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Kung Hei Fat Choi, Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Last week was Chinese New Year also the New Moon in Aquarius. I sensed a lot of my judgements and feelings coming to the surface.  I felt annoyance, impatience and critical. I was aware these were my deeply buried thoughts and feelings and in the collective energy surges that were happening in the ethers, I could sense this collective wave washing over me, wanting to drag me into the that stream.  I just acknowledged, allowed, and then kept realigning my truth, realigning my values and in time, those hooks silently ceased to be.  I was really aware that my ego-state wanted to play the drama, and I had to be vigilant in saying to my inner child, "this is not bad or wrong", these are our true feelings, and I just need to honour these deep feelings from the past.   I can see you want to judge and blame others for our feelings, they are not bad or wrong, they are just expressing themselves the only way they know how and now I must do the same for you.  To just express your feelings the way you need to, as the experiences arise out of feelings being unresolved, and this becomes a problem only when you add judgement to the feeling.   Further affirming, this journey we are on is about "how we express ourselves in this life", it's knowing we have a choice and how do we wish to choose now.  A big time of transforming judgements.  All feelings are here to serve us, not for us to judge but to help us understand our experience of life now.

2020 is reconditioning, really seeing and understanding how our beliefs are running our subconscious programming in our Being, and then consciously choosing to change them in the present moment through our expression and actions.  This is the year of breaking out of our collective conditioning, whether it's family, cultural or societal...all these are recorded in our genetics as the memory of our past limitations.  Our soul has come to experience 'more' in this lifetime.  Releasing us from the shackles of tradition,  customs, religions etc to free our hearts and minds.   Our souls came for the experience of the jungle of life.  To relive the "wild and untamed" parts of our Being, to roam and experience a freedom from within our soul.  It's no longer about survival, but understanding the collaboration and co-operation of our True nature with all nature that is connected to us and the All That Is  We are now experiencing this upheaval more and more as the energetic changes are showing up loudly in the collective across the globe.   Grounding, and more grounding is required to help you navigate your healing and attunement.   Witnessing this year so far, many of us are feeling sensitivities of the collective, and for many who are not grounded enough, this can be incredibly intense and discombobulating to put it mildly.   I observed the comments and reactions from many who are feeling the intensity of the energies of late, and I was pondering why it is so much for some.  As I tuned into the enquiry I could see and sense the message was all about Grounding.  To be who we are fully here and now.  With awareness, we need to acknowledge we are indeed "sensitive Beings" and this is not strange or wrong, what has been confusing is the way we have learned to dull our senses.  For clarity, we are born sensitive for a reason and this helps us to feel connected to others and all living things around us.  We are meant to feel each other and be connected as a way of understanding and to have empathy.  It's natural, however, we are conditioned to dull and shut down our senses and this was a collective way of controlling the masses, rules were imposed on our Being over time through beliefs from our families, our culture, our society etc.  Langauge became the point of separation when we did not honour our true feelings in the moment and as we know this is a way of conformity.  Our true sensitivities is the language of how our body communicates to us through our feelings.  We connect and communicate through our senses, it has always been this way and will continue to be this way.   But when one is not in touch with their own sensitivity  due to non-acceptance of their own feelings, they become ungrounded - the point of separation of your feelings. your energy.  Right now we are being urged to return to our senses through our sensitivities so we can honour our feelings and expression.   What I see is that in the news and events around us locally and globally, we are all feeling  the loss, the anger and sadness, powerlessness, etc via news, social media is creating a momentum of chaos with peoples feelings.    This is where your state of "Grounding" is key.   When you are not present in your Being, you will feel everything and. you may have a level of similar feelings  so if you are not grounded in your body, you will become part of the feeling of the collective.  Otherwords, you are now taking on the collective stream of sadness, so it feels incredibly overwhelming.  If you take the time to reground your energy (that is embodying your own energy and no-one elses), you will actually sense the deep sadness but it will not overwhelm you.  You will be in a much better place to be of service to humanity, by offering compassion and unconditional love through empathy, not sympathy.   This is what is meant by, walking int the world as a mirror of love and compassion.  We must Be It to be able to reflect it back.  But if we are completely overwhelmed and spiralling into the feeling, this is not helpful as you are just adding to the momentum of the collective that is passing through.   It's all passing through.   If you feel "stuck" in the energy of the feeling, then you became it.  Since we are all connected, we will naturally feel one another, that is empathy, but when our judgements and beliefs are echoed in the mix, the energy of that feeling will stick and become bigger so to speak, emotional.  This is your catalyst to heal and to change the perspective of how you are currently viewing your situation.  Remember, the patterns are part of the story you keep telling yourself, so unless you have the awareness to just acknowledge your feelings, and give a new perspective of how you are currently living and loving, the pattern will continue to repeat.  Everything has already happened, it's only repeating itself because you have not let go of the old belief or conditioning.  We are transforming judgement into the "Just-Isness" of the experience. My year started with hitting the ground running.  I have taken on a part-time role as Event Co-ordinator for Kaipatiki Project, organising their month long festival Eco-Fest North (21 March-19 April) and so this is now taking up much of my time and focus.  Despite my turning down the position. I felt drawn to be part of this project,  My soul urged me to accept this as it has wider implications of being instrumental in raising awareness by introducing some simple spiritual practises into the communities which compliments their mission statement of Living lightly on this planet.  Its another opportunity to gently bring a spiritually wholistic approach to their nature based festival.  This has taken up more of my time in a different way, however, I'm also still very much focusing on my work as well and looking forward to collaborating more with others.  Watch this space!   February Events Weekly Sound Healing Meditations, Home of Joy, Torbay Every Friday @ 6.15pm-7.15pm ($15) . Please RSVP, limited numbers. A time for Stillness. Rrest, Relax and Reset.  A great way to finish your week and start your weekend with Grounding and a meditation using vibrational sounds to bring balance, healing and recalibration to your body, mind and spirit.  If you experience anxiety, stress or depression, this is a gentle way of bring more calm and balance into your life and to learn about your energy. Shamanic Journey, Home of Joy, Torbay Sunday, 23 Feb @ 11am-1pm ($20)  Please RSVP, limited numbers. Reconnect with your Sou, to the beat of the drum to Mother Earth/Father Sky, all the elements and 4 Directions.  Meet with your power animal and/or Spirit Guides to receive messages of guidance, healing and recalibration.   A powerful experience of reconnection with your multi-dimensional self and your multi-universe. Voices of Sacred Earth Festival; 6-9 Feb, Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany;  Friday, 7 Feb @ 11.30am - Grounding and Embodying Your Energy - The GladeSaturday, 8 Feb @ 2.45pm - Shamanic Journey - The Glade Entry is by Festival ticket only, see website for timetable and tickets Available for private one-on-one appointment, please enquire🙏 Wishing you all great growth, good health, Joy and prosperity and peace within for this Year of the Rat.   See you in the flow🎶 I'm  also sharing an enlightening YouTube video by Greg Braden and he speaks with such a clarity about the subject I have shared herein;  it's definitely worthy of listening to. "How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Feelings" Love and blessings, Alyse Young

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