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PAUSE - The Journey Inwards

Greetings, What an amazing time in our humanity, as we all sit together, yet in our own little bubbles of safety and wellness, every single one of us is going through an internal transformation.  I truly hope that you are using this time/space to PAUSE, reflect and embrace whatever is showing up for you with the love, kindness and compassion that you have for yourself and for those around us who are feeling deeply de-stablised.   I trust the tools you have is also a source of your inspiration to be able to move into the changes incrementally coming through with new hope and vision for your future being created here and now.  For those who are ready for a new world, for change in new ways, this is the time for activating this more than ever, this has been a big orchestration for humanity to stop and re-evaluate life as we know it, and then to embrace more of life as we wish it.   This time is a blessing in disguise, many people lament over not having time, so now we have been served up time, distractions have been greatly curtailed (if you are allowing it), to truly go inwards and support your real security of self.

My own experience, has been one of peace within, as I have felt the need for change, but not knowing how else to change so when this lockdown came into effect, my Being felt relief.  The initial wave of the collective fear was palpable as I listened and felt the hearts of all the fears and vulnerability people were experiencing around me.  It can be easy to allow yourself to cave into the fear, of things that are beyond our control and the unknowable.   My initial response was; "OK how am I going to pay my rent?".  That's was the only thing I was concerned about, as I love my space!   Being someone who works with people close up and personal, I was aware my group work would now be on hold.   After a day of just being with my vulnerability and accepting the WHAT IS here and now, I just felt incredibly grateful and blessed for where I AM, where I landed in this time/space, for the amazing people in my bubble, it's like this was destined for my experience through my conscious actions of creating the reality I wanted to live in.   This has been a really important example of conscious choosing through intention.  And I am so grateful🙏 for time and commitment I invested, as the fruits of the labour are showing up in many different forms.   The wonderful thing about SURRENDER, is that the moment you do, something amazing shows up, a new reality starts to unfold and it is still unfolding.  I don't know how the future will look, but I am ensuring I know how it will feel and so it is being created moment to moment, cultivating peace and compassion as i witness life around me.  I feel so blessed that life is now taking care of itself, so during this time in lockdown it truly feels like I stepped into my own personal Retreat!

I made the decision very early on not to engage in the way I would normally, I have deliberately slowed down.  Initially I thought about bringing my work online, offering a workshop, but the more I thought about it, the more my Being cringed.   It's not time for me yet.  I needed this inward time to garner my energy.   I realised in the first week of my retreat, I felt incredibly tired, and I talked about this last year, the spiritual exhaustion.  As I allowed myself to decompress, I could feel how happy my Being felt, it was like my Kalalau days.  I can just sit and do nothing!  Ha ha, it's my most favourite thing to do.  Just sit and look out into nature, not thinking, not doing just wasting time with nature and then I feel full again.   So what I have noticed  in the last 3 weeks in our little bubble, is that we are marvelling at how well we are living.  We have time to create delicious meals, we come together more often to share, whether it be Yoga, personal training, receiving flinchlock treatments, we are all having fun, we are all taking time for ourselves in a new way and we are creating a new imprint for community.   One little step at a time.  Now is the time to really stay GROUNDED, my drive to the City last week to do some shopping for my elderly mum, as I was crossing the harbour bridge I felt overwhelmed with grief, sadness and fear all at once.  I was surprised with the impact and I checked in and realised I was tapping into the collective, I was now out of my bubble!  Wow, it was intense, shopping on that side was intense, the people were backing away and intense...very different to our bubble in Torbay.  So I was very aware to stay grounded and in witness.  I was equally surprised my mum didn't invite me into her home so I could at least put away the groceries, she insisted I just leave it at the door, she was practising social distancing herself which is great that she is to keep herself safe as she falls in the vulnerable margin.

I'm sharing this feedback I just received from someone in France when I had sent her my Grounding Exercise

"Thank you so much for sharing this grounding exercise. I did it yesterday and felt like energy was getting back in my heart and it could open again (after all this fear around the virus that I felt because I had to come back in France close to my family quickly and interrupt a solo trip in Mexico). I remember listening to you guiding us with this exercise in KP for the Yoga festival or Earth festival in 2018, I was so happy to hear your voice again, it was calming for me. Thank you for helping me to bring balance to my energy. I love the image of the inner child seating into the abdomen, very clear image to visualize for me." -  Pauline Legrand, (France) April 2020

As we are life, there will always be moments where vulnerability must be addressed and embraced.  I sense on a collective level, humanity is being asked to stop and release the deep wounds inflicted from this life and many others.  This is a time where the Cornavirus affects the throat and lungs, which is symbolic of humanity feeling deep grief and lack of understanding of their expression.  The Mother has spoken, she is now reclaiming her sovereignty, by showing us when we step back and allow space, all that is nature returns in beauty.  She is showing us how greedy we have been and not sharing her abundance in a good way the damage that was constantly being inflicted on her, but her immunity is much stronger than ours and yet, she is willing to offer refuge and comfort within her boundless natural spaces sharing her beauty and love to help us heal our soul.  Nature is the one thing that will help to hear and heal your soul and, she is waiting patiently for your reconnection.

As we move towards Level 3 thus allowing a bit more movement out of our bubble, don't be too quick to "get back to normal" as it will never be normal again.   Allow yourself to sense the subtle changes with yourself and around you.  Be open to yielding and listening more deeply to how your soul wishes to move forward.  I'm still treading the water to see which way the current flows.  There has been some major energetic shifts during this period, and I will reiterate the need for "Stillness for recalibration" to give your body and cells time to adjust to the changing frequencies upon us.  A perspective that resonated strongly with me, is this change is happening in our electromagnetic field which is one reason why our immune system can be severely compromised.  Understanding, energy is vibrational frequencies and the way to keep in tune, harmony with our body and Being, is to ensure that you are expressing your true feelings in a timely way.  And, It's the perfect time to reconnect to your inner child and heal from that level with new perspectives, to acknowledge (What was) and release those feelings in a new way, that is loving (What Is) and compassionate (Just Is).  As we learn to embrace the feelings arising, we are allowing our true potential of our power and energy to be reclaimed.  Our soul comes to experience in expression then expansion.  Emotions are different to feelings, as emotions carry the story that is binding the feeling to a past experience (thereby not allowing a new experience), and this could be viewed as our cycling of our akashic memories.  Lifetime after lifetime of needing to express but always feelings constrained in our expression due to the memory of the story that we are giving energy to.    I recently sold out of my book, Talk to Me, but have now ordered a reprint and hopefully will have more copies available within a couple of weeks.  Let me know if you would like a copy sent to you. 

This wave of energetic chance will not settle down but continue to be in 2020, so the sooner you surrender and allow, the better aligned you will feel.  Also, understand what is happening in the cosmos, as the planets move around our Earth,  this will influence the cycles of energy patterns within us as a collective.  This has been recorded historically the influence of certain planetary alignments and major outbreaks of diseases that happened at those times is a reflection of a leap of growth in humanity.   We are but, on time!    The following affirmation by Astrologer, Kaypacha is very apt and I share this his simple words of wisdom now;

My feelings are a parthway leading to my Soul Exploring them in quiet slilence My true self I come to know                        Kaypacha, 23 April 2020

I am available to give private sessions if anyone needs support (via Skype or Messenger).   It's still early to say when group gatherings will be open up again, I'm sensing around late May.  I'm also seeing that the Soul's Journey and Living As a Multi-dimensional Being Workshopis more timely with tools for change and so the weekend that it was scheduled for 2-3 May, is postponed to the last weekend of 30-31 May - TBC.  A few people had advised their interest to participate, and if you are still interested, kindly reconfirm, thanks.

Please do contemplate, we have shifted into a new paradigm, beyond 3D, and it is through your conscious intention and choosing that life will start to be created from the reality of how your soul feels.  This is key to understanding living as a Sovereign Being, living as a Creator of our reality.   Here is a Facebook link of an interview by Todd Medina and Michael Mejia (both soul poets), the discussion is very thought provoking, and the poetry is sublime, epic and true.   The messages are about NOW.  If you want a clearer perspective of this time, have a listen, and even if you don't understand you may sense a resonance from their words, and if that is the case, then that is enough.   I hope you will find this enlightening.

It's been an inspirational month, seeing all the different ways people are expressing themselves via social media.  There's a lot of news, some real, some fiction so remember to listen to your senses as it will never point you wrong.  Some things are just not logical, in which case, most likely, multi-dimensional and that is where the magic begins.

I am living on purpose, my purpose is to assist people with Grounding their Being in this time/space reality, to embrace their truth by offering different perspectives to help them express and to move into change and growth as a Sovereign Being, in joy and effortlessness, the way of Magic.   This is the time to Remember!

Keeping Grounding to stay safe, Be Still for your soul to speak, embrace your nature inside and outside.  Be EnJOY and see you in the flow🐬  

May you be blessed with an enlightening month of deeper Love, Joy, Truth and Freedom...LIFE🙏🤗💞🌠

Love and blessings

Alyse Young

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