ongoing but all good growth. Grounding helps a lot.

Keep Grounding and reaching for the stars...Stay Beautyful.

Love and blessings,

Alyse Young

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