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September Sovereignty

This morning I watched the sunrise (6.40am), a golden lining around the low lying clouds across the ocean, then slowly the intensity of the yellow-golden light emerging out of the water and the mists of clouds to this bright piercing ball of fire and light.  It was a golden moment, with the light rays of the sun emanating across the sea and skies.   A truly magical morning coming into view. 🌤 This inspired me for this blog...

Today in Auckland, NZ we emerge from Level 3 to Level 2 with the reset of NZ, returning to a wider freedom, but not quite yet).  Yesterday on social media I was seeing posts about the global awakening of people in different countries, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and a few others, coming out together in their thousands to make a statement of their rights to their choices of freedom, their sovereignty!   A sight to behold, history is being turned on its head as the world now moves with a stronger force of purpose, no longer being contained, controlled by outside forces.  Every crisis is an opportunity for evolution!   There will be chaos and that is part of the mix,  but for those who are truly aligned  (Grounded) and centred in their own sovereignty, it will be a flow of the continuum we are now creating, one moment at a time.  Looking for new directions as we truly start to embrace our potential from the inside, allowing people power coming into play, a force of Love.  

This takes me back to a moment when still living in the Valley in Kauai (2013), I was reflecting on the "Goddess" movement.  The Goddess awareness started around the early 2000 and humanity started to embrace this Goddess energy with enthusiasm and, even more so now.  The Earth plane is one of experiencing duality, to come into harmony (the Zero point).  I have witnessed the swinging of the pendulum as people went from masculine to feminine.  The structures of patriarchy that have governed humanity are falling away on many levels.  Nevertheless, as human nature moves forward with the intention of reclaiming their "Goddess" self, I'm witnessing this shift in the poles, aware of the polarisation that is also happening...this is also part of the experience.  

During my time living in the Valley in Kauai, just before I emerged back into society, I was alerted to the word "Goddess", I was being asked to contemplate what this really meant as I also knew it was not only reclaiming the femine aspects of our Self, but more of how to bring this balance and harmony into our Being.  As I sensed deeper into this enquiry, I felt it broken down into sounding..."God-essence".  I felt my inner knowing suddenly having the Ah-Ha moment.  Yes, we are now moving into our God-Essence!  A message I received before leaving the Valley was "Go and walk amongst the ordinary people in your God-Essence".   I'm always grateful and moved when messages drop in and, always, a journey to truly understand how to embody that.   So, I see this is the movement NOW of coming into our God-Essence - Sovereignty, Mastery🙏

I believe this time in history with this COVID-19 story across the globe is a poignant time of awakening and embracing that Sovereignty that has been wanting to rise, from the depth of the soul.  The planets have aligned and forced the energies to collide in this way for our internal growth, the growth of humanity and the growth of this planet as a whole.  This is a golden opportunity to really embrace whatever healing you need and to make new choices of building a new reality for yourself and humanity.  We are being supported on many levels, so take courage and Trust the truth of your heart and soul.  The physical plane is just but one, and it is crumbling for the reason that it needs to as the foundations are not supportive in Love, Compassion, Unity and Freedom.  Build and fortify your personal foundations, realigning your values to divine values, this is Creator energy we are now living in, Be your God-Essence.  Ha ha, this was not the blog I thought of writing, however, the pull to put this in today's newsletter is a culmination of the Moon, Sirius, the Orion (as I witnessed on the morning of my birthday, 16 Aug - a planetary alignment and portal); and then seeing the sun rising this morning, all made sense to me of this time...I trust this is inspiring🤗

As they say, there are many roads to Rome, and in life, there are many tools for your healing.  This is the time to go inwards and to use those tools.  The searching is an internal one, you are being asked to connect to your inner compass, and connect to your inner template...this is the way forward.  It is all, but a new perspective🤔

Upcoming events for September;

Weekly Sound Healing Meditation, will resume this Friday @ 6.15pm - Torbay Auckland

A weekly tonic for the body, mind and spirit; grounding and meditating to vibrational sounds to align and recalibrate your Being into clarity and harmony. 

$20 (limited to 8)   RSVP essential.  Email;

Shamanic Journey, Sunday, 12 Sept @ 11am-1pm, Torbay Auckland

A very timely moment to reconnect and journey with your soul, your ancestors and spirit guides during this New Moon phase.  Always empowering and insightful as you receive messages of love and healing while recalibrating to the beat of the drum, grounding with Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions to meet with your spirit guides, power animals and to the depth of your soul to receive healing, messages of love and recalibration.  Spaces are limited. $25 prepaid  RSVP essential.  Email;

Private Sessions, in person (in Torbay) or via Skype or Messenger - please enquire by email;

A Soul's Journey and Living As A Multidimensional Being Workshop the next course will be the weekend of 3-4 October

This essential workshop is an important bridge in these changing times of new concepts for a new reality, living your Soul's journey in your Creator energy and a Multi-dimensional Being.  An experiential workshop giving practical, simple, empowering tools that give you a point of perspective for these changed times; it's not hard, just different.  If you are struggling with anxiety around these times of change, I highly recommend this workshop as an opening for your way forward.  This will give you a true perspective of how to Be in these times with ease, understanding and JOY!  Also includes a short segment of Restorative Yoga with Marjolein during the weekend.  Limited spaces, Investment:  $420 (Earlybird price $390 ends15 Sept).  Please enquire about the programme for the weekend.  It is possible to attend Day 1, Saturday.  (Investment: $220, EB price $200).  Please do enquire if are financially challenged, we can work something out😊🙏

I take this moment of coming out Pause to thank everyone for their interest and support in the consciousness and work I share.  And, there's always more to share😜   I was recently a guest on Todd Medina's Podcast - Soulogy and I have attached a link if you are interested in viewing this (also on my FB Timeline).

Todd's podcasts are a great platform for like-hearted people to share their experiences and knowledge.  I recommend you tune into this show, as there are many many people who are experiencing soul-ful journeys that are not mainstream, but living a life they choose and trust.  If you are struggling with change, it's good to tune into these kinds of gatherings, so you will not feel "alone", no matter which corner of the universe you are living.   We are all connected and All One.

🌏 🌟  Breaking News!  Just listened to Gregg Braden's The New Human Story  online presentation by The Shift Network, and for those who need scientific understanding about the changes we are currently moving through to give you a little nudge in the new direction...a fabulously, articulate explanation of this consciousness he is offering and sharing!  As I always say, Change is not hard, it's just different☺

I recently hosted a Courage with Clarity Zoom Meeting, which was to offer people space to express and feel heard during the lockdown period.  It proved to be a really supportive meeting space for those who attended.  I'm still sensing I would like to offer this service, so will keep you posted on when I do the next one

Wishing you all a wonder-filled month of reconnecting to your outer world whilst keenly Grounded to your inner and, may the Spring of September light your way to a new way of living and loving.  Thriving instead of surviving.  In respect, gratitude and service.

Love and blessings

Alyse Young

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