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January 2023 - Happy New Era in Creation

Happy New Year, New Day, New Way...Greetings

Happy New ERA Creation 2023 new life emerging

Welcoming Shifts and Changes with Grace and Perspective

In Gratitude for our growth in 2022

The good, bad, and ugly that brought profound change to life coming into alignment with Creation

Birthing of a different Humanity

May you always be blessed with Magical adventures

Joyful encounters

Loving and Intimate moments

Friendships, Sisterhood and Brotherhood

Abundance of possibilities

Health and vitality to realise your dreams

And Knowing that All is Well

Keep Grounding and Expanding into your Multiverse

BE EnJOY in 2023, and Stay Beautyful

Happy New Year, c u in the flow

2022 is now behind us, all that we have experienced with the challenges and changes have been paving a way for newness of now thriving in love, life and Creation.   This past month has been so full, I was feeling too exhausted to celebrate the incoming New Year.  I declined 2 parties with dear friends as I felt the need to just be Still, Quiet and Contemplative.  I wanted to herald this New Era in, with Intention and focus and a time for deep reflection of what I'm leaving behind and opening up to in 2023.  So much change still unfolding.

I take this opportunity to also to honour my uncle, I had just received notice that they were taking him off life support today.  A great sadness for his family and ours.  I can truly say he did live his life as Sovereign as he knew how, his journey in this life was indeed, adventurous, challenging escaping from his country of suppression to new opportunities here in NZ.  His is a true story of Hope and Joy.  A testament of staying true to his dreams and creating a completely new reality for himself and his thriving family.  Blessings for his journey onwards.

So, December was a really busy, I have never been so busy during this time of the year with clients, so it's been a different experience of a year end.  Whilst I'm enjoying thriving, it has also been taxing, especially with travelling.  I wonder how I can do this better this year???   December was truly a month of "little wins" for my most challenging clients, seeing how they have turned a corner to their empowerment and wellness.  This really lit me up, as I know it's perfect timing for this to show up. with the help of these new energies. I reiterate, if your intention is to truly heal, with commitment and true understanding of responsibility, it's more than possible to turn things around quickly!  This energy is here to assist us to grow with ease and grace.  What is challenging is getting the new perspective across.  Whilst in the midst of pain and traumas, it feels incredibly personal so the ego-state has a big job of keeping things in control, and with that, there is the buying into the "lies" you tell yourself.  What I found profound is that each client who was plagued with illness held onto a "lie" about themselves, and until they are ready, they are unable to accept this is what they created at a time of stress, fear, trauma etc.  Once they felt safe enough with their connection to their inner child, they were willing to "hear or sense themselves" with the lie, that's when everything changed.  It takes patience to truly observe how they direct their energy to cover up truth, and it's always so liberating when they can catch themselves in that moment of truth emerging.  The light breaking through, the Ah-Ha moment.  Precious! 

2023 will continue to be a big year of change and those who are already doing their alignment will feel this with less of the intensity of 2022.  Not saying you won't feel it, you still need to but it will not throw you around as it did.  I reiterate, Awareness alone can get you through to the otherside without too much bruising!  It really is about staying in the moment, building from the moment, staying PRESENT to be able to enable CHANGE and growth now.  This is how we disengage and change behavioural patterns, in the moment.  Very powerful.  Do not be surprised with your new alignment that you will start to remember things from your inner wisdom that you carry, and this will start to come through naturally.  For those who are still experiencing resistance; I have included a short video by Pamela Aralyn, Breaking Illusions of Control - a very insightful understanding about breaking out of your control that prevents you from growth!   If you are struggling, then this will definitely give clarity to your resistance, lack of courage etc.  

During the last month, I was guided to listen to this South Korean Boy Band, BTS!  Some of you may know them, I certainly had no idea of their existence and brilliance til I watched the video of Jin from BTS singing Astronaut in collaboration with ColdPlay.  Chris Martin's intro to Jin was so touching, I was deeply moved by the whole video.  I had to learn more about them.  OMG these 7 young men are super talented, and why am I obsessed with them??'s not really my type of music, or genre of music, and yet I was drawn in.  I learned a lot about their rise to fame and success and how they came to be "Idols",  but their back story is really magical it was a lot of hard work and bias they had to overcome.  In short, they are Starseeds and they are definitely activating their audiences and huge fan base called ARMY!  That in itself also says a lot.  It really activated the "teenager" me.  Yet I was intrigued, becos when I listen to them singing and talking, I'm so deeply touched that I am moved to tears.   I feel so connected to their essence and sensing their true innocence shining thru with such JOY and fun, their humanity and integrity that each individual carries.  They sing, dance, write and produce their own music, their lyrics are deep and activating.  I enjoy many genres of music and have always appreciated the creative, sincerity from different musicians and entertainers, this is not a comparison but for me it was a different level of a depth of appreciation.  They are truly breaking thru the glass ceiling when odds are stacked up against them through convention and conditioning.  If you are curious, I've added some links to their videos; and they are hugely CUTE, ...BTW, most of their songs are sung in Korean with some English.  EnJoy - The Astronaut with Jin - You Are My Universe, Coldplay n BTS - Dreamers w Junk Kook - The Asstronaut w Jin n Coldplay - Magic Shop, BTS - Love Myself, BTS

Ha Ha, I bet you didn't expect me to write about that, did you?   Well that's my curious human nature, always open to experiencing something different!  

As I mentioned above, I'm feeling quite exhausted so have been attempting to stay quiet in order to come into this year with renewed vitality and inspiration.  I'm keeping this short and sweet.


SHAMANIC JOURNEY - SUNDAY,  15 Jan  (11AM-1PM), KERIKERI (outdoors by the River, weather permitting) - RSVP - $30 

  • Always a good time to check-in with Self and to recalibrate - An opportunity to re-experience your connection to the Soul and the All That Is - Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being.  Grounding, and resting to the beat of the drum, allows you to journey into the underworld or upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing.  It's an amazing way to reconnect with your soul and your multiverse.  Prepaid event to secure your booking, Email;    

I have not decided when I will be in Auckland next, and once I know for January I will let you know, it will be spontaneous and most likely at the end of the month.

Private Sessions

One-on-One Private sessions (1 hour) in Kerikeri or online nationwide or overseas - please enquire, BTW, I do land and home clearing if anyone needs this service, the shamanic practise of removing energy NOT belonging to you or in the space, do enquire

Monthly Subscription; a monthly subscription for 2-3 shorter sessions (20-40 mins) during the month and to assist with supporting your healing and consciousness. I have noticed, people who struggle with understanding new concepts, this has proved to be very effective for those who have taken up this option, giving them a sense of clarity and support to keep the momentum of change in their thoughts, feelings and patterns. Please enquire for the two options available.


Family Constellation - this is an effective way to help create space for healing for your family and lineage. It works on the soul level and the family members do not have to know, we work with their Higher Self, but what has been really amazing, is that each member feels the shift (even if they don't understand it); something opens up for them to be able to move forward, whereas in the past the whole family is "stuck" in a specific consciousness; for eg; suffering, health issues, common patterns of abuse etc. A lot of this work I have done in the past is for people overseas, and they feel it immediately, pretty cool. Please enquire.


My book TALK TO ME, help you to learn more about energy, feelings and emotions, their inner child and a perspective of what it means to embody your spiritual and emotional understanding relating to your empowerment, sovereignty and expansion into your multidimensional Being.  This is a practical guidebook with lots of examples of dialogue, perspectives. affirmations and visualisations.  I wrote this book because my clients asked me to!  $30 per copy + Postage.  It's helpful if you are ordering to say where the book is being sent to so I can check the pricing for postage.  Cheers


  • Shiva Shakti Yoga Festival (3-5 Feb 2023) at Kawai Purapura, North Shore Auckland where I will be presenting a couple of workshops, Visit their website for more info;

  • Collaboration with She Rose at Bali Gardens, Matakana (12 April 2023) where I will give a Shamanic Journey.  Watch this space, more info to come.

Remembering is the new way forward, all is within us and practising using our inner compass to bring into life, creating our dreams of the reality we wish to build through how we feel.

This is the time where being different is the difference to our evolution.  Be not afraid of your unique qualities and gifts you wish to share, it's a new time.  2023 is all about Alignment!  

Stay grounded, keep reaching for the stars and walk in Beauty

Be You, Be True, That's Love

Love and blessings,

Alyse Young

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