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February - Facing Freedom

Greetings to the New Era

How was the 1st month of your year? Slowly hopefully. 2021 is the year of "embodiment" - time to apply your knowledge and incorporate your practises into every moment, this is the embodiment of your sovereign energy, your true Mastery. No more dilly dallying around, talking and doubting. It is the year of BEING that which you aspire, speak of, wish for. Trust and allow life to show up as you align to it, and it's immediate!

My year so far has been slow, steady and social. The energies leading into the New Year and just after were still coming in thick and intense. I held 2 Shamanic Journeys and at the first one, we could all feel the difference in the energy as we journeyed together in the collective Merkabah (Light Body for space travel), as well as receiving an alignment to their personal Merkabah. The energy opened up quite differently too, top down as opposed to bottom up, and the whole experience felt like an anchoring of the Heavens to the Earth. What was noticeable was that the energy was very gentle and continues to be. Intensely gentle, an oxymoron. The second journey was different again, and mostly I sensed it felt like a knitting of the two energies together, soft but intense. What is more noticeable with the experiences, is that people are now sensing being in the "void, the space of All That Is" more readily. This in itself is amazing! We are so in the Creator energy now.

And I say this, as I have felt the need to be "quiet, still and empty" in this first month. I have allowed myself to indulge in this space and what I am experiencing is that life is opening up to me more and more in small but deliberate ways. Any plan towards the future, seems to always turn to custard, so I'm in that space of flexibility and receptivity. Especially in 2021. This is the year of Embracing and Embodiment of our knowledge. Only when we practise using this knowledge in an intentional timely way of living, only then, the wisdom is able to truly anchor here in humanity. The time of accumulating knowledge is done, we are here to live and BE that which we are meant to BE. The alignment work is the Remembrance of who we are and the knowledge we carry within us already. It's a sensing, feeling, rather than "thinking". A time for truly honouring the feelings of your heart and soul, the universe totally has our back! It's effortless and magical.

This month has been relaxing and listening more deeply to what my soul is aligning me to. And, it's been a great month of catching up with people from my past who I do not see all the time. We have had such fun, with renewed and deepened friendship, kinship, I am deeply touched. My heart senses the collective and I will feel a wave of grief or anger passing through, but never consumed by it. I'm witnessing the change and sensing growth pains of humanity and it fills me with Faith and Joy to know change is happening, this I sense very clearly, so it's also important to not get caught up in the wave of those feelings, but to truly stay witnessing in Love, Compassion and Acceptance. It will allow humanity to come into the new quicker and gentler. Not ignoring any charges that may be arising within you...this is your alignment. I am experiencing for myself, Being in the moment of receptivity to the creative collaborative source at play. The more I'm relaxed and joyful, just doing what I want basically; opportunities are showing up instantly to support me in my new momentum of living as a multi-dimensional Being. It's so cool to observe. Life is showing up with less effort and more magic. It's helping to take me out of linearity, so that aspect of my multi-dimensional is coming into fuller activation for this Era. This is the freedom and I'm Loving It.

Freedom is an inner feeling and if you are not feeling a sense of freedom, then the question to ask yourself is; how are you perceiving your life, and what is the mindset that is not allowing you to find the joy and peace for how you are living life. What are you subscribing to that doesn't truly serve you and how can you change that perspective so it supports you in your growth? Nothing is forever, but how we deal and perceive change in life is the way to freedom. This in itself is a huge question and shift for the Being which is why I have dedicated my work with the inner child. In that energetic space with the inner child, we understand the limitations and conditioning, beliefs from others that we are still shaping our lives around. Once the pattern is identified and acknowledged, the power of "choice and intention" is the way through. This is the re-connection to your empowerment and freedom. And, it's interesting to observe, those who start to feel the freedom they have made space for, will for a time, "wobble" and unconsciously pull back into their patterns simply because it is familiar. This is a point of awareness to discern the discomfort as being a positive step, rather than fear of the unknown. Instead of fighting yourself about choices you should've of, could've made, just acknowledge through Radical Acceptance that you made this choice, accept the decision and outcome; then understand you can Choose again. We are a lot closer to freedom than we think. It's just the mindset that keeps you from experiencing it. In this new energy that we are now anchoring and embodying, what I'm noticing is the immediacy of the healing. Everyone I'm working with so far, is experiencing a quick turnaround. It's not hard, just different😝

Today I was in a reflective mode, with the full moon in Leo and I listened to Tom Lescher's Astrology for the Soul; his message for this week's Pele Report was "spot on" for what I am sensing for this year, so I'm sharing his video as his words carry an important message not just for this week, but the tone for the year. A time for the New, a Transfiguration. A worthy listen and he is always entertaining. Check out The Pele Report by Kypacha's YouTube video; Astrology for the Soul, 27 Jan 2021;

Events in February

Healing Your Inner Child Workshop, (5 Weeks starts Sat 13 Feb - Sat 13 Mar, 2pm-5.30pm), Torbay, Auckland The Healing Your Inner Child workshop just before Xmas was amazing for all the attendees, the depth of healing and vulnerability they were able to connect with was truly an honour to witness. I feel so inspired to assist others into their alignment, I have decided to run another 5-week workshop starting 13 Feb-13 Mar. Limited to 8, only 4 places left, so let me know earliest if you would like to join. This has been a very empowering workshop to immerse and understand your energetic patterns of what you are projecting into the space and manifesting (in the way of trapped feelings and beliefs). This is the freedom everyone is seeking, to be able to express with ease and empowerment to create. See link on FB for more details, or email me and I can send out the programme. Shamanic Journey - Sunday, 21 Feb @ 11am-1pm, Torbay Grounding and reconnection to your Soul and Higher Self journeying back to your and multi-universe to the beat of the drum, reconnecting to your spirit guides, power animals, Mother Earth/.Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions and seasons, to the All That Is. We are in important time frames for your activation and alignment with new codes and frequencies. These are popular events, spaces are limited so ensure you book in early. Please RSVP (prepaid $25), email;

Something extra, a beautyful video about Remembering Who YOU Are, EnJOY🤗

Sound Healing Meditation on Friday's @ 6.15pm-7pm. Entry is $20, Torbay. Limited spaces. Please RSVP to email; Grounding and using vibrational sounds to meditate to allow your body, mind and spirit to restore, recalibrate, heal and harmonise. This was really set up to allow people to come and experience their energy on a deeper level, but to also create a space for sharing and discussion about their experiences. Those who come regularly, I have and they have, noticed a much deeper connection to their energy and Being. I will continue to offer this during the holiday period.

Private Sessions, one-on-one in person or via Skype or Messenger. I am around these holidays, so if you would like a session, let me know. I am willing to travel to different centres to offer my workshops or to be hosted - please enquire with me by email.

Special Event - Waiheke Is Adventures with Your Inner Child Workshop, Sat, 6 Feb (11:11am-1pm) Waiheke Mystery School, 45 Hamilton Rd, Surfdale, Waiheke Island An introduction to connecting and embracing your Inner Child, your inner magic. Set in the beautyful Yurt at Waiheke Mystery School, a sacred space like being held in the womb with love and safety. This is a true journey of reconnection to your soul Self. Healing wounds and trauma of your past to experience a new empowerment by embracing "repressed feelings" with acceptance of What Was. It's a gentle, loving, compassionate journey back to your Self, of understanding your feelings/emotions and allowing past patterns to transform, coming into your alignment with your Creator energy. You will gain a new perspective about Grounding, your feelings, and your energy. RSVP essential, $35 Prepaid. For bookings or more information email; TALK TO ME - Book Another reprint has just arrived! If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a gift for someone special, $25 + $5 postage in NZ only. I'm happy to post overseas too, but postage will be as per cost to that country. Please enquire. MARCH 2021

A Soul's Journey and Living As A Multidimensional Being Workshop the next dates are weekend of 27-28 March 2021. Home of Joy, Torbay, Auckland.

This essential workshop is an important bridge in these changing times of new concepts for a new reality, living your Soul's journey in your Creator energy and a Multi-dimensional Being. An experiential workshop, practical, simple, empowering tools giving you a new point of perspective for these changed times; it's not hard, just different. If you are struggling with anxiety around these times of change, I highly recommend this workshop as an opening for your way forward. This will give you a true perspective of how to Be in these times with ease, understanding and JOY! Limited spaces, Investment: $420. Please enquire about the programme for the weekend. Please do enquire if are financially challenged, we can work something out😊🙏

Thank you to those who have taken time to respond with their feedback and comments, I always appreciate hearing from you and that you find my words are supportive and encouraging.

Looking forward to connecting in the flow, Keep Grounding, stay present, respond to your awareness, embracing and embodying all your experiences with a new sense of freedom. We are all connected, we are ALL ONE, let's stay present in Unity.💞

Love and blessings, Alyse

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