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April - A Turning Point, Turning Inwards

Greetings All

Happy Easter...Happy Resurrection😝💫 We have just moved through another potent Full Moon in Libra, showing up more of our depth of feelings. I have to admit this last month has been one of restlessness and discomfort as the change is palpable. I have been witnessing how change affects people and triggers fears, thus sensing projections of their need to control spaces to feel "safe". The inflexibility, lack of empathy results in little bursts of frustration and disappointment showing up in my space, which is alerting me to deeper hurts I need embrace with love and compassion of past patterns emerging. We are not our woundedness or inner child, but remembering, it's an opportunity to express our feelings more cleanly and truthfully. It's not about being right, but feeling heard and received.🙏 I attended a Full Moon Circle last evening, by Giulia and Antonio who facilitated a beautiful magical guided sound journey for this purpose. I was quite surprised by the exquisite sounds being played that conjured up colourful animation of my adventure; so when it came to recording our experience, this is what poured forth:

To BE free with wonder like a child The world is not what it seems, but what we dream Magical, Colourful, Fantastical The Tree of Life is my home The many branches extending into pathways to rooms and dimensions The key is for the Heart, and when I turn the key it unlocks the space for Love I found my child self that is the other side of me All is within, the journey continues to Begin💜

Last weekend was my Soul's Journey and Living Life as a Multi-dimensional Being Workshop.This is a workshop that is dear to my soul, as I share simple empowering tools. The group last weekend were amazing Souls, all very multi-dimensional but unaware of their true status and/or very skeptical. The exercises are designed to give you a point of reference, so it was amusing to hear and see their responses. Profound simple truths, they were getting it, but the mind would dominate the experience in search for a more complex meaning, disallowing them to fully acknowledge their true experience of their feelings and senses. It is a reflection of how much our social, cultural conditioning interferes with our perspective of truth. How we will question and doubt our own feelings and senses, usually to our detriment, maintaining a status quo, with nowhere to grow. So deeply ingrained in our response and behaviours, it is an important awareness that one must be vigilant at this point in time to "CHOOSE" how you wish to think-feel and create from your place of feelings and senses. We are at a very important turning point in our own humanity. To be able to really listen, sense and respond to our soul's desire and calling. This turning point is a "turning in", the answers we desperately seek are on the inside. The potential lies within our inner universe that connects us to our innate and intuitive. This is where our mastery resides. I'm encouraging you all to really take the time to PAUSE and feel where you are at; just acknowledge this is how you feel; then set an intention to move forward in a new way, one moment at a time. It's not about changing all at once, that is too shocking for your system, but choose one small step and practise moving into that direction more and more. This is the practise of embodiment, with intention, alignment and commitment to your growth and change, one moment at a time. When you practise in this manner, you will find this becomes you so change is more real.

I was also invited by Carrie Goodman of SOAR, to present on her online event; Spring Equinox Summit during that period. For this purpose I chose to share 4 different exercises that people can participate in, and these are snippets of what I offer in the Soul's Journey Workshop. If you are wishing to experience a deeper connection to your Self, I encourage you to give it a GO...Here is the link to the video of the online event;

I participated in another presentation yesterday on ZOOM with Carrie, in which I shared my ramblings and perspective on Energy, Feelings, Reconnection and the Multi-dimensional experience. These are on my timeline in FaceBook, and will be uploaded to my website in due course. It is timely and important to surround yourself around information and people who are also in the SHIFT to change. It's very difficult for your Being to grow when you are in the midst of an energetic pattern that wishes to suppress your energy and consciousness. Keeping this shorter, I am including two very strong perspectives of the living within the SHIFT; and although this may feel like a stretch in your own consciousness, just contemplate the information. Listen with your heart, and you will feel resonance of activation into more remembrance of who you wish to emerge as. These are here to inform and support you into your growth and expansion. A real enlightening video to nudge you into change - Soulogy with Todd Medina and Seth Leaf Prunskay A very expansive view of what and where we are truly moving into - this is a real out of the box concept of reality so it may be a stretch of your mind, but feel into what is being shared and feel the resonance.

Ok, enough already, not wishing to bombard you with information, although it's all information. More next month!😝 I'm experiencing this period as being one of "unplanning"...I will send out info on dates of new events as and when I sense the dates. Right now, it's all about being in my flow.

UPCOMING EVENTS IN APRIL Weekly Sound Healing Meditations every Friday (6.15pm-7.15pm), Home of Joy, Torbay. A time for Stillness. Rest, Relax and Reset. A great way to finish your week and start your weekend with Grounding and a meditation using vibrational sounds to bring balance, healing and recalibration to your body, mind and spirit. If you experience anxiety, stress or depression, this is a gentle way to bring more calm and balance into your life and to learn about your energy. Please RSVP, $20 SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 25 April (11am-1pm), Home of Joy, Torbay On April 25th, Mercury is conjunct Venus at 13° Taurus. The mind and the heart become one. Your communication is more persuasive than usual, and you will find it easier to articulate your feelings. This transit is great for creative expressions of any kind and leading into Full Moon in Scorpio on Mon, 26 April. Grounding and reconnection to your soul, Higher Self to journey back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum, reconnecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, to the All That Is. These are important timeframes for your activation and alignment with new codes and frequencies. These are popular events, spaces are limited so ensure you book in early. Please RSVP (prepaid $25), email; Healing Your Inner Child Workshop, (5 Weeks Sat, 2pm-5.30pm - May dates TBA), Torbay, Auckland

The Healing Your Inner Child workshop is an empowering workshop to step into your healing and change. This is immersive and will give clarity about your energetic patterns of what you are projecting into the space and manifesting (in the way of trapped feelings and beliefs). This is the freedom everyone is seeking, to be able to express with ease and empowerment to create. Limited to 8. Please drop me a line if you have an expression of interest to join in the next one.

I am available for private one-on-one sessions in person or online. Please enquire. My book TALK TO ME is almost sold out, so if you would like a copy, contact me soon.

Wishing you happy holidays and Resurrection of your Being during the Easter energies, may it be with ease and JOY, ()and lots of chocolate😉). There is no need for suffering (old consciousness, if you are, then you may wish to explore how to move through your healing with a new perspective). We are here to be EnJOY, the crystalline energy and incoming is extremely supportive and fast. It's not hard, just different. Keep Grounding, Alignment to your intention, Trust and Surrender...All is Well, All is One💜

Love and blessings

Alyse Young

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