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Gift of Xmas

Season's Greetings to wishing you an Enchanting Xmas and holidays🤗💖

In Gratitude to you all for your presence, energy, Love and support during 2021 For all that we have shared, learned, traveled, healed, and grown And all that is yet to unfold with more Joy and ease as we surrender to our flow Let this holiday season be a time of Rest, Peace, Reflection and Adventure Celebrating how far we have come, where we are now As we prepare to journey forth into 2022 with new eyes, perspective, hope and faith Keep Grounded, Stay fluid and Surrender to a new flow Appreciate the Beauty and Magic unfolding as we focus with intention our dreams Aligning to our true belief and feelings Allowing serendipity, spontaneity and Magic You are Creator of your new reality so Stay Sovereign Knowing who you are, and ALL IS WELL A Very Merry Xmas and a Brighter, Happier Magical New's all perspective! From my heart to yours, may YOU always be blessed with Aroha and Joy Stay Beautyful...Be EnJOY This song is for you🙏😇💖 Marlon Williams, The Dhungala Children's Choir, Paul Kelly - Tapu Te Pō (O Holy Night)

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