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November - Re-New New, a deeper, expansive New YOU

Greetings and Happy November, how are you all faring???

It's been a quiet time in Oct with all the intensity in between.  Have been needing to just be "quiet, restful and playful" with continuous recalibrating of the new frequencies affecting my body in ways of feeling all my joints, gums and teeth hurting!.  Personally, this last month has been somewhat stagnant and within the stagnacy has allowed an inner penetrating of deeper levels of emotions (energy in motion); or in this case, stagnant!  What's holding me up🤔   🌟*****INTERRUPTION******🌟 I intended to post this yesterday but for some reason I was holding off, and had an epic day of realisations and then late last night I watched this podcast by Soulogy hosted by Michael (The Poet) and Morgan Lee.  I happened to come across it, so I listened and was totally drawn into their depth of a real conversation about healing and  consciousness today.  This is real, deep and illuminating, "out of duality into Trinity" - Do watch it when you are ready;  see link below:🙏🌠 OK please feel free to continue reading🤗 I was aware of what was happening around me, and even though I didn't feel this myself, I did?  So I have been pondering the consciousness around "Suffering".    During these quiet times, we are challenged with having to reinvent ourselves, so I have been contemplating how my path and purpose will look.  Is it time to throw the towel in, so to speak?  I often get to this crossroad, and the nashing of teeth to quit (spitting the dummy), or Surrender.  There is a difference here!   Staying in peace in the situation is the balancing act, so aware of more alignment with what security means right now.  In that moment of surrender, I received two completely different messages from past clients.  One from Melbourne when I worked with her in the late 90's and another from a couple of years ago.  Both felt compelled to write to me to express acknowledgement of my work and the importance to continue.  How timely!  These are the signs we need to pay attention to, even though times may feel lean, there is a timing factor and it is all to do with aligning our past with the present.   Contemplating in the last month the consciousness around "Suffering", as this is prevalent right now, but also brought to my attention upon hearing stories from my mother (particularly the females of generations past); the amount of suffrage.  Am I suffering in some way?  This I had to explore with my inner child, and when I explored the idea if she believed we are Source, she was confused and afraid to acknowledge it?  

This is the work, finding the belief-feeling that was given to me at a point in time (through energetics, ie learned behaviour or, genetics).  In my culture and in my mother's generation and generations before them,  life as a woman is not their own.  They do not believe they have choices, their existence is to obey and be subservient.  I remember as a young girl I would hate having to "serve", it was my responsibility to watch around the table when one's rice bowl was empty, I should get up and offer to fill their bowl for others, serve tea etc.  I always felt resentful, why did I have to do it!  I was taught to be  a "good girl", but, I was also a rebellious one which often got me in big trouble.  Witnessing my mother reflecting on her early life in NZ, coming as a refugee from China, a stranger to the land and culture, she struggled to adjust, as she never felt supported by my father's family, who had already been living in NZ for a number of years already, so they could all speak English fluently, and they were more adept with the Kiwi culture.  She felt the suffering deeply and although she wouldn't complain outwardly, her behaviour was at times cruel and abusive due to her own sense of powerlessness.  Something she drilled into us as kids, you do not talk about your feelings or people will look down on you.  In her reality, it's all about "saving face", keeping your "reputation".  I have pieced a lot of it from my experience and observations, and as I have moved through my own healing, I am seeing her consciousness opening up more and more as I have become more of the witness to her outbursts and projections.  I have come to accept deeply through my own  healing and this has allowed her to start to open up about her past.  I'm aware my purpose is to heal my lineage.  I distinctly remember, my teacher in the very beginning of my soul journey, commented that she sensed energetically, the reason why my path was so intense was it felt like I was fighting against the whole of China!  And, I suppose on a level that has been true, I've been bucking the culture and tradition ever since.  

The 3 feelings I pinpointed using the Oneness Chart, Yes, even I had to use the chart to get precision with the feeling (blocked energy) I was dealing with and connected with feelings of "Despair, Subservience and Sorrow".  Earlier I mentioned my lineage, but also my culture.  This was not consciously in my awareness, but deep in my genetics!  Made sense why I have been so attracted to watching Chinese historical Palace dramas - OMG so much suffering, powerlessness that bred cruelty, manipulation, controlled by traditional rules and total disregard for human life!   They are just stories but also carry a lot of truth and pain of those times and the consciousness that we will still see in these times.  These stories had a deep resonance within my soul, and it has also allowed me to unlock this part of my DNA.

I have the confidence to trust the flow of life.  I am One with the Universe and I reclaim my Creator is the new consciousness I'm embodying, moment to moment.  It's really challenging when we have two parallel timelines in play; 3-D linearity and then 5-D multi-dimensional.  Which one do we trust, when we keep looking to what is around us, only to fortify our faith with trust to KNOW we are creating a new reality, a new Earth, which needs a new perspective through our consciousness, our energy to "live in the new timeline which is in the creation morment to moment."  A commitment to change, then we will start to see evidence showing up.  We are now living the dream to reality, therefore we must BE it.

The two months left in this year is moving quickly and with the way things have been unfolding in 2020, I  am more in the flow for November, as I'm really aware plans are not working out for me.  So needing to stay fluid and flexible.  

And this is how it is, in the flow.  The uncertainty is challenging when we live in 3-D, but in Trust life shows up and leads us on a new path.  I'm in FEAR, Feeling Excited And Ready!

November Events

Sound Healing Meditation every Friday @ 6.15pm-7pm.  Entry is $20, Torbay.  Limited spaces.   Please RSVP to email;

Grounding and using vibrational sounds to meditate to allow your body, mind and spirit to restore, recalibrate, heal and harmonise.  This was really set up to allow people to come and experience their energy on a deeper level, but to also create a space for sharing and discussion about their experiences.  Those who come regularly, I have and they have, noticed a much deeper connection to their energy and Being.

Private Sessions, one-on-one in person or via Skype or Messenger.  Also, willing to travel to different centres to offer my workshops or to be hosted - please enquire with me by email.

Shamanic Journey - 15 Nov (sold out) & 29 Nov @ 11am-1pm, Torbay

Grounding and reconnection to your soul, Higher Self to journey back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum, reconnecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, to the All That Is.   This is a popular event, spaces are limited to ensure you book in early.   Please RSVP (prepaid $25), email;


This e-letter has gone on longer than anticipated; I appreciate your attention if you have lasted this long in my ramblings😁  I am truly grateful to those who respond with their messages of acknowledgement and feedback.  I love to hear how you are going, so don't be shy.  I will gladly respond.  My intention is always to inspire, support and serve in a way that will benefit everyone in the best way.  I will always share info from others that I feel may be helpful; so this month I feel it may benefit to understand the astrological significance of this huge change we are continually moving through, just to give you, piece of mind that not all is as bad as you think!  Ha Ha, blame it on the Stars😂  At least Kypacha gives a humorous perspective for another week!  See link;

Something More Here are two testimonials I received this month which I am sharing.  It feels like I'm beating my own drum here, however, I also realised, I have not been acknowledging the greatness of my work.  I would love to be able to share this to more communities and if you are interested in collaborating, I'm always open to suggestions!  It's an important time to share more than ever.  This is my mainstay, and aware that finances may be an issue, and if that is the case, please enquire with me as this needn't be an issue.   Soul's Journey and Living As A Multi-dimensional Being Workshop (Deb E, Auckland 2018) "I was just sitting here going through the paperwork you provided at your two day Soul Journey restart, a couple of years back and thought of you. I was new to this side of spiritual information and even though I had undeniable spiritual experiences that lead me down that path, I wasn’t quite able to grasp it at that time. Especially the emotions side of it which I had always pushed aside for logical reasoning :) I experienced profound shifts In my life after that weekend through the processes and meditations etc that we went through but it was still a new language for me. 2.5 years later I am sitting here completing a responsibility chart and I get it. We all need positive feedback so I just wanted to touch base and let you know that 2 years later I am still learning from these practices. I hope all is well, Deb x"  (Auckland) Book - Talk To Me (Stella P, Melbourne) "I take this time to personally connect with you after sooo many years and say HI! I was a client of yours back in the early 90s I believe and have cherished your book “Talk To Me” first edition since. It has gone everywhere I have gone here in Melbourne & my years living overseas. Healing has been an on and off process over the years. Today I found myself talking about the inner child with a friend, as we are discussing studying art therapy and of course, I found myself picking up your book again - which I keep on my coffee table."   (Stella, Melbourne)  I have no idea how the next few months will unfold, all that I am planning and very loosely is being shifted to something else, so this is forcing me to just focus on NOW, in the flow...  November will be another intensely energetic month, so keep grounding, understanding there will be very deep and old trauma showing up to be healed. Just breathe, witness with love and compassion as you hold your inner child close, allowing yourself to feel supported and nurtured within.  You are NOT Alone and So Loved💞  BE EnJOY🐬🌠 Love and blessings Alyse Young

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