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Reclaiming Who You Are

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Happy New Year🌠, Welcome 2020 with a newness and freshness of defining and reclaiming Who You Are.

Phew, for me personally 2019 was an experience of Spiritual Exhaustion!   It really was a time of going into myself deeply to realign and to emerge and stand more in my I AM!   It was all about letting go of stories that bind us to the past, that define our beliefs and behaviours of the past.  For those with the awareness of seeing their bahavioural patterns arising and having the courage to make the appropriate change to their consciousness are now seeing and experiencing the fruits of their labour.   And, it could be described by many, like being in labour (and only a mother truly understands the pain, the endurance and stamina, when to take rest and breathe, to be patient, to surrender to the flow, and when to exert forward); and that is life on a bigger scale.   Our breath helps to stay in the moment, to stay with the energy of what is wishing to vibrate and expand, through our acknowledgement and expression, to make room for, change, growth, openness and magic!   I have been suggesting to my clients, to allow distance themselves from the story they keep spinning, as that is what keeps us in the loop, and to just observe and sense which "feeling" needs to be acknowledged and honoured.  Witnessing and allowing that to just Be without the judgement or beliefs attached to the story, allows the moving through and the expansion that our Being is craving for.  Energy is power, Energy is our feelings, and when our feelings are honoured, we feel "empowered"...we are able to fuel our intentions and dreams into reality.   This is the transformation.  

2020 is about having clarity in your vision!  More of grounding in, or embracing of our True Self, as opposed to the personality we created in order to "fit in"...this doesn't gel anymore and many will struggle with the pretence they are keeping up.  Inside the soul is crying to be recognised and realised.  We are starting to truly understand on a global stage, via internet, television, radio and social media (mostly); that our Being has a voice and has an identity that feels true, feels safe to be different.   We are in a time of truly claiming our Soverignty as we learn that we have a choices and that we can not just survive, but to really live in a new way.  The new world consciousness is on the rise.   It's already changed so find and get into your flow.  If you are feeling exhausted, it will be due to your resistence to change.  Just acknowledge that to be so, and be OK with that.  It too will pass.  As we learn to "slow down" to get back to the rythm of our nature, with nature, opportunities and solutions arrive effortlessly.  The struggle is within us.   I have struggled with an invisible opponent (my intellect); only be be left writhing from exhaustion.  And in the rest period, the universe had already lined things up nicely, thank you🙏   I realise I was testing myself, testing my resolve, testing my belief in what I know, testing my TRUST that I was truly in charge of how I'm directing my energy in creation.  What can I say;  this is the human experience.  When we are dominated by our intellect, ignoring our senses, we create the chaos and blocks on our own path.  Thank Godness for me!   Until the next round😝

I sense 2020 will be another intense year, but when we have shifted gears to move with the flow, I do sense things will be easier, and faster, this comes with clarity of the heart and soul.  And it's interesting to note, I'm not really planning much ahead right now, it doesn't quite feel time or right.  However, I'm aware once my intent is set, things roll in FAST.   So, be clear of what you want, reviewing your values, are they actually matching your thoughts,  maintaining your alignment, and allowing  for your attunement to the higher frequencies that support the new consciousness will bring you into a new harmony.   

The RESOLUTION NYE Festival finished yesterday was an amazing festival and testimony of the change already happening with people.  It was such a joy to be in the space with everyone, feeling relaxed, safe, and just Chill!   I could really feel a sense the balance and harmony at this gathering, a very gentle, nurturing space for all, especially all the young families.  Such a joy to be present to.   The amount of men rising up and expressing themselves in their vulnerability was truly beautyful.   It's a great start to 2020, so onwards and upwards and outwards as we grow in unity with Self fist, and then with others🎆🌠🎶💕  

For your contemplation, part of your life purpose is to be in service to humanity.   What does this mean to you? Service means is being plugged into Source so that Source is always flowing to you, and is being received enough by you, ie the influence of Source is resonating with you.   Source is always in service with you (your Higher Being).  When you feel negative emotions and your Being won't join you.  Stay in resonance with who you are and, Being who you are.   Find your vibrational resonance, thats Love in action thru more empathy🙇💜  

So in summary, this year has been about Alignment to who we are.  2020 will still be that, but moreso Attunement, which is active aligning our frequencies to match the crystalline frequencies already here.  I have started collaborating with Deborah Nash who plays the Gongs, we had  powerful attunement the 12:12 Gateway  (12 Dec), and in the coming weeks sees more of the attunement avaivalble as we travel into the planetary alignment of the eclipses and full moon  activities.   We will once again offer a other Drum and Gong Attunement on 12 Jan 2020 (7pm -9pm), Takapuna - see attached for more info.  The last event was sold out, so be quick to RSVP, so not to miss out😊🙆

It is my intention to do more collaborations, as this is a powerful way of connecting with different communities, and if anyone is interested in co-creating, please contact me to explore opportunities!


Sunday, 12 Jan (  DRUM & GONG SOUND ATTUNEMENT, Lakehouse Arts Centre, Takapuna, $40 Spaces are limited please RSVP to email; Sunday, 19 Jan (11am-1pm):  SHAMANIC JOURNEY, Home of Joy, Torbay, $20 Limited 10 persons, please RSVP Weekly SOUND HEALING MEDITATION, every Friday @6.15pm-7.15pm, Torbay - $15 please RSVP Private One-on-One Sessions available, please enquire. Blessings of Love, Joy and Magic in 2020, may you be blessed with good health and prosperity🎆💞 Alyse Young

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