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A Soul's Journey 2-day Workshop

Honouring  Remembrance and Reconnection to Self
A workshop to bring new perspectives to a new way of being and living


A Soul's Journey Workshop

Are you ready to meet yourself in a true way? These are times of important change and great growth. Time to accept our responsibility: We are creators of our life.

The Soul's Journey Weekend will give you tools to interpret your energy. Energy is vibrations that are translated as feelings. You will gain new ways to respond to your feelings, they are your guidance, your intuition. Experiential exercises will give you the opportunity of sensing this yourself. This is experienced over 2 days over 2 weeks, giving time for integration and feedback for Day 2.  (It is possible to facilitate this over a weekend if that is preferred, please enquire).

This workshop includes:

  • Grounding - "feel and sense your energy, your body, your feelings' in a safe and simple way.

  • Embodying your Energy - allowing and communicating with your feelings through the inner child.

  • Look at your life path with new perspectives - Mastery, Responsibility and Choice.

  • Connect to your Soul and Higher Self....feel the difference.

  • Learn to tap into your intuition, it's the best guidance system designed especially for you.

  • Feeling alignment in your body as your participate in simple and empowering exercises that will help you to create what you want in this lifetime.

  • Sound Healing Recalibration.

  • Exploring Values that align with the multi-dimensional lifestyle: Intent, Truth, Surrender.

  • Setting your space in the new crystalline energy (5th dimension+).

  • Activating your multi-dimensional body, the Pineal, Thymus glands and Solar Plexus.

  • Introduction to your Innate Body (your Smart body/DNA and your Akarsh).

  • Ho'Oponopono, a Hawaiian healing system for forgivesness, reconciliation and acceptance.

  • Intimacy - Into-Me-See.

Investment: 530 ($144 deposit required to secure your space); includes Morning/Afternoon snacks and refreshments and a vegetarian lunch. 

Please enquire with Alyse about just attending Day 1 (Sat), this is an option.
Day 2 covers more about working in alignment with the multi-dimensional Self and higher 
vibrations (also experiential practices and activations). It is imperative to have true understanding of grounding in order to truly embrace your multi-dimensional Being and 5ht dimensional crystalline energy.

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