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July - Soul Indepence


I am happily settled in my new hometown of Kerikeri, finally arriving at my new abode in Paradise😉...for those who know me personally, you will know I'm all about "alignment, trust and surrender". Moving to Kerikeri has been a smooth and gentle unfolding, this really suits my lifestyle. The beauty, ease of flow is how I consciously choose to live my life. We are in the midst of great changes, asking us to respond with new conscious choices in a way that we are building a new reality now.

June has been an intense month of change, on many levels of inner growth through awareness and choice. This is the way forward, not to compromise to the collective conditioning, but to continue to beat my own drum as and when necessary without guilt. It's a time of rising rebellion and we are seeing this on a collective scale with events here and overseas. The soul is moved. This cannot and will not be ignored anymore, therefore, if you are not leaning into your shift, then there will be setbacks, disappointment and frustration, be aware of those little bursts of anger and to honour them. It's important to understand your own "timing", as there is a timing for everything, and it is staying in tune to your inner compass, sensing direction, and when action is required.

I experienced a moment of lapse, when my back went out from "the doing-ness", as I was being prompted by others around me. Not being disrespectful or ungrateful for the help that was being offered to me; but after my back went out, I realised I slipped into the "linear" way of making things happen, which wasn't happening for me! This brought up feelings of frustration and stress. It got my attention as I had a busy week and weekend coming up! So I needed to just STOP all that I was doing and go back to Stillness, and Alignment. Once I made that decision, my back eased, and then came right after a couple of days. We affect our physical body through the pushing of energy that is not aligning to our creation, therefore, manifesting dis-ease.

I'm grateful for my awareness, when signs show up in this way, I stop and listen to my body to understand why I created this dis-ease, and to acknowledge the belief and feelings that I'm holding onto that do not serve my flow. To respond and allow my guidance to re-direct me towards my destiny through the choices I'm making at that moment. Be mindful not to criticise or admonish yourself, this is self defeating, but an opportunity to change and grow your perspective in the moment is the healing. Allowing this tact, I was surprised to be led to my new place of home, "Paradise" 4 days later working on my alignment. I love the way the universe plays with us, and uses humour to keep us light and curious. Something urged me to answer a small ad on Facebook, that randomly showed up on my timeline (LOL) for a room and, there was only a picture of the room; the price was right, so I responded to the ad, I was interested. I received a call the next morning saying I could come and view the room that morning. So it was all in flow with ease...when I arrived I was gobsmacked at the beauty of the home and property, it was in the general location of where I sensed I would be living. It was actually, totally in alignment with my Being (ie everything "felt right"). Sharing with others, from other nationalities and walks of life, plus two lovely dogs and a bird. But there's more, the property is like a wonderland, so lush, beautyful bush and trees, fresh spring water and a big pond. I felt like Alice in Wonderland again😝 I so Love my Life. 🤗

To understand more about alignment, we are essentially tuning into the feelings of those desires within us and truly supporting them. Allowing us to sense what it already feels like, to find that place of peace and harmony inside of us, that's when it will show up and you will just know! It may look right from the outside, but the inner tuggings of something not quite complete will be the sign more alignment needed. We are being prompted to always line up with our feelings of harmony.

July continues to be a potent month, urging souls to really go deeply within to create the space for healing and change. The planets are ensuring the energies held within are being brought up and out. Venus is prominent assisting with opening deeply into the heart now. Mars is also playing hard, to get our "personal attention" to align to who we really are. I pay attention to the planets and the alignment at the time, as they are influencing the "waters of our soul (our emotions)"! You cannot escape this, so better to align yourself for the amazing changes that are ahead of us. Then there is the bigger picture of the forces of Pluto entering the sign of Aquarius - People Power "When Pluto enters a new sign (and this only happens once every 20 years on average), our lives, and society as a whole changes in unprecedented ways." Pluto is the power of nature. When our personal will (Mars) is aligned with the collective will (Pluto) all is fine… but when it’s not, this 'collective will' will simply crush our personal will. At a personal level, Pluto helps you eliminate what's no longer working in your life, helping you build resilience and true personal power - a personal power based on a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you. At a society level, Pluto will eliminate what’s corrupted and rotten, so that society can grow stronger and be more equipped to withstand difficult conditions. This is an excerpt from Age of Aquarius Community, you can read the full post on this link; I trust this will give some clarity to what you may be sensing with your own personal challenges.

Last weekend I facilitated the first Soul's Journey and Living Life As A Multi-dimensional Workshop here in Kerikeri. It was an intimate gathering, but a very potent one for those who attended. So much reconnection, healing, activations and Ah-Hah moments, a pure delight and joy to witness their journey back into Self. I'm totally passionate about this workshop as it really does give tools for this new era. It is simple, and different to how you fact it has nothing to do with thinking, as it's all about getting you back to your senses👍 See new dates below for Auckland and Kerikeri.

UPCOMING EVENTS IN JULY SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 10 July (11am-1pm), Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, Auckland SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 18 July, (11am-1pm), Kerikeri - Venue TBC Grounding and reconnection to your soul, Higher Self to journey back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum. Connecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, helping you to remember you are All That Is. Receive powerful messages of love and guidance, healing and recalibration. These are important timeframes for your activation and alignment with new codes and frequencies. Spaces are limited so ensure you book early (prepaid $30) Please RSVP , email; A SOUL'S JOURNEY & LIVING LIFE AS A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEING WORKSHOP, Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, Auckland Day 1 - Sat, 24 July and Day 2 - Sat, 7 August - (9.00am - 5.30pm) This two-day workshop will be held over a couple of weeks apart. Sharing essential tools to build your foundations energetically and emotionally (Day 1) and then to bridge your Being into the expansion as a multi-dimensional Being (Day 2). These are new concepts for a new reality, living your Soul's journey in your Creator energy and a Multi-dimensional Being. An experiential workshop sharing practical, simple, empowering tools giving you a new point of perspective for these changed times; it's not hard, just different. If you are struggling with anxiety, uncertainty, depression or lack of direction around these times of change, I highly recommend this workshop as an opening for your way forward. This will give you a true perspective of how to Be in these times with ease, understanding and JOY! Also includes vibrational sound recalibration. Limited spaces, Please enquire about the programme for this workshop. Investment: $444 for both dates. Please enquire if financially challenged, we can work something out😊🙏 PRIVATE SESSIONS; One-On-One or Online I am available for private sessions, in person if you are in the Auckland or Kerikeri region. My next visi and datest to Torbay, Auckland in July are; 9-12 July and 23-26 July. Also available for online sessions. Please enquire, and if you are from out of town or overseas, please advise your location, thanks.👍 💫Something Special💫 Todd Medina invited me on his "Souls Speaks Soulogy Podcast" (USA). We had another riveting conversation about life living as multi-dimensional, specifically to my path and journey. I was amazed by the feedback and comments I received during and after the show, how much people appreciated the information I shared. You never know who it's going to touch and inspire which is why I will continue to share far and wide so long as I have an audience (LOL)😁 I have included the FaceBook link for those who are interested in watching or listening to the Replay🙏 I was recently introduced to the Gene Keyes, and this I found to be an enlightening source of clarity and information about one's soul's purpose. If you are struggling to understand your purpose at this time, visit the website; to receive a free report about your Soul's Purpose. I found it to be incredibly accurate, and appreciated their approach to how you can move towards your purpose, by understanding your unique map through the art of contemplation. Very empowering and powerful. Lee Harris' July Energy Update is always on point and this month's Report gives a variety and well-rounded perspective of the energetics on a personal and global vantage. The tone of this report is supportive, and encouraging; Thank you for your time and I trust this has been useful, helpful and supportive. Sometimes we need a bit of support, and through the lens of another perspective that will offer clarity to be able to move forward in a new, simple and magical way. Life is to be lived in Joy and Magic and this new energy is certainly providing that for those who are open to it. Be Safe, keep Grounding and Stay True🙌🎶💞 Love and blessings Alyse Young💜 Energy Intuitive

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