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2019 A year of Maturity

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The time is NOW, to turns into yourself and truly see how you are designing 'the moment to moment' from a limited past. It's different to the way we are used to manifest with the energy of the past.

“It's all about Intention, Alignment (Stillness) and Surrender.”

This year has started with great momentum, and with it also dredging up lots of childhood patterns to be healed.   So many people and events are being revisited in the space right now.  For me the amazing journey down memory lane right back to my school days and school friends.  Not by conscious choice, but rather through the invitation from an old school friend insisting I come to the our School reunion, ha ha, that was indeed a blast from the past, and what pleasantly surprised me was the fondness and the person they remembered me as at school, which was quite a different impression I had carried within myself.  So this was refreshing and comforting, that I wasn't that awkward terror I thought I was back then.    

I believe this is a time of maturity which is not necessarily to do with age, but how you are responding (attitude) to each new experience that allows growth and expansion of your understanding.  Most people are still re-acting to certain situations from a past experience, which is now influencing their every manifestations from a limited place.   Maturity is about being able to see beyond the experience of where your energy (age) is currently creating from.   Over the last centuries,  we have been entangled in the consciousness of slavery, greed, fear and separation on all levels in all cultures.  This century has turned energetically to allow us the choice of empowerment.  Our free will and awareness allows us to choose how we respond to the current situation.  This this is only possible if you are actually aware of the projection of your energy that helped to create the manifestation of events showing up.  We have been acting like screaming children, needing attention, through manipulation, dominatination, or feeling powerless and/or needy of something we feel is amiss from our own empowerment.  This is a result of our collective cultural, social conditioning, all going back to beliefs that have been given to us.  We have effectively been conditioned away from ourselves from the outset, to look outwards for answers, comfort and  care.  This has guided our lives into a way which is not necessarily aligned to our soul's purpose, when there is a feeling of lack, emptiness or disillusionment or frustration from the inner Being.

The time is NOW, to turn into yourself and to truly see how you are designing the "moment to moment" from a limited past experience.  This means taking responsibility for your own reality and creation.  Until this is acknowledged, faced in the moment to address and realign your energy (feelings), your dysfunctional patterns will continue to circle back.   The past is not the present, with this clarity, only then will your energy align to your true desires, dreams and purpose.   One of the most effective and powerfully healing ways is the Soul's Journey Workshop, learning to connect to your inner child (which is a symbol of your feelings), a way in which to detatch so you can give space (love), but stay in connection with your feeling, witnessing (feeling) it with love, compassion, acceptance of what was (the pattern), to "what is" (now reality), thereby giving you the choice to give your feelings/emotions new perspective, meaning and empowerment.  For me I have come to realise, what I'm sharing is a way of giving the old experience a "language of Love" - this is the new vibration. Looking at the patterns governing your current reactions, and choosing to respond in a different way so that the pattern becomes unhinged, and realigned with your divine soul (this goes back to your true feelings of peace, love and joy, these feelings are the natural good feelings you already know).  It's your story/drama that keeps you out of alignment.  This is where we need to take a moment to see the belief you are currently following (usually not your own but handed through the generations).   This is also the energy and time for healing our genetics, our lineage.  Those who have come from broken, abusive, violent families, are what we term as the spiritual warriors.   We understand that the way of life how we grew up was not right for us, so we have made the intention to discontinue the dysfunction.  Mental will is only part of the equation, it is mostly governed by our energy from the emotional body.  With this responsiblity it is also now activating our multi-dimentionsional body, turning us on to be more in the Creator energy.  This is just the beginning of a whole new era, and this is "in time with the Crystalline energy" now securely anchored here on Earth.   This crystalline energy is a much faster vibration, which is why time feels sped up, and with that, things also are showing up faster than ever before.

It's different to the way we used to manifest with the energy of the past.   It's all about Intention, Alignment (Stillness), and Surrender.   The "doing" days are over, we are now learning to connect better with our "Creator" energy.   For what it's worth, if you dedicate more time to being Still, to align your energy (cleaning up your feelings to support them in a good way), you will start to see life unfolding and showing up for you.   Everything starts to come to you with Joy and Ease.

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