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March 2022 - Centred in Change


January, February, and yesterday, being the last day of summer, we are into a new season with March, change is constant. On an energetic level this has been consistent change, amping up every two weeks, just as we are getting used the new frequencies and Boom, here comes another wave just to shuffle the deck up a bit. During this time it's the depth of the shifts we are feeling, so staying centred in this change is the key to embodying the new frequencies. Grounding, and more grounding, allows yourself to just witness what is arising around you and within you. Not being swayed or pulled into the maelstrom of change, but in awareness of witnessing this change and your own "charge or reaction", staying in love so as to not take on behaviours arising with judgement but with compassion. Remembering it's not personal, but an opportunity for adjustment and alignment for your growth. This can be tricky when it triggers memories of feelings (emotions) on a deep cellular level, that are being stirred and activated from the projections of a situation. Personally, I've been sensing the differences in degrees of frequencies which results in feeling mentally foggy, inflammation of joints, the need for space and quiet or solitude from distractions and noise. Something BIG is wanting to emerge.

Astrologically, this is an important period where Venus and Mars are dancing together and influencing our inner desire to align with our divine feminine with the divine masculine, our inner twin flame. I have had the experience of meeting my twin flames over the years, and I sense this was to assist me into balancing my inner feminine and masculine. But in my limited understanding at the time of those connections it was not clear to me as to what our encounter really meant, so my consciousness was not open to the gift of what they were representing to me at the time. So, recently, I was brought into awareness of remembering an old connection I made over 20 years ago. A meeting on a deep soul level, it wasn't something we could both understand at the time, except we were aware there was a connection, (in fact I felt him before I met him!) This was a short impactful encounter that would continue to knock on the door of my soul every now and then over the years. We did not keep in contact as our lives were very different and in different places in the world. Nevertheless, impactful is a good word for our connection. So it has been an interesting unfolding, Justin, drifted into my awareness again about 4 months ago, in response to a query I was investigating on a deeper emotional level at the time. Although the resurfacing of those feelings from another time, gave some clarity, it was not the full picture. Therefore, a reminder that surfaced again this month made me pay attention, as it was directly after I had made a specific intention to understand more deeply to clear some past patterns.

I am sharing the video of Justin Hilton, who is a twin flame connection, as his message and mission in this lifetime is incredibly awe inspiring of what he has achieved living his purpose. I share this becos the feelings I had felt during our short encounter 22 years ago, in Peru on a journey with Wayne Dyer's tour, was life changing on many levels. I now understand that we were meant to connect to activate our codes of remembrance, and I sense he has always embodied the "divine masculine", When I watched the video the first time, and then the second time more recently, I could feel every aspect of his Being, his deep love of humanity and compassion and this is what impacted my soul deeply, again. I can still recall every conversation we had and the feelings that stirred within, but not really understanding what the attraction meant. I acknowledge he is of my soul tribe and we are connected for our soul purposes. Peru was also where I first saw Jesus in true life-light that I thought everyone else could see him, where I received strong guidance to start "offering healing work". So upon my return to Melbourne, I resigned from my 9-5 job at the Bank and opened my doors in service to healing! It was a leap of faith, as I was new to Melbourne, didn't know anyone, but I was guided to connect with people who would also help me with new clients etc. It was a beautyful gentle (when I allowed it!) unfolding day by day, and I have lived this way ever since. I learned a lot in my 9 years in Melbourne, which was really my introduction to experiencing the multi-dimensional realms in 3D. This is where I came into a true embodiment of Grounding. It is in this space that I now see one of my biggest and longest running themes of alignment is understanding the "Injustices" of our world and how it has impacted my life, here and now but also past lives. This has been reflected in the past relationships I have had with ex partners, how each one has this theme as a thread in their life too. That was the mirror in my own life I had not acknowledged yet, and this is my alignment to divine Justice. This is so obviously loud and clear in what we are all seeing and experiencing in the outer world today. Wow, that's a BIG one, where is your injustice, and how to make peace with it, not just this lifetime, but the many lifetimes we have already lived? If we are not able to align to our own inner "justice" then how can we uphold this in the world? We have, as a collective humanity, endured many injustices in our lives, only we can bring that balance of truth within ourselves. How do we still give over our power that allows others to have a perceived power over us? Ponder that!

Maybe this is the message of the day, to have faith in your dreams, to be able to just let go of a life-style that is only causing stress, and anxiety about tomorrow, your future. We are so living in a new energy that supports those who are willing to drop the expectations of society, to truly embrace their dreams, knowing it will be manifest through your reclaiming of your "creator within"...and, it won't look like what you think, it will be so much better. You will experience little wins daily and that is enough evidence to understand that you are centred in your change, already on a new path of your own design. If you do not allow the opportunity to experience this, then you will always be wondering, regretting, blaming, and if this is you, then take courage for a new way. Remember, Fear is FeelingExcitedAndReady

March continues to be a month of intense energetic changes, and I reiterate the importance of Grounding, to acknowledging your feelings that are arising now (this is your energy which will work for you); then ensuring your alignment with your heart and the mind are in unison with the decisions you are now choosing. We are creating our reality in the moment. Stay present, if the past is catching up with you, stay centred in your awareness of "what was" and gently embrace it with love and compassion - it's already happened, and to change it to bring this stuck energy into the NOW, so you can reinvent with a new perspective. This is the work we need to focus on now, keeping the flow of your creation empowered.

My intention was to send this out last night, however, it appears that the struggle to express what I wanted in this e-letter from the place of a depth of importance, yet to summarise what is actually happening in a succinct way was not formulating, so I reluctantly put this to rest late last night to just rest. This morning when I woke and saw Lee Harris' March Energy Report and when I started to listen to his wise counsel, I realised, he is delivering this timely message, and speaking about all that I wanted to address without writing a book! As always, his messages are delivered in a much better way than I could have written it. It's a big time. So do take a moment to listen to his timely report...thanks Lee! EnJOY!

For many of us in Aotearoa, there is a surge of people standing up for their rights in Freedom. This is the biggest time of change for Sovereignty. A lot of confusion as to how to stand for what we believe and how that may be more effective, the Freedom Camp in Wellington, Parliament House has been a great show of unity for our rights and freedom. Also acknowledging all the other centres around the country where people are gathering! The response from the government has been minimal which is disappointing, frustrating and despite this response, the people are genuinely in a place of passion and peace. This in itself is a shift in the consciousness around "violence and war". We as a nation have realised this approach is not the answer, however, this current stance of sitting, standing, camping in the heart of Peace and Unity is what we are also seeing across the world as anchoring this new consciousness. I wanted to speak to this in a way that will encourage and give a different perspective of what is actually happening on the consciousness level. FYI, Just recently I received this video by Clayton Drummond and Karen Brewer which I have shared below; and if you take time to listen to the important information about how to approach this dismantling of the government, which is much simpler than people have been led to believe, is enlightening. The power of the people needs to be expressed and heard by our Governor General, both in Wellington or Auckland, as she actually has the authority and power to dismantle the current Government. She needs to hear personally from people, Watch the video as there is clear instruction on how to do this. There are many veils of illusion that our government, society, system have in place in order to confuse and keep people disempowered. When you are able to view what is happening from a wider, higher perspective, this time, life starts to make much more sense, and we are here to detach from that drama and move into our true empowerment.

It's an exhausting time for sure and I have felt the desire to turn inwards into more solitude for peace, recalibration and allowing source to really speak to my Being with no distractions has been my Go To right now. Give yourself the space, even 10-20 mins a day, will help you to keep centred, grounded, discerning and Sovereign! This is something you have to instill as a practise, til you know how it feels.

EVENTS IN MARCH Shamanic Journey, Kerikeri Sunday, 20, Jan (11am-1pm) An opportunity to re-experience your connection to the Soul and the All That Is - Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into your underworld or the upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and your multi-verse. I'm excited to share my new Unity Earth Drum at these journeys, held outside by the River. RSVP is essential, prepaid event $30 per person to secure your booking. Email;

Private Sessions One-on-One Private sessions (1 hour) in Kerikeri or online nationwide or overseas - please enquire Monthly Subscription; I am offering a monthly subscription for 2-3 shorter sessions(20-40 mins) during the month and this will assist with supporting your healing and consciousness. This has proved to be very effective for those who have taken up this option. Family Constellation - this is an effective way to help create space for healing for your family and lineage. It works on the soul level and the family members do not have to know, we work with their Higher Self, but what has been really amazing, is that each member feels the shift (even if they don't understand it); something opens up for them to be able to move forward, whereas in the past the whole family is "stuck" in a specific consciousness; for eg; suffering, health issues, common patterns of abuse etc. A lot of this work I have done in the past is for people overseas, and they feel it immediately, pretty cool. Please enquire. BOOK - TALK TO ME I recently received a reprint of my book Talk To Me ($28 + postage) is now available til stocks last. This is a practical guide giving information on how to reconnect with your energy thru your inner child, to understanding what energy is, and how to respond to your feelings and emotions in a gentle nurturing way. There are many examples given in visualisations and also suggested "vibrational" language which assists with healing, releasing stress, trauma, anxiety etc. Once you understand what your energy is, this is a true path back to your empowerment. This has been a popular book, easy to read and understand. It was through the request from clients who have worked with me in the past, that I write a book to support them on their journey forward. If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact me, (with where you live, info for postage). and I will be happy to send a copy to you here in NZ or overseas. UPCOMING EVENTS IN APRIL A Soul's Journey Living Your Life as a Multidimensional Being, Kerikeri 2-day workshop held over two days, Sat, 2 and 9 April (9am-5.30pm) This is an important workshop giving practical tools for the change we are now experiencing. This is the year of embodiment and quantum changes in a new way. For many it's just a concept, however, the tools you will experience, when you practise them, you will start to see big changes in your life as you come more into your multi-dimensional self, claiming your sovereign being, mastery, power and your creator energy. It's all changed so be part of the change. Learn how to flow and grow into your expansion. It's not hard, just different. This is the time we have all been waiting for, to Be who we were born to Be, this lifetime. Investment: $444 Email me for a detailed programme for this 2-day intensive; email; I will facilitate this workshop with a minimum of 2 peeps. If you are interested in experiencing this, to have simple, powerful tools to help you stay balanced, please enquire. Recent feedback from the last workshop held in Feb; Day 1 was a big's some feedback... Love love loved Saturday's workshop so much. Loved our group. Thank you. Life changing once it becomes second nature. (Anna H); Thank you again for such an incredible day, I loved all of it, and all I want to do is learn more! The tools you have shared are priceless, I am using them daily and loving the new experiences I am having with my connection to myself, inner child, soul and higher self. I have in just a few days experienced so much healing and insight, I met my inner teacher this morning (first time and feel like I have waited a long time for her) and like the astrology says she/these connections have shown me what feels like my true path forward for my souls higher purpose here and bringing in the New Earth.. so much to look forward to and can't wait to delve deeper over the coming weeks. Thank you thank you thank you, so looking forward to the next one and will always be grateful for this gift you have given me (Elise R) As promised; something special...a delightful inspiring and enlightening chat between Lee Harris and Justin Hilton; EnJOY Impact the World - Justin Hilton: Social Action & Connection

Love and blessings Alyse Young

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