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Alignment and Attunement to the new frequency

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Happy Spring😎🐬  We are experience the changing climate of our spring weather with tropical storms and  sunny days bringing in the everchanging energy shift.   Our lives have shifted, but we are still catching up with the shift on the physical level and, for many it's a tulmutuous ride.  Our quiet  introspective times of winter are now putting forth the alignment we have been attuning to, a new frequency.  This moves us towards the summer months ahead, flowing into this next quarter with more ease, more joy and and more prosperity.  

During my time of reflection, this thought dropped into my consciousness;  young souls need duality for their experience in growth (which is what we are witnessing on a global scale now);  Adolescent Souls, need to practise Awareness as they are coming into this from their experiences (this is especially relevant with the younger generation and recent activity with activists);  Old Souls need to CHOOSE and BE the Change (and those who are simply BEING more and more themselves without any fuss and thunder, just Being the embodiment of the new frequency).  These souls are not bothered by what people think, they just get on with living their way, and we are seeing this across the globe; the Greta Movement with Climate Change, invoking School strikes across the world; the recent protests in HK, notably, the younger generation are leading the way into standing for change😀.  That's how I see the current timeline of consciousness.   Everyone and everything that is occuring is in perfection when we have an understanding of where our soul is at.  It's not a hierarchial  or competitive thing, but the JUST ISness of life coming into form by many different perspectives.

This is a period of starting to witness timelines collapsing, what does that mean?   It means we have already moved into the space of the multi-universe here on Earth.   That is, 3-D is becoming 5th dimensional in our awareness of our being conscious more and more. It means more people are no longer "putting up with", they are now "showing up in words, actions and deeds" and there is still a depth which is Be-coming within us.   Personally, I have felt challenged with the 3-D way of living, and staying in the state of witness rather than judgement (that's part of the challenge), seeing my awareness catch up with myself in the actual "living my truth".   The strong conditioning that surrounded my whole life, is still being transformed, each time I'm confronted with the judgements of others it's like a stab to the heart.   Now getting better to not taking things personally despite the "personal attack" from my dear mum.   We are poles apart in personality and consciousness that she finds me very challenging on all levels and,vice versa.  She is elderly, she is traditional and she is a woman trapped in the circumstances of her conditioning.   I'm aware she is in her "light years now" and she has a need to justify her own life and how she has lived so far.  It didn't turn out the way she planned, so rather than be wrong or take responsibility for not making different choices, there is just blame.  Not much compassion for the otherside.  Despite this...what do I need to understand in this instance?  Witness and acceptance of where her perspective lies, not to take it personally..ha ha, still work in progress, as I know I love her deeply💝   

I started to ponder "Prosperity (growth) Vs Abundance (plentiful)".   I'm an abundant person, I acknowledge this and I see this is something I can do quite effortlessly (and that includes good, bad and indifferent, it's all manifesting); so I always have what I need now.  However, recently challenged with huge car bills, threw a spanner in the works!   Arghhhh, not planned or expected, nevertheless, it just started to snowball out of control.  Everything is symbolic and I was aware, it's not just about my car (my vehicle in life), but my "security".   What was this showing me about how I needed to shift my understanding.   I realised all the repairs were on the right side of the car "ie my masculine side"   So woe is me, how is my masculine not supporting me!   On reflection, when I was with my mother, and I offered to share my perspective of how I live my life, she wouldn't hear it,  my tone went up to feel heard, to which she replied, "don't talk to me in that angry tone, I don't like it when people talk to me that way".  Fair enough, so I lowered my tone, nevertheless, I didn't end up saying what I needed to say as I was shutdown.   I see this is how my father was towards her, and I was repeating a pattern of how the "masculine in me responds"...I shut down my own feminine.   My feminine is naturally feeling, caring, loving, comforting, but also angry and expressive.  The masculine energy is protective and supports by taking care of the physical aspects of the being, to put into action...this is in an ideal world.  My "energy pattern", my feminine is dominant, critical, powerless and angry and my masculine is stubborn, controlling, and resigned.   So there is a lot of duality happening on a deeper level.  Now I'm learning to be more patient and compassionate with both sides, to just allow the appropriate expression, vulnerability!  Yes, once I cry I allow the flow, once I scream and shout, I allow my passion to rise again.  It's not so scary but sometimes we need someone to just witness our pain.  I noticed my motivating feeling was "Guilt", guilt on all levels that controlled me, which meant I would feel paralysed.  Since working on letting that go with a new perspective of choosing Love over Fear, I'm facing my fears and going through them now.   A recent feedback I got from a client, he advised that he finally felt when his inner child was with him now ("a smile in my heart"), and he acknowledged his resistence to accepting his inner child.  He said, "it's like shamanism isn't it?", to which I replied, "Yes, I have always known that the inner child is modern day shamanism!"

The inner child has always been the core of my work, and it is very empowering to work with the inner child.  I am also aware there are those who are afraid to face their inner child as they can only remember the pain and trauma.  Nevertheless, it is not about reliving the pain, it's about supporting the child within as you learn to witness the pain from your adult self.  If you are reliving the pain, then you became the child again, in your energy.   I  have been working with vibrational langauge, tuning into the frequency of appropriate words with feeling that will help shift the frequency of where the "stuck energy/feeling" is.   Recently, I was prompted to realign or "attune" myself to the new frequencies, so now there is the need to also work with the Higher Self (our connected Source/God energy) to balance the new frequencies.  This is has been a new focus of marrying the two parts to make up what is called the Holy Trinity (Me, Myself, I).   I was shown this when I lived in Valley in Kauai, that I needed to work more with the Higher Self, and its taken me this time to trully understand how in integrate this.  The multi-dimensional work I share, is instrumental in bridging the mind, heart and solar plexus (intuition and innate) to work more with our Innate and Cellular Structure (this is non centralised), which is really about talking to your body, reclaiming control of your whole body.   These changing times can feel quite fearful as we do not know what our future will look like, simply because we are creating it as we go.  This is where we have to really align and attune our feelings and thoughts so that we can allow the highest possibility to show up in life.  Some affirmations to support yourself;  Change is comfortable; Everything comes to me with Joy and Ease; I am willing and open to receivng new solutions (esp if you worry a lot);  I surrender to God/Universe/My highest Source;  I reclaim control of my life.  These affirmations will keep your frequency bouyant, as you build more and more confidence gently.

I'm sharing a link of a Channelled Message from Kyron which supports these concepts and practise in a very timely way; it offers a clarity of how our timelines are now shifting and how move into it with confidence;

I reiterate; the new energy is a new paradigm, we must choose which paradigm we wish to operate from.  If you do not choose, it will be a very bumpy ride.  There is no right or wrong, but there is a choice in how you wish to experience your life, and once you choose to be the Boss of You, then all things will shift with Joy, Ease and Abundance🤗🐬💞

I acknowledge my gratitude to those who have participated in my workshops, thank you for the sharing and learning I get from them.  I have not scheduled any new Soul's Journey Workshops for now, however, if anyone is interested in this learning, please enquire as I'm still happy to share this.   And/or if you would like me to come and facilitate in your centre, I'm open to sharing in your area.  This is a time for collaboration so if you feel that my work can compliment what you offer, let's get together and play🤗

Also available for private sessions, either in person or via Skype or Messenge, please enquire.

Thanks for your time, interest and support.  Wishing you blessings of Love, Joy and Abundance.  See you in the flow 🎶💖

Alyse 🐬🙏

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Lena Kemp
Lena Kemp
02.10.2019 г.

Thank you for this beautiful and articulately written blog Alyse. <3 I do wish I had read this 2 days ago, as it really resonates with my experience recently. I'm finding more and more that I CAN make the conscious choice to be better, and when I choose the old way, it is becoming much more turbulent and much less comfortable than it was. I am being pushed forward into the new paradigm (yay!). Also have been feeling a confused sense of guilt and lack of security! Interestingly, like your car, all of my major injuries throughout my life (head injuries, leg injuries, spine injuries) have been on my right side! I will take a lot from this Alyse, so…

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