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May - My Next SHIFT


What an interesting time April has been. It feels like this month has sped past I'm excited to share my news about my next BIG Shift!

There's a burst of energy coming thru on 15 May and also June, switching on "turn us on even more, our essence! Bringing forth our Creator essence as opposed to our perceptions. Going into our Creator mode more powerfully than ever."

How's that for an introduction! Where to start...well, I guess some have seen my news that I'm moving North to Keri Keri in May, 15th! So I'll be there for the Shift! This has been coming for a long time, ever since I went up North about 9 months ago, I had felt the pull to my soul very strongly, though I was also aware it was going to be a "timing" issue. So my alignment was embodying this change in a real way, feeling my frustration, boredom, impatience and under all of that my sadness.

There were a lot of clues to my "distractions" I was manifesting for myself and, I see in hindsight it was all pointing to the same things that I needed to acknowledge within my consciousness. My visit to Christchurch was one of true clarity of understanding when a time is done, and then allowing for the new to arrive. When in the mind of wondering and pre-planning can sometimes take us away from where we are meant to be. And, where we are meant to be is the place of "peace, neutrality, zero point" with where we are NOW; and only then the next door opens. So I watched myself unfolding in a consciousness that I hadn't fully let go of and I saw it in my extended family on my visit, of the strong conditioning and beliefs being lived through them. This is one of abuse, powerlessness, women having no voice, no choice, and objectified. I could relate to all these things. There was a thread within myself and my own core family, but it wasn't necessarily loud in my field, but definitely still in my genetic make-up. So with the help of a gifted multi-dimensional facilitator, Sara Mchezidelk, she helped to connect much deeper into the blocked consciousness within my DNA, she confirmed it was ancient and deep and as we worked I sensed the relevance and timing of this, to help heal my lineage and culture. The ease of the session just through my acknowledgement cleared the way for this new chapter to begin. Also highlighting the awareness that it is important to surround ourselves with the vibrations that will support us in our growth and change.

One of my biggest concerns was the move away from Auckland, as my elderly mum is now slowing down more and to be further away felt like I was abandoning her as she is now on her own. However, understanding my guidance will never serve me wrong; I made the decision to say "YES to my Destiny" as I have felt I'd been stagnating. That's when the door really opened, and when it came to sharing this news with my mum, I was quite nervous (last time she became very angry with me); but this time, she opened the way for a conversation, and then when I advised her I would be moving up North to live, she was very peaceful, she asked about the place and people. I realised she was happy for my decision, and that she just wanted to know that I would be safe and secure (a mother's love). A very different response to past experiences (we have grown so much together!) I'm grateful for my tools, as I had taken the time to set my space before visiting her, and it really did make that shift for her too. In the last few months, I have witnessed her growing in consciousness, how more and more peaceful and accepting she is of the way things are and in that she has also experienced her own moments of magic. It does affect your lineage the more you focus on your own wellBeing, because we are learning to truly embody these frequencies, so they naturally can sense the shift and choose to move into it if they are ready. Our judgement and expectations is what gets in the way.

I have been observing mindfulness and what this actually looks like and means to others, which I have surmised is a practise of structure which helps to create a container of social foundations of the values we wish to live by. So the word mind-fulness intrigues me, as I have observed there is the desire to be mindful, but how disconnected from the whole Being it is from those who practise this to make for a better place. For all the mindfulness that is practised (in the mind, and thought) as well as in ceremonies, meditation, yoga etc, there is still the missing connection with the consciousness. There is still the doing, for something "outside of ourselves" in order to bring the sense of peace and harmony to our inner wellbeing. BTW, this is not a criticism, but an observation of how I sense this and it's subtleties, and is for your contemplation.

The connection we are speaking of is an "energetic connection with self and the environment - to the ALL THAT IS". One can move with intention of mindfulness, but if one is not in direct connection with the "energy (feelings)" of the practise, then the alignment will not glue or connect - the point of your "empowerment". For eg, in Yoga we talk about alignment, how the body physically aligns into place with the muscles etc. However, where there is tension, pain or lack of flexibility comes from the deeper alignment with the spiritual/emotional aspects of the alignment. If this makes some sense to you, then just ponder, how are you feeling at each point of your "mindfulness" - remember feelings are not "emotional" until you start to give it a story/belief to align it to. And, in true awareness of a mindful thought, is to be aware of the feeling that comes with it, it's the clue to your true alignment. All that needs to happen, is for it to be acknowledged and accepted in a neutral space, without judgement (this is the work).

Going forward, I would promote a deeper awareness of Dharma, to live and move in Dharma simply means that your true awareness and focus is doing/being with love of what is present in each moment, to slow down to LOVE. Being so aware of the practises with sucha quality of love and reverence, that it becomes love, no matter how small, trivial or big the moment is. To be able to shift into this awareness is the most mindful practise one can embody, then you BEcome, Love with everything. It sounds like a big stretch, but for every small stretch it will BEcome, that is the practise. To me, Dharma is the meeting point of mindfulness with a heart-felt practise, this is the start. Dharma is a living, breathing meditation in life at each moment. When you live in Dharma, there is no Karma😉 I trust this is a point of clarity.

I do not know what life will look like once I arrive in Keri Keri, for the first instance I have a place to stay that will allow me to explore and be guided to where to nest and live! I will continue to share my work, in person or online, so I'm still available to assist if anyone needs a one-on-one session, online works just as well. I sense I will travel to Auckland and other centres to offer my workshops as they are important to keep sharing, especially the Shamanic Journeys, and considering giving these monthly or every two months in Auckland. It's not so far away, and will give me a good opportunity to come to visit and connect with friends and family🤗

I'm also open to travelling and being hosted for workshops in your area, so please enquire. I sense this is a year of movement to other centres.

In my e-letter, I will continue to provide material for you to glean and sense into if it resonates with you. If you can stay open to allow yourself to listen, it is supporting you vibrationally, to activate your codes in readiness for your growth and expansion. I have included two videos FYI which is a timely reminder of where to keep tuning our focus and consciousness.

This is a next level riveting conversation between Todd Medina and Franco deNicola...Wow, Wow, listen to this to help you stretch your imagination to our new reality. I felt incredibly excited listening to this, it's about connection on the earthly level, the other level and the galactic level. Those of you who have gone through the Soul's Journey weekend workshop, in particular Day 2...this is the next level NOW, so where are you aligning to? A total deepening of the understanding from what I shared in the workshop. Revisit your notes and exercises, as this "space" has arrived...

Something to ponder...

"You're not whole in the past and you're not whole in future, the only place you are whole is in the moment, that means you are the Whole Universe in the moment only . The moment you are looking back in the past or projecting to the future, you are leaving the Whole, you are not ONE (and Zero point). This is where you have your power and your Wholeness."...When you are in the moment, your Source Spirit is in creator mode, when you are in the past and/or in the future you are in manifesting mode. Are you being conscious about where your energy is focussed on, moment to moment?

Here is another goodie with Jason Estes, giving his perspective of the "Game of Life", it's pretty spot on, and he reiterates the importance of understanding "who you are" and to "Choose, Trust, Surrender". These messages are to help support your change and perspectives, to give you a new point of focus within your Self instead of looking outside for guidance. "Don't be caught up in the world, and stop enforcing it, the world is not our force, the world is our reflective field. Stop enforcing the world, if you give power to the world, then it will have force over you"...Ponder that! It's a whole new map within you. It's all good info👍

There is so much quality information of knowledge available now, however, learn to really listen from your heart as you will need to be discerning as to what resonates with you. Don't just believe, but sense into what you are reading, listening, seeing. Check in with your Higher Self.


SOMETHING SPECIAL by Soulogy Studios, (ZOOM Gathering) SACRED UNIFIED SILENT GATHERING ZOOM CALL ALL INVITED Friday, 1st May; 7pm EST 4pm PST midnight London time Saturday 9am Sydney and 7am morning in New Zealand 'a Unified Collective gathering in Silent Presence. This is not a group meditation. There will be no leaders, no agender and no plans. This is a gathering of Connection in Silence, through open heart and open mind in flow.' Yvania Bartholomeusz 'You are invited to Join us for a meeting of a unified collective gathering of togetherness, no agenda, no plans, no meditation, no light language just presence. Open heart, open mind of flow in silent presence' Morgan Lee see Facebook link for more details; In Stillness there is LOVE...join us for a moment of Silence in this important global link-up for the 555 Gateway, see Todd's comments below to join. On my return to NZ 6 years ago, I had visions of women sitting in a circle just collaborating. No-one was leading, it was an equal time of sharing wisdom, so when I tuned into a recent podcast with Todd and Morgan Lee of Soulogy Studios, I knew it was for NOW! If you feel called to join or would like to know more about the intel from Morgan you can listen to the video from about 22:00 where she gives the intention of this gathering. Link; Weekly Sound Healing Meditations Last Friday, 7 May (6.15pm-7.15pm), Home of Joy, Torbay. A time for Stillness. Rest, Relax and Reset. A great way to finish your week and start your weekend with Grounding and a meditation using vibrational sounds to bring balance, healing and recalibration to your body, mind and spirit. If you experience anxiety, stress or depression, this is a gentle way to bring more calm and balance into your life and to learn about your energy. Please RSVP, $20 SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 30 May (11am-1pm), Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay Grounding and reconnection to your soul, Higher Self to journey back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum, reconnecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, to the All That Is. These are important timeframes for your activation and alignment with new codes and frequencies. This will be held at a new location at Yoga Roots Studio in Torbay. These are popular events, spaces are limited so ensure you book in early. Please RSVP (prepaid $30), email; BOOK - TALK TO ME I have just received another reprint, so if you would like to order a copy or purchase as a gift to someone special, please let me know and I can post a copy to you. Happy to post overseas too.

May you all be blessed with clarity of vision and purpose as we move towards and into our new world reality. Wishing you all blessings of an open mind, a trusting heart and knowing soul that your dreams are within you to bring forth as your creation now.

I'm grateful for everyone who responds and comes along to participate and play with me in my events and workshops, for those of you who are silently taking in the messages I share and for your continued love and support. I am honoured to be able to continue my journey with you all on some level and look forward to seeing you in perfection! Stay beautyful, and grounded, let's live in Magic🤗🙏

Love and blessings

Alyse Young

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