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Soul Satsang

Satsang - "any gathering in which spiritual reflection, discussion, meditation or teaching takes place".


Soul Satsang

Alyse Young is offering an expanded version of Satsang with the intention of allowing others to sit in, and experience the presence of their own Mastery or inner Guru. A collective Satsang of souls.


An invitation to gather with intention to connect in intimate conversations and enquiry, to listen deeply and to respond more intimately from your soul. The conversations are to Acknowledge the unspoken feelings in an appropriate and timely way. The conversation is more than just talking, but a more precise expression of your feelings, from a place of truth rather than programming or rationale. It is an interactive response, experiencing the difference of being able to respond directly from your soul, rather than your ego state (limited expression).

Going deeper, next level consciousness...come and be part of this transmission. It will be a great forum to enquire, discuss and transmit new understanding and consciousness on a collective level. There is a strong desire and need for people wanting to feel received. The purpose of this gathering is to allow you to feel "received - heard and seen". If you are feeling this way, then come along and Be received, you will sense your self acceptance and peace.  These gatherings are proving to be powerfully healing.

Upcoming Dates Auckland


Arkles Bay

Mon 29 Apr

The Space Within

$35 Book via this link

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