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September 2022 - Spring Forth


And that was August! It's been a continuum of intense potent energies coming in and then the mix the recent Lions Gate way activating many souls who were ready to receive the codes, those who are consistently in awareness of the shifts and changes, keeping up their alignment are noticing the changes with ease. It's exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Immense changes are happening in the undercurrents, showing up in the present as a quickening and it's not slowing down, but showing up more in the now. I am in the midst of moving homes to another amazing sanctuary, which is why I'm a little distracted, but here I AM.

The last 3 Shamanic Journeys I facilitated in August, the themes were relationships, and timelines collapsing into one, with new grid lines being weaved. The message of moving gently powerfully. Staying grounded as the Earth and our Beings are being stretched and expanding into new dimensions and anchoring here on Earth. There is more support than ever before. I am witnessing so much change with my clients and people around me. As I have said in the last couple of e-letters, that Awareness alone can propel you into breaking patterns and the growth you need in order to mature into this new age. Many are being urged to move into change and it is no longer tolerable with the body. The body needs to vibrate, recalibrate in order to access the codes for the change and growth to take hold. So many are waiting for the signs of certainty before committing to letting go and allowing something new to arrive. However, it doesn't work that way, one must simply, Let Go, and Surrender. And, so true once you do, that as one door closes, the other will open and what is holding you back is Trusting your own ability to create. Not trusting enough that if you let go of your complacency, that you will not be able to sustain the lifestyle you are hoping for. Remember, we are now living in Creator energy, it's a given if you do your alignment.

There is the reworking of what your values actually mean and how they support (or not support you) in your endeavours. This is important to review and reflect, as it will greatly impact your success and sense of fulfilment. This is the time for this to be redirected to the way in which you are choosing to live and thrive. Once again, an important reminder, that it's always your choice, so are you really choosing to align to your dreams, or are you being dictated by a belief given to you from outside of yourself. It's natural that our early environment shapes and supports us to the ideals and ways of those within your cluster, but as a consenting adult, it's also your responsibility to choose what feels appropriate for you now. Releasing the blame game, of giving your power away to someone or something else that does not resonate with you anymore. It's not bad or wrong, but an understanding that you have matured and are now able to take back responsibility for creating the reality you dream of.

I had a big Ah-Hah moment last month. I have been reclusive for the winter months, which was necessary to rest, reflect and recalibrate and as we moved into August, with a sense of Spring here, I'm feeling to come out of my hibernation. I notice when I'm in larger groups of people, I find myself feeling somewhat distant, I was observing this feeling arising within me at a recent luncheon, that familiar feeling, of the odd one out! The next morning I woke up hearing a statement in my thoughts; "I'm not lonely, but I feel lonely when I'm with others". This was quite a revelation, and I pondered on this and realised, the loneliness one senses with others who are not necessarily aligned to you, can make it feel like an alien and a lonely place to be. I have never been good at small talk, I find it exhausting so often. I'm just quiet til someone strikes up a conversation that I can really engage with. I have noticed that my withdrawal actually allows others to sense their comfort of safety and to truly open up. Witnessing rather than engaging for the sake of engaging is a new level of intimacy. And I'm currently sensing this with my mother, who can be difficult at the best of times with her cutting comments; yet I've been really mindful to support my inner child, that it's not personal and we are just listening, so the level of sharing has become the most intimate from her that I have ever experienced. On this last visit, she allowed herself to "hear about the consciousness that was going on for her with her eyes and tears", this time she did not pooh pooh me or deflect the topic, but actually listened as it resonated with her. Finally, we were both ready to meet each other on a more intimate level. And, for many who struggle to feel heard - this has also been a theme in this last month with relationships is, "Safety", how does our shadow disallow the other to feel safe in sharing what it is they most want in their connection. It always comes back to our projection of need to feel heard, understood, and received...and, this must begin with yourself and your inner child first. If there is a lack of harmony within yourself, then it is with your inner child (your blocked feelings).

It's been noted that some people have been struck down with illness, fevers, flu or just being stopped in your tracks etc. Another way to understand what is happening is enforced recalibration. It's a really potent time of codes being activated and if you have a busy schedule, you are not allowing yourself to fully receive the activations that are already happening, which is why some will become ill or create little accidents. Be grateful for the downtime, it will serve you better going forward. Everything that needs to happen ever, will pick up once you are well again. What is time? Time always follows space, so remember to set your space and all will be in time!

So Spring is truly here, the weather has warmed, the plants are responding to the early call of Spring and many things that were planted earlier are starting to spring forth. With the warmer months coming, there is movement and this is fast, just stay focussed on this moment and all will appear and when it needs to. This is a time of letting go of linearity, as there is now a much bigger pool of possibilities to draw from, and this is the magic; one that is not seen, but felt. Shifting gears in this thought-form will get you there quicker! As I started this e-letter, it is a potent time of re-evaluating your Values...this will make a world of difference to the way you manifest and create.


  • SATURDAY, 17 SEPT (11AM-1PM), Opito Bay, KERIKERI

  • SUNDAY, 25 SEPT (11AM-1PM), Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, AUCKLAND\

  • TUESDAY, 27 SEPT (6.30pm-8.30pm), The Space Within, Arkles Bay, WHANGAPARAOA

An opportunity to re-experience your connection to the Soul and the All That Is - Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into the underworld or upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with your soul and your multi-verse. AND, now offering this experience to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula region at The Space Within, Arkles Bay, Giulia and Wessel Cronje (Hosts). Tues evening, 6.30pm-8.30pm (limited spaces). Our first Journey was EPIC, a really lovely space to go within! RSVP Essential for all dates, (please indicate which area you are booking for) Prepaid event $30 per person to secure your booking, Email; 🙏 A Soul's Journey Living Your Life as a Multidimensional Being Workshop Sunday, 11 & 18 Sept, KERIKERI (2-day workshop over 2 weeks (9am-5.30pm) A timely workshop giving practical tools for the change we are now experiencing. This is the year of embodiment and quantum changes in a new way. For many it's just a concept, however, the tools you will experience, when you practise them, you will start to see big changes in your life as you come more into your multidimensional self, claiming your sovereign being, mastery, power and your creator energy. It's all changed so be part of the change. This is all about reconnection learning how to navigate your sensory Being. Remember how to sense, flow and grow into your expansion. It's not hard, just different. This is the time we have all been waiting for, to Be who we were born to Be, this lifetime. If you are interested in experiencing this, to acquire simple, powerful tools to help you stay balanced. Payment plan available, please enquire. I will facilitate this workshop with a minimum of 2 people. Investment: $444; (Deposit of $144) A detailed programme of this 2-day intensive; email; Feedback from past participant: Eloise Tzimas, Auckland/Kapti Coast. 💖 I had the privilege of participating in Alyses's Soul Journey weekend workshop. My experience was incredibly profound and would highly recommend anyone seeking to connect with and communicate with their soul that you attend this workshop. Part of the journey over the weekend is to accept the keys to your own ability to be the creator - in a universal context. The other profound experience was that I truly understand what creation is and how I have the ability and tools to profoundly co-create with my higher self and the universe. I have experienced many workshops over the years and I would like to acknowledge the incredible BEING that Alyse is, her journey, her experiences and her love to share with the world to bring Joy, Love and Flow for everyone. Thank you Alyse. You are a true Shaman! Love you xx ✨ Private Sessions One-on-One Private sessions (1 hour) in Kerikeri or online nationwide or overseas - please enquire Monthly Subscription; a monthly subscription for 2-3 shorter sessions(20-40 mins) during the month and to assist with supporting your healing and consciousness. I have noticed, people who struggle with understanding new concepts, this has proved to be very effective for those who have taken up this option, giving them a sense of clarity and support to keep the momentum of change in their thoughts, feelings and patterns. Family Constellation - this is an effective way to help create space for healing for your family and lineage. It works on the soul level and the family members do not have to know, we work with their Higher Self, but what has been really amazing, is that each member feels the shift (even if they don't understand it); something opens up for them to be able to move forward, whereas in the past the whole family is "stuck" in a specific consciousness; for eg; suffering, health issues, common patterns of abuse etc. A lot of this work I have done in the past is for people overseas, and they feel it immediately, pretty cool. Please enquire.


SEPTEMBER ENERGY REPORT...SNAP!! Lee Harris always gives a very succinct Energy Report which confirms to me, I'm SO ON TIME😆🙏 This will support you in the changes through the perspectives he shares💖 Now I know why I was hesitating with this e-letter, as this is so on Point, as always! Below listed are the themes covered his report;
  • HEALING and DEEP AWAKENINGS - this is the over-arching September theme and will carry into... (01:18)

  • DISORIENTATION OF INNER SHIFTS PRECEDING FUTURE CHANGE - contraction before expansion (03:07)

  • INTENSE ACTS OF POWER - playing out from others or yourself, followed by/triggering, awakening or healing (06:30)

  • HEART HEAT - the scale of this heat being intense emotions that break you open AND deep connection to heart, gratitude and love for those you connect with (09:53)

  • PSYCHIC HIGHWAYS REVVING UP - This is a major month for seeing, feeling, and healing beyond the veil. (12:19)

  • NEW OUTER CONNECTIONS - New outer connections/friends/partnerships arriving in your life (as a result of the new you and the space you have created) (14:58)

  • HEALTHY DETACHMENT BECOMING EASIER - Healthy detachment from the chaotic or unaligned events in your life becoming easier - and easier for others to accept too (16:49)

  • MENTAL OR PSYCHIC OVERLOAD - part of the healing and awakening energy that is strong this month means that your MIND WILL NEED REST, so take it easy and unplug or do supportive and mentally restful activities as often as you can (19:23)

SACRED GEOMETRY...For those of you who see or have an interest in sacred geometry and numbers, this is a great video that explains this natural phenomenon which is very much our makeup of our multidimensional life and Being. It's really informative, and prob need to watch it in bites to fully digest the intel. EnJOY🤗


SPIRIT TALKS, Thursday, 4 August (11am NZT), "The Awakening Experience That Changed My Life", Natali Brown (Host), Rach Williams, Angel Aquarian, Allan Dahlitz and me🤗 If you missed this live session, Part 2 of the Spirit Talks on ZOOM hosted by Natali Brown. I will be participating on this panel with other guests for a conversation about our soul awakening to our spiritual journey. These conversations are very informative and relevant for the big changes everyone is facing right now, how to leave a way of life to embrace a new way of living and thriving. Catch the replay: Link to the conversations on 4 Aug on Spirit Talks; or for more Spirit Talks updates:


I have been invited to offer a Shamanic Journey Workshop at Savali Sanctuary a newly established community centre in Kati Kati. It's been a long while since visiting the area, looking to be there around 17-20 Nov and will keep you updated on dates. Possibly also offering a Shamanic Journey, and/or workshop at the Mount, or Tauranga. Still allowing this to formulate and unfold, so will keep you posted! And, if you want to host me in your area, let's connect and chat!

Thanks again for staying with me this far, wishing you all a smooth, happy re-emergence as we embrace our new Spring! This year has been an eventful one so far, and as I mentioned earlier, it's not slowing down. It doesn't have to be tumultuous, and it can be with more awareness, alignment, ease and grace.

In Gratitude and Service

Love and Blessings

Alyse Young

"I once again encourage, remind you to keep grounding, as this will alleviate the "spin cycles" and allow you to embrace more healing and the emergence of the true YOU. Be Well and catch you in the flow...there is now movement, a quickening so stay in your flow."

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