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June News - Reflection of our Winter within

I'm feeling inspired, so inspired today as I woke knowing my senses are intact, stronger and more real than ever before.  This is the time, I have said this many times before, however emerging from Level 3 to 2 has also been a confirmation of real change without effort.   The pennies have been dropping into my well faster and faster and its exciting in a "quiet and reassuring way".   I'm eternally grateful for my soul purpose, that allows me to travel to the depths of my Being, my consciousness where there is certainty, joy and peace.

My purpose is always to be in service to others in an empowering way.   It's about BEING, not Doing" - this was clarifying to me was that the more we align to our soul, our truth, our purpose we become that which we truly feel the change inside of us first, then change shows up soon after in our reality.  Change is subtle, and sweet.   We have been programmed in our lives that we must strive, struggle, suffer and achieve, success is measured in material and physical terms.  This is our programming.  There are so many tools offered to help us out of this paradigm and yet everyone is still "doing"  Yes, there is some effort to "do" but mostly I have found success in Stillness and Being.   By Being, I'm talking about "contemplating" (quietly questioning, so as to not resist new concepts, giving my Being time and space to gently decide by resting new ideas in my space to sense what it feels like); allowing and surrendering to new possibilities to show up, (my alignment to my feelings to what was, to what is, observing my judgements, then giving new perspective that suits this time);  keeping life simple and ordinariness (letting go of expectations, witnessing life around me with discernment).   I was revisiting the concept of the Continuium in life, what does that actually means, and each day I would get a deeper glimpse of what it felt like and now I know that the structures others' lives have carved out through our traditions, beliefs and conditioning has been the invisible jail we are all sitting in.   The continuium is life unfolding, a flow, an expansion of experiences...this is how life was intended.  And, this is just my opinion and experience.  

I have NO plan going forward, the Lockdown has curtailed my events and activities and yet, I did not lack nor suffer (OK for about 2 days); because I decided to come into the very presence of "today", and remembering I am a creator of my reality. so practise this; I can only be in the space of that Now.  It was a liberating acknowledgement, my whole body and Being came into a surrender, into full rest and restoration.   By the time Level 2 rolled around, I still had no plan and I also knew I still had to do something different with my life.  Just stay within the moment, in the continuium.  Everyday, I'm witnessing little miracles and I say little miracles because they are not big but my signs and reassurance that I'm on track.  What's more interesting is that within my Being I just "Know" this, there is no Fear, just an anticipation and that is something I'm continually aligning to Certainty.  My Being has never felt so secure and happy in these most uncertain times, and seeing my reality is showing up bit by bit.   The ability to know what you are choosing to participate your energy in, is key!   This is your "creator" energy which different to "manifesting".  One cannot "create" in a frequency that is governed by Fear, Lack, Suffering, etc, but you will continue to manifest whatever your feelings are aligned to.   This is why alignment of your energy is paramount, and creation happens magically.  No thinking required.  In fact the thinking is what distorts your creation, as you have now taken yourself out of the stream of creation.

I write this to inspire you, to encourage you that when you make the choice to step into your Sovereignty, your life has to align to your purpose and therefore it will BE.  I encourage you to TRUST your senses more than ever as your compass is alive and through the magnetics of your energy you will attract and create your reality.   When I speak about your senses, I'm referring to your "true feelings" the ones that are buried deep within your heart and soul.  Most are governed by their conditioning, aligning to a reality that is already set before them.  This is limiting as you are aligning to a consciousness that carries the foundation of "slavery, greed, hierarchy on all levels, separation and control" to name a few.  This vibration is 3-Dimensional and that in itself has limitations.   I am always referring to the new vibrations and frequencies, because that is where you need to realign to and for that, there is a new commitment to the responsibility of choices you are currently making in your lives.

I wish to impart a new sense of commitment and responsibility, as it is really not that hard, it's just very different.  We are all doing our best with what we know now, however, this is a moment of really living by your intention, doing less, but aligning more.  Life always is, and it's now choosing how to truly participate in the life we wish to create.  It's created from the inside first.  This is our challenge to switch the doing from outside to the inside. 

Something New

During the Lockdown period, my dear friend and colleague, Eloise she had been asking me to record our conversations about consciousness as we know it and she felt it was of value in these changing times.  I resisted for a long time, I have been asked to do this in the past by others as well and realise I'm playing small, not honouring my purpose, so I worked on my fear and resistance and we recorded a candid chat/interview;  (see link).  This can be viewed in my recent blog post, on my Facebook profile, or YouTube Channel.  Our intention is to record more conversations as a way of sharing empowerment and new perspectives simply.  so these topics are a more accessible language .  Let me know your feedback.

May 2020 What is Energy, Feelings, Vibrations and You Part 1:  Part 2:

Something Extra I'm sharing this video I came across by Matias De Stefano, who is a young, "old wise soul" who remembers his past lives and how the universe works.   In this presentation he explains and demonstrates really succinctly with a simplicity about  spirit and energy, in a totality of what energy is; emotions, sound, light, numbers sacred geometry, and multi-dimensiional.  It is well worth watching to help shift your perspectives to live in a more expansive and purposeful way, and a lot of these concepts that Matias shares is also part of the tools in my Soul's Journey and Living as a Multidimensional Being Workshop..  Although its long and, in Spanish, there is an English speaking interpreter and she does an amazing job to match his consciousness in the translation, there are real gems in it..  Watch it in parts to truly grasp the essence of the message,  Be EnJOY🤗

Matías De Stefano - The Spirit`s Purpose on Earth

Events in June

  • Sound Healing Meditation, every Friday @ 6.15pm in Torbay    I have now resumed the weekly Sound Healing Meditations/  Grounding and meditating to different vibrational sounds to deepen your connection to self, receive healing and recalibration.  This is beneficial to people to suffer from anxiety, depression, and/or just to feel balance, clarity and harmony. to your Being.  Due to Level 2 restrictions, limited to 6 people in the space, $20 entry.  RSVP is appreciated by email.  Thanks.

  • Shamanic Journey, Sunday, 21 June @ 11am , Torbay     A Shamanic Journey to celebrate the Winter Solstice and take you into your sacred multi-universe, where you get to reconnect with Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions to meet with your spirit guides, power animals and to the depth of your soul to receive healing, messages of love and recalibration.  This will be the first time since the Lockdown, and spaces are limited, $25 entry.  RSVP is essential.

  • Private Sessions One on One, in person locally and overseas via Skype, Messenger - please enquire about an appointment. 

  • A Soul's Journey & Living As A Multi-dimensional Being, July , Torbay I will facilitate this workshop again, in July. (dates TBA).  This workshop is an important bridge in these changing times, so I will be offering this regularly,.  Please enquire for more details.

I hope this message finds you all well and feeling inspired about your Reset.  A time to Choose, Trust and Surrender, you are now the Creator of your reality.   Remember, it's not hard, just different.  Keep Grounding and reaching for the stars on the inside🌠💞

Love and blessings


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