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Feedback from clients and participants.

“I found the weekend workshop truly transformative. Working with the inner child in such a simple, loving, feeling way helped me get clear about what my true feelings were at any given moment. It was profound how much my inner child was always there with the answers – and it did not need to be a traumatic re-storying of the past. Your gentle yet practical guidance to stay grounded and to fully feel into our multidimensional self, took my experience to a whole new level of experiencing the totality of my Being and beyond. Your embodied approach meant that I was not distracted by my need to think about these concepts logically, rather I was fully immersed in the feeling within my body. The tools in this workshop were gold – immediately accessible and transformative. The time is now to fully live into our Soul’s Journey, Thanks Alyse for your stand and commitment for us all to reclaim the truth of who we are.”

Dheepa Nedungat, New Zealand

“Learning from Alyse was such a gift, in two days I had the most amazing experiences without going anywhere but within myself. It's amazing when you truly connect with what you feel, and I mean strong physical sensations. My body talks and now I remember how to listen and flow with life. Totally recommending this workshop! ”

Giorgia Boitano, Italy

“The meditation you lead, what we talked about, the truths your shared were and are transformational. Since that retreat in Kauai my life has opened and expanded into a life beyond what I imagined at the time was possible. And it continues to this day. You were an integral part in that. I have wanted to thank you for years now (7 years).

Andrea Stormes, USA

“Very much a cool weekend workshop, enjoyed the experiences, the tools, the growth, the people and the food. The practicle day to day use of the learnings is something else that i am very excited about. Thanx for the expansion!“

Michael Frew, New Zealand

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