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Spiritual Exhaustion

Good, Good, Good Vibrations taking root! From the outset I have felt this year was continuing to be a biggie and so far it hasn't disappointed, LOL😂!!!  This feels such an uncomfortable time.  It's not hard, just different.

Whilst I'm surfin the waves of this new vibration, I'm happy to report that I'm not an emotional wreck.  So what's different?  It took me a while to figure out what was really going on in my realm of existence.  It's like this malaise of not wanting to do anything, Nada!  So I have been on this Go Slow.  Feels like I have been in this holding pen, waiting for the gates to open, not just yet.   So within this state of discomfort, really sensing the shfting energies coming in, I'm acknowledging, I have been feeling spiritually exhausted.  For too long we have been programmed into "survival consciousness", so this habit of stressing to keep up, keep doing, keep going, is wearing everyone down, and i've been living off the seat of my pants for quite a long time now, and it does get easier once you stop thinking😉

What's new?   I came into a deeper realisation, my exhaustion comes from 3D reality.  Just staying in that consciousness.  So realising I'm totally exhausted in a different way, it's not necessarily physically, or emotionally, definitely mentally as my mind debates with my spiritual being.  I'm truly sensing I'm actively leaving that old survival consciousness behind as I'm more aware of my creator energy becoming more obvious.  I was forced into Stillness when I had a bout of flu, and then just couldn't quite get going.   I surrendered to the fact I needed serious downtime and that's what I hv been nurturing.   The fact I had to surrender, it also showed me how I was still creating my reality with all that I need now.   I'm still able to stay buoyant,  quite effortlessly, as I'd stopped trying to keep things going.  That's a paradox in itself.  What I am witnessing is the part of me that has practised myself into accepting my creator energy, that it's showing up as and when I need.  So it really made me think, yes I'm truly embodying this and this is how life is, a flow (not a container).  As and when I need, I can create it.   That's a big statement right there but I'm happy to own it as I'm taking full responsibility for my life and reality.   What does that mean? No longer buying into the social constructs that bind me to the system.  I'm exercising my "choice" to participate or not.  This helps me to re-evaluate my "values" back to divine values, as opposed to human values.   I know when we align to divine values, despite the perceived restrictions or problems, there is only new perspective and solutions, if we just surrender and allow😀

I awakened last week to two words; Reputation and integrity. Reputation is how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself, how you invest energy to uphold those perceptions (face value).

Integrity is how you feel you want to be in terms of words, deeds and action.  And through your commitment to be authentic and impeccable to yourself (inner value)

These words spoke very loudly to me in these times where everyone is vying for attention;  good, bad or indifferent.  Very much testing times.

The value of Stillness allows for true inner reflection of our inner world and how our projections are shaping our reality.  Is it aligning with your vision?   Such a big year of vibrational change, so stay aware, do you alignment, be gentle and kind to yourself and to allow yourself to indulge in much needed Stilness.  Only in that Stillpoint is where we meet with love and compassion💜.   The love of our Being.  

It can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but to be able to receive and allow what is showing up is the greatest healing gift you can offer yourself now.  This is a year of strong recalibration, which is why so many are experiencing more illness, disruptions, calamity etc is, showing up thick and fast.  That's a big sign, to SLOW DOWN.  Give your body, your DNA time to recalibrate.  

I reiterate, the energy we are now moving in is so fast, that things will change in a nano-moment.  What is time, but what we are putting into that space.   The more time we give our self, the more space we can create from.  This is a time of allowing us to embody the new frequencies so we can get used to what it feels like.

Happy August, the depth of our winter moving out into our Spring in a new way and vision.  Be in your flow, stay grounded but keep reaching for the stars.

I am borrowing the below channeled message from the Pleiadians as it a timely  message for the month of August and going forward.   

To see the full transcript, visit the website on link below.  But this is juicy part I wanted to share😊


THE PLEIADIANS  Channeled by Christine Day  <3 There is an ongoing destiny call that is and has been moving outwards to those of you on the path. There is the strong call for you to let go on a different level than ever before. This calling is coming in the form of a frequency, a vibration of Light, which is beckoning you, leading you into a role that you have already pre-agreed to play. Your Heart has the potential to open up into a New World of Reality, revealing to you Truth that will allow you to live from a different perspective and flourish in your day-to-day lives.

Your ego mind will NOT understand any aspect of this process that is about to be revealed to you within your Heart. Expect this and KNOW that the ego mind cannot interfere with your process in any way. You can anticipate this lack of understanding to BE part of your ongoing HUman experience. During this time frame you must continue to open up and let go, allowing your Awareness to be moved deeper within the terrain of your Higher SELF reconnections within your Heart. ------------------------------------------

Another great source of info regarding our multi-dimensional Being, See transcript by  Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ In this post, she talks about the make-up of the multi-dimensional body, DNA etc so if you want to read the full script (this is helpful for those people who are still coming to grips with the whole Multi-dimensional concepts), this is the link

Journey well👣💖 Love and blessings


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