Torbay, Auckland
New Zealand

Drum and Gong Sound Attunement

Experience grounding, healing and recalibration with
the new frequencies.

Drum and Gong
Sound Attunement

Join Alyse Young & Deborah Nash (Gongs) for a powerful Drum and Gongs Sound Attunement. A great way to recalibrate while going through the 12:12 Gateway which started on 12 Dec '2019, and culminating on 12 Jan 2020. During 10 – 12 January 2020 starts the New Year and decade with phenominal activity in the sky with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto aligning in Capricorn along with a Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon in Cancer and the final gateway on 12 Jan.

2020 is a very empowering year of attunement. Jupiter is about soul expansion! Experience grounding, healing and recalibration with these new frequencies. Just lie back and Receive!

Limited places, $40 (last event Sold Out) – Prepay to confirm your attendance to; Alyse Young, email;

Appreciate you arrive 10 mins earlier and bring something to lie on and to cover yourself during the Sound Bath. 

Upcoming Dates

Takapuna, Auckland

12 January  

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