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December 2020 - Letting Go

Are we there yet? As I predicted early this year, it was always going to be a year of deep changes on all levels and what a year 2020 has shown us already. This month is super potent, really, yes! We will be going through another 12:12 Gateway, then on 21 Dec is Solstice (and this is an important date which really resonates with the original 2012 end of times. When we speak of the end times, it is really an end of a consciousness and the rising of the Aquarian age, from Slavery to Freedom consciousness which is a result of all the deep healing everyone is going through in these last few years. These dates and portals of the continuum of new frequencies flowing in to activate codes in our Being, our DNA, if you are open to allow yourself to recalibrate with this new incoming energy, unlocking and accessing our inner knowing wisdom. This a total upgrade to your Lightbody, from carbon to crystalline which is why it's been such an intense year of growth and will continue to be until our bodies are clear of the density we have carried lifetime, after lifetime. This year has been strongly about alignment, reconditioning your beliefs and conditioning to match divine consciousness. This is truly a feeling of peace, clarity, joy and freedom. Letting Go and Letting God!

As we come to a close to the end of year, with all that we have seen and been through I truly hope you are now embracing a new way of approaching your life and destiny. For me, it has been an incremental acceptance of just Being, Here and Now. It hasn't always been comfortable, but life has always shown up on time when I chose to Surrender. I am getting used to it more and more, not Knowing and just Trusting, it can still rattle me when I drift back to linear thoughts. Staying fluid and open is the key. Choosing to rethink thoughts that wish to dominate my space. Allowing empowerment by honouring those feelings that need to be felt without judgement, only in the space of Love, Compassion and Acceptance. Even though life has been quieter, I am also aware that spontaneity is at play. I do not feel the same level of fear as others and it gives me a peaceful understanding of what is still unfolding. My Being feels quite neutral even when there are deep emotional shifts happening, so I'm grateful for my practises and tools.

I started a Healing Your Inner Child Workshop a couple of weeks ago, and it has been very receptive, seeing a depth of healing happening, but also a shifting of consciousness to more of Sovereignty. I'm so heartened to see those who signed up for it, and already sensing the benefits taking place. This is what excites and ignites my soul. Just to be able to share a way forward with more grace and joy. Both the Shamanic Journeys in November were powerfully deep, and I'm grateful to those souls who come for their reconnection. It all helps on different levels of our Being. So much heart opening and healing the moment, more grounding and seeing how impactful it is. We are all learning to truly let go of our stories, to express our feelings cleanly and appropriately, with a nurturing comforting understanding for this time now, releasing judgements of the past, this is also key as we reclaim our mastery.

I had this epiphany recently, that Suffering was never my story, but I held onto like a trusting child not willing to let it go because it was handed to me as an act of love! It's taken me this long to hear it differently that I can truly rise above this story of suffering through intent. I decided to give it a Go, as I did this, I saw my inner child was holding onto Despair, Suffering, Subservience, Sorrow, Powerlessness, and I then stated very clearly and loudly repeating this "THIS IS NOT MY STORY, LET IT GO", then sensing this energy moving upwards and out, what I saw was my inner child spiralling upwards out of the bubble that contained her all this time. Interesting! If it works for you, then Great🙏

For Your Contemplation

I recently came across this Podcast, the video link I'm sharing below gives such a clarity, it gave me a sense of faith in the future as I perceive it. All good👍 This is another enlightening, exciting conversation between Todd Medina, (Soulogy Podcasts), and his guest Jason Estes who shares a clear perspective of what is happening with the changes from a "common sense" practical approach. It's a worthy listen, especially if you are struggling with change. This may just change your mind, or perspective at least😉

2021 promises to be another year of important change, and it will prove to be a year of changing times showing up as we embody the shifts in our Being. Even though at times we will still feel challenged, there will be a sense of stability and strength quietly carrying us forward. Do keep embodying your energy, by grounding and accepting "What Is" showing up and "Choosing" your appropriate response to the moment. We are now laying the foundations, one step at a time to our new future, moment to moment.

If in doubt, do investigate what is happening in the skies, as the planets are directly influencing the energy as a collective of what is needed to be healed and expressed in a new way. There are pretty powerful alignments happening for the evolution of humanity and we can do our bit by taking care of our own business first. We will see more immediacy of manifestations showing up, and this will be as a result of your embodiment of your energy working with you in co-operation with The All That Is. The universe is supporting us. The paradigm of separation is starting to fade, the laws of duality are starting to diminish as we focus with Love💞 If you are triggered by events that are happening around you, this is your alignment to understand your inner conflict. We do not have to convince others or win them to our side, we just need to be able to have peace with what is arising and to allow the collective projection to turn to Peace, Love and Joy. In Acceptance of our differences is where all will feel at ease, no need to compete or dominate, or to be right or wrong as this is fear based consciousness in the laws of duality.

I always enjoy Lee Harris' take on what's arising and his Energy Report always feels spot on; as this month's is a softening from previous months, this feels like a gift in time for the festive season to give a sense of perspective of where we are all at and to relax into just Being in the flow more...

December Events

Sound Healing Meditation on Friday's @ 6.15pm-7pm. Entry is $20, Torbay. Limited spaces. Please RSVP to email; Grounding and using vibrational sounds to meditate to allow your body, mind and spirit to restore, recalibrate, heal and harmonise. This was really set up to allow people to come and experience their energy on a deeper level, but to also create a space for sharing and discussion about their experiences. Those who come regularly, I have and they have, noticed a much deeper connection to their energy and Being. I will continue to offer this during the holiday period.

Shamanic Journey - 13 and 20 Dec @ 11am-1pm, Torbay

Grounding and reconnection to your soul, Higher Self to journey back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum, reconnecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, to the All That Is. Taking the opportunity to come into the vibrations of the 12:12 Gateway for a more powerful experience, and also for the Solstice on 21 Dec. These are important timeframes for your activation and alignment with new codes and frequencies. These are popular events, spaces are limited so ensure you book in early. Please RSVP (prepaid $25), email; Private Sessions, one-on-one in person or via Skype or Messenger. I am around these holidays, so if you would like a session, let me know. I am willing to travel to different centres to offer my workshops or to be hosted - please enquire with me by email. TALK TO ME - Book I have only 6 copies left til I do another reprint. If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a gift for someone special, they are $25 + $5 postage in NZ only. I'm happy to post overseas too, but postage will be as per cost to that country. Please enquire. This year has gone fast but at the same time it feels like a long year already. So much movement and change, certainly bringing us into a flow of life. I urge you practise more Stillness, grounding to allow for your clarity and recalibration. Pay attention to your senses and feelings, and learn to just BE with them, embracing them for the messages they bring in the Just Is-ness of the moment. In closing, I wish you all a very joyful, peaceful and restful lead up to the holidays and all the festivities that go hand in hand🤗 Take the time to really reflect on how you want your life to show up more in 2021, to set sincere intentions for change as it will happen and quite quickly. If it isn't showing up, then there is alignment to consider. Life is a wonder-filled Journey, it is about your perspective is to allow magical, fun, and expansive experiences with a renewed fulfillment to your soul. Once again, what a ride we are on - Infinite Gratitude🙏 to you all for your support, trust and participation. I appreciate receiving your feedback, it's an honour to serve in this way and to stay connected with you, many thanks. 🙌 Wishing you a smooth month, a Merry Christmas🎄🎅 and a Happy New Year🎉🎶 2021 The Age of Aquarius🌟, a time of a new collaboration. I look forward to connecting in the flow💞 In Gratitude 🙏😇 Love and Blessings Alyse Young🐬

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