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Happy Lions Gateway 8:8

Currently the huge shift continues in August is an "empowering" month where the  8:8 Lions Gateway is activating humanity for those who are tuned in and ready. 

"This Ascension Rainbow phase is fully being birthed into existence. Many Starseeds are experiencing this phase of ascension with the birthing of rainbow light in their auric fields and activation of the rainbow diamond heart. We ask you to be patient with this process as all are not holding a high enough frequency yet to be able to connect and draw through the rainbow consciousness upgrades."   Richard Melchizedek, Starseeds Changing the World For the full transcript, view on Starseeds FB timeline

Many will resonate with the message even though you may not fully understand this mentally.  It's a feeling so stay in trust and receptivity as there will be important portals opening and energetic shifts happening, Be Aware, Grounded, and Go with the flow.    

Acceptance is the Key to Difference  As promised by the planetary alignment of the stars above, it's been a particularly intense month, really feeling the shifts more and more so I trust you are all practising more Grounding?   These past months have been about self care, self nurturing and comfort.  This brought my attention back to the relevance of the "seasons" in our life cycle.  Modern life has moved away from what the seasons represent in our lives.  For many, Winter, is about keeping warm and dry, mainly!   But the winter is very much about slowing down and going inwards, to hibernate or Be more Still so that all our movement and actions in the previous seasons can be restored and recalibrated.  Understanding our values and exploring what that means for us in this present time/space, all that is gone on and going on.  It's an important cycle for our bodies to catch up with the energetic shifts (activation of your DNA), this I feel is the primary reason why there are so many modern illnesses in our times.   As the song goes..."Slow Down you move too fast, gotta make the morning last. la la la la, cos I'm just feeling Groovy"...Keep slowing down.    Someone commented the other day, that they didn't have "time" to do their usual practise of grounding and setting their space, and they'd been feeling out of sorts.  So I reminded them, "Time follows Space".   If you are not in charge of your own energy and space, then you will be chasing your tail and everyone elses.  BTW, with all these new frequencies coming in, do not be surprised if you are feeling tired or exhausted.  Rest while you can, it's for your recalibration.  I have been feeling it, and when I pondered on this tiredness, I realise we are being born, and like babies that are taking in their new environment and energies, we need to rest, sleep to grow and integrate!  So don't feel bad about needing more rest than usual. It's clear to see that for many, what's arising is deep past trauma and hurts and the depth of this healing at this time is a reconnection to our ancestral power through the deeper opening of our heart.   This was showing up at the last Shamanic Journey.  This is a time of understanding that it has to come up to be acknowledged and released.  The deep set patterns being triggered into emotional turmoil is an opportunity for growth and change.  When we speak of awareness, we can feel the triggers happening, however, instead of resisting them; to meet them in "acknowledging it's a past pain, and accepting it is allowing it to Be", then, "choose to love and give compassion here and now (acceptance of what already has happened)"    This is key; "Acceptance", allowing and loving yourself in the moment.  It's not a time for defending, resisting or blaming of the past, but merely, "witnessing what is arising" shitty as it might feel, (you are not supposed to relive the pain, but to allow it without judgement is to accept this already happened), and in that moment you will also feel a sense of ease.  The pain continues because you are still giving energy to the story.  Therefore, "accept this pain in love and with compassion" now.  Using a pillow or teddy (to represent the inner child), hold  it close to your body so as speaking to this pain, talk to the pillow or teddy, this will physically help you to give space, (detach from the emotions), thereby practising being the witness of the pain, helping you to feel more in charge of choosing how you wish to feel, knowing you are now responding to your energy (feelings).  This is not about disregarding what happened, it is acknowledging what has already happened as we cannot change the past, but we can certainly build in the present moment to a new way, new understanding - through unconditional love, compassion and acceptance.  This is really what you are seeking, to be able to feel comforted, nurtured and safe.  When you are able to provide space between you and your pain.  You are not the emotions (feelings), the feelings are your communication of how you felt at the time, but could not express.  Your judgements, blame etc are what is keeping this pattern of pain alive (story).  The feeling just needs to be accepted and it's OK to feel this now, and then you as the witness to your feeling is accepting the "what was" with your compassion, love and acceptance.  I highly recommend you practise using a prop, I have witnessed a profound depth of healing when people actually do this.  This takes you out of the mind, and allows you to focus from a distance the pain that is present without "being the pain".   This is what it means to be "responsible" - the ability to respond to the moment, to be able to create anew and allow a continuim and expansion of your experience and life.   For many looking to make changes, this can be daunting if you keep focussing on how your future will look, instead, just deal with what is in the moment now, and going forward understanding that every "conscious choice" you make in the moment becomes your creation of a new future.  This is the only way to give 100% to Now, to truly embody your "Creator energy". As we practise more "acceptance" with ourselves in each moment, you will start to find that those things that used to irritate you about others will slowly become lesser.  The outer world is a mirror to all that is imbalanced in our inner world, mainly due to our "stuck" consciousness (ie, the meaning of the experience we keep giving from the past).  The consciousness shifts within our "energy", it's not an intellectual understanding.  We understand first from our minds, but in order to embody the new consciousness, it has to have "energy (your feelings of empowerment)" to activate the whole Being. I trust this has been useful.   If anyone would like guidance of "experiencing" this way of healing, I am available for private sessions.  It's not hard, however, it's helpful to "feel exactly" how it feels for you when you are going through the healing as it's subtle b very powerful too.  Consider experiencing this at the next Soul's Journey Workshop - TBA in October. Upcoming Events A Soul's Journey & Living As A Multi-dimensional Being Workshop Weekend:  1-2 August (9.00am-5.30pm) Torbay This essential workshop is an important bridge in these changing times of new concepts for a new reality, living your Soul's journey in your Creator energy and a Multi-dimensional Being.  An experiential workshop giving practical, simple, empowering tools that give you a point of perspective for these changed times; it's not hard, just different.  If you are struggling with anxiety around these times of change, I highly recommend this workshop as an opening for your way forward.  This will give you a true perspective of how to Be in these times with ease, understanding and JOY!  Also includes a short segment of Restorative Yoga with Marjolein during the weekend.  1 spot available, so RSVP now! Sound Healing Meditation, every Friday @ 6.15pm in Torbay Grounding and meditating to different vibrational sounds to deepen your connection to self, receive healing and recalibration.  Beneficial for people to suffer from anxiety, depression, and/or come and experience balance, clarity and harmony. to your Being.  Limited spaces - $20 entry.  RSVP is appreciated by email.  Thanks. Shamanic Journey, Sunday,  23 August @ 11am, Torbay  Each Shamanic Journey is different, bringing another amazing time of reconnection, and last month people experienced the Diamond Heart connection and reconnection to their ancestral power whilst being graced by many spirit guides from all tribes from all corners of the world.  Come and journey into your sacred multi-universe, where you get to reconnect with Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements and 4 directions to meet with your spirit guides, power animals and to the depth of your soul to receive healing, messages of love and recalibration.  Book early as spaces are limited. $25 prepaid  RSVP is essential.  Private Sessions (One on One, in person locally and overseas via Skype, Messenger) - please enquire for an appointment.  "Sharing is Caring"...and, I have to share this really sweet testimonial I received this week re my book "Talk To Me", from Ian in Wellington🙏  "I have a copy of your book from a very good friend of mine and I'd like to give this one as a gift to someone I used to be in a relationship with, the biggest love of my life (says a 44yo man) and we 'couldn't manage' as we both have been carrying too much from our childhood.  Your book has been helping me a lot (would you believe it does just by even looking at it or touching it? so, so much love in it!), and I hope it will be a great help and guidance for and to her - as it has been (and it will) for many, many others who search and try to understand the patterns of their behaviour and habits with 'unknown origins'.  Thank you for sharing, Alyse, I appreciate your work." I encourage you all to keep sharing yourselves in a true way...that's Love💞 Love and Blessings, Alyse

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