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Super March Events


This year is definitely marching on, leaving no stone unturned!  Many may still be experiencing deep intense patterns coming to the surface.  What can I say, stay grounded in 2020!   I'm reiterating this message, and I too have witnessed myself, hearing on a collective level the desire to "check out".   A couple of weeks ago, I clearly heard myself echoing, why bother, if this is all there is then I really don't want to be part of this society.   I was rather alarmed to hear myself thinking this, and as I allowed myself to just ponder what was arising, it was an old part of my consciousness from the depth of my core wanting to be released.   Understanding this is not only mine, but many who are also echoing these beliefs., the journey of our deepening and unfolding as an individual but also the collective whole!  So what does it mean?  We will continue to encounter these little deaths, an inner death of our ego-state, that no longer wishes to be part of the collective, but to spring forth as a true Sovereign being.   I have mentioned this in the past, and it is really what 2020 is instilling, the consciousness of sovereignty, to truly own and embrace that who we are.  

I have been honoured to witness the profound shift in awareness from the last 3 festivals I have attended and participated in.  The consciousness has taken a new level of understanding, acceptance and curiousity.   Amazing times to witness.  There is more to this journey than meets the eye, we are truly really just starting, and this energy is fast on all levels.  It's up to you, how you want to embrace it.  With ease and joy, or suffering.   Its all a choice.  We now Choose how to Be in each moment, this is the presence and creation of our reality.

March is all about festivals, lots of opportunities to experience a new perspective of living in a new way that serves your soul and humanity in a more compassionate way.  Keeping this short and sweet for this coming month and my main project for March is launching Ecofest North 2020, a Kaipatiki Project initiative promoting events that are about living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, encouraging people to "living lightly on this planet!"  I've been busy co-ordinating a month long programme for this festival, starting on 21 March - 19 April.  Check out their website for any local community events located in different places on the North Shore and North Auckland over this period.  As my contribution, I will be offering a Shamanic Journey to kick it off on 21 March.   Website:;  Facebook;

Weekly Sound Healing Mediation, every Friday @ 6.15pm- 7.15pm, Torby 

Grounding and meditating to different vibrational sounds that will heal, and recalibrate your body and Being, bringing balance and clarity to for another week!   This is a great way to allow yourself to sense and feel your body in a more connected way.  Great for people who suffer from anxiety, depression or low energy to come and experience balance back to their being in a gentle and non-intrusive way.  $15 entry.  Spaces are limited, please RSVP your attendance to email

Shamanic Journey

Another monthly event to experience grounding and reconnection to your soul, Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions to journey into your multi-universe to meet with your power animal or spirit guides to the beat of the drum.  Receiving empowering messages of love, healing and recalibration.

Sunday, 15 March Monthly Shamanic Journey, Torbay - $20 prepaid, Limited spaces.   RSVP email

A special event for Ecofest North 2020

Saturday 21 March (11am-1pm)  Opening Day Ecofest North 2020 at Kaipatiki Project, 17 Lauderdale Rd, Birkenhead.  $10 by ticket

A Soul's Journey and Living As a Multi-dimensional Being Workshop 🌠🐬🌠

Sat, 2 - Sun, 3 May, (9am-5pm daily), Torbay, Auckland

This is a practical immersive weekend workshop, (can be attended in two parts).    

The Soul's Journey Day 1 - Sat, is learning the foundations of Grounding and what your energy is.  You will learn to sense and interpret your energy, reconnecting to your true feelings. connect to your inner child (learning to witness and respond to your repressed feelings in a new way which is gentle and nurturing, using vibrational language), connecting to your Soul and your Higher Self - feel the difference.  An introduction to the dynamics of energy and how past patterns are showing up in your energetic field.   

Living as A Multi-dimensional Being Day 2 - Sun; (can only be attended if you have completed Day 1), goes deeper into experiencing the expansion of your energy and connecting with your multi-dimensional body and your multi-universe.   This is about understanding your life from a different perspective, to be able to go beyond living within the matrix of your conditioning, to living as a Sovereign Being, accessing and actvating your multi-dimensional Being.  You will receive tools that will assist with this ongoing growth with more ease and Joy.

This is a weekend of true change and perspective to be able to gently move into your sovereignty.   It's not hard, just different!

Investment: $420 (includes lunch and refreshments).  Earlybird Price: $390 til 10 April.  Deposit of $100 to secure your space.   Payment plan available, please enquire.

Mastery Classes Coming soon...for those who have already completed the Soul's Journey Weekend workshop, there will be an opportunity to deepen your practise with follow-up Mastery Classes.   These will be series of 4 hours once a month, starting in May - dates TBA.   This is a good way to keep in touch with other like-hearted souls to come together and to continue sharing and practising your soul tools and to learn more and go deeper.   This was successful last year giving participants more confidence in being able to move into themselves to embody their true purpose.

If you have any questions about any of my upcoming events, please drop me line.  I am also available for private sessions, so do enquire.  Looking forward to seeing you in the flow and wishing you all a Happy Month of March🎆 where the energies are evening out now and, remember keep Grounding and reaching for the Stars🤗🙏

Love and blessings

Alyse Young

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