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August - We Are The Change


Happy Lions Gate🦁, Happy August🌞 another potent month as we are now moving through the portal💫 of the 8:8 Lions Gate (28 July-12 Aug). This is a melding of the spiritual and physical realms. On 8 August is the alignment which creates a vortex where supercharged light codes are flooding our planet during this time which is why many are feeling the growing pains💝 Understand this will pass and open up to celebrating change, growth and Joy. You will start to feel more synchronicities and positive transformation. This is a BIG time of more ALIGNMENT. A potent time of fast changes, and this is true for me. Just when I felt I was getting settled into my new place and space, I got news from the owners of Paradise, that they just sold the property...WHAT😫, my Paradise is short-lived? But they were very thoughtful and have advised us that we can move together to another big property and home to share space. From a Paradise to Estate, all this in September. This was quite unexpected, and yet I sensed it as there was some tension in my body building up already for the last 3 weeks, to the point where I felt like I was re-experiencing "frozen shoulder in both my arms". This got my attention as it wasn't easing, it really was having to delve deeper to understand what are the repressed feelings and what was I telling myself about my future (from the inner child perspective). This is an important step to understanding how our beliefs become our projection of our current reality. Once I was able to pinpoint what I'm "thinking with my feelings", then my alignment was to express the love language to support and comfort those repressed feelings into the higher frequencies of love, joy, compassion and truth. As I started to clarify to my inner child, that "What Was, for eg; frustration, misunderstanding and compromise doesn't have to reoccur, as I'm now more aware of my feelings and able to respond in a timely way so as to not compromise my true expression and, that our frequency is now matching our truth, then the people and circumstances arisng in our space will also match that so we can communicate harmoniously. To clarify, it's easy to reflect on what we have experienced already, and the latent fear of attracting similar circumstances, because you haven't experienced the expansion yet. I was acknowledging the feelings, and offering a new perspective, but it wasn't landing so I really needed to truly understand what my inner child was saying! This being the alignment to ensure I move towards a more harmonious and peaceful relationship with Self and others, can be a bit of a task of surrendering and allowing that to show up once we have understood the belief or conditioning. It's also understanding how much control we still place on the unknown and that in itself works against our energy. "Letting Go, allows the space to open up - opening up to infinite possibilities". Ponder that! Here's some clarity between Awakened and Awareness which I heard today. Awakened means you have a sense that there is much more to life than the physical material world; an opening to understand a spiritual connection but still being led by your Ego. A tell-tale sign is the way your Ego will come back with a question of "what if" to cause doubt. Awareness means you're truly exercising your witnessing by "listening and observing", then your intuition which is always there, will become louder because your spirit is working with you. You will "feel the truth". I've found the travel to Auckland and back up to Kerikeri seems to make my month pass even faster. It's been great to be able to stay connected to my Auckland tribe of friends and family. I sense I still need to simplify my life in order not to wear myself out. My flow is consistent now and I'm being led to new opportunities with my work. From one of my Shamanic Journeys in Kerikeri, I met someone who is volunteering with young girls to mentor and empower them. Just when I was thinking about how to give back to this community with my work, I received Jo's text 2 hours later! Love the synchronicity! I'm excited to be invited to offer a Shamanic Journey to 10 young girls between the age of 10-16 years. I sense this will be a great connection to assist and share with them tools for their empowerment. Which brings me to my workshop, A Soul's Journey and Living as a Multi-dimensional Being. This workshop is my passion, as it really does facilitate the experience of expansion within and, tools for change and growth. I get to witness varying degrees of re-connection with others as I facilitate these workshops and the amazing "remembrance" some get to experience and sense. It's the application of all of the various tools for different situations that will really lean you into your remembrance. Nothing to learn, (more unlearning) and everything to remember. Thinking is now outdated, if you think too long you will miss the moment😆 See below dates for my next workshops... EVENTS in AUGUST SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 21 June @ 11am-1pm, Yoga Roots Studio, Torbay, Auckland The monthly Shamanic Journey is always popular and has been fully booked in the last few months. A timely opportunity to tune into the Lions Gate, to get the most out of your ascension codes during this Journey. Always a great opportunity to experience profound re-connection back to your Soul and the All That Is. Experiencing the connection to Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into your underworld or the upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and your multi-verse. Limited spaces so if you would like to join, RSVP early, and prepay $30 to secure your place so as not to miss out, only 4 spots left! Email; SHAMANIC JOURNEY - Sunday, 22 August @ 11:11am, KERIKERI I am thrilled to be able to anchor this event here in Kerikeri, receiving an amazing response to last month's Journey. I'm happy to announce I will offer this again on Sunday, 22 Aug @ 11:11am - 1pm, Yoga Studio, 3 Homestead Road, Kerikeri. Another great opportunity to experience profound re-connection back to your Soul and the All That Is. Experiencing the connection to Mother Earth/Father Sky, the elements, 4 directions, seasons and your multi-dimensional Being. Grounding, and resting to the beat of the heart drum, allows you to journey into your underworld or the upper worlds to meet with your power animals and/or spirit guides, receiving important messages of love and guidance, recalibration and healing. It's an amazing way to reconnect with yourself and your multi-verse. RSVP is essential, email; Spaces are limited and this is a prepaid event $30 per person to secure your booking. A SOUL'S JOURNEY & LIVING LIFE AS A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEING WORKSHOP DAY 2; Sat, 7 Aug (Auckand, Torbay)...Living as a Multi-dimensional Being and your expansion - Repeats welcome, please enquire. Sat, 29 Aug and Sat, 12 Sept, (9.00am - 5.30pm), Kerikeri (Venue TBA) This essential workshop is an important bridge in these changing times of new concepts for a new reality, living your Soul's journey in your Creator energy and as a Multi-dimensional Being. This is split over 2 days over 2 weeks to give time for integration. Day 1 - 29 Aug is learning what Energy is, sensing and interpreting your energy as feelings. A series of exercises to reconnect you to your Being, inner child, Soul and Higher Self. Day 2 - 12 Sept is understanding the concept, receiving activations and expansion of your energy as a Multi-dimensional Being. An experiential workshop sharing practical, simple, empowering tools for change giving you a new point of perspective for these changed times; it's not hard, just different. If you are struggling with anxiety around these energetic times, I highly recommend this workshop as an opening for your way forward. This will give you a true perspective of how to Be with ease, understanding and JOY! This has also proved to be a workshop where some people "remember" who they really are, especially with the multi-dimensional aspects of themselves which is an important point of acknowledgement, where life starts to really make sense for their purpose here now. Includes vibrational sound mediation for recalibration. Limited spaces, Investment: $444. Please enquire about the programme for the two days. Please enquire if are financially challenged, we can work something out😊🙏 PRIVATE SESSIONS Please enquire about a private session either in person in Kerikeri (or Torbay, Auckland, when there). Also available online via Messenger or Skype for those out of town or overseas, include your location in your enquiry. I am open to being hosted to facilitate workshops or Shamanic Journeys in your area. If you have groups that are willing to gather, please enquire about a collaboration🤗 SOMETHING different perspectives to support you with BIG SHIFTs on your journey This excerpt was taken from the Schuman Resonance (measuring Earth's energy frequency, 27 July 2021) "...many of you are experiencing sudden back pain, body pain, and feeling of pressure...Hmmm so interesting... Our feeling, as we tap into the collective, is that the last overall spike in energy was an indication that our planet had a big growth spurt. The schuman-energy spike, the sudden growth of our planet, and our bodies changing and shifting happen simultaneously! ... we are getting pulsed more and more each day, and as we do, we are literally adjusting and adapting to the changes in our gravity, pressure, and the overall quality of the "air" energy around us. With an increase of pressure caused by an increase in gravitational force, there is an innate-natural physical need for the body to change-shift as the body HAS to adapt in order to survive. This sudden feeling of inner and outer change would account for the emotional spike radiating from the hu-kind collective because as the gravitational forces change, and our bodies have to rapidly adjust, there is much sensation, which can be interpreted by one who is already in tension, as pain in the body. In other words, this FEELS like something! 💗So we would suggest that you reassure yourself with new, uplifting statements like... "I woke up this morning, which means I've made the choice to stay! Which means that I am PART of this evolution, and I am eager for all the wonderful things that are yet to BE as I allow myself to flow with this!" "This is just like learning to walk... I can move through these growing-pains with ease and grace" "I am guided and protected and so very much loved!" "Change is comfortable".... Some truly worthy listening videos... This is an interview on SOULOGY Podcast with Todd Medina and Jason Estes, who shares far reaching info about how we can understand what is really happening from a much deeper perspective. What our journey into this new reality is about and how to move into it through the perspectives he shares. Quite profound truth and out there😍🙌 This is an entertaining but deeply enlightening interview on Truth Speaks with Russell Brand (UK) and Gabor Mate (Canada) talking about the relationship between "Addictions and Trauma"...this truthful discussion between Russell (host with the most); who is brilliant in bringing forth important questions and bringing life, humour and humility to this interview. Gabor Mate is an incredibly wise Being, sharing his depth of experiences and healing of his own soul. What he shares is so true about how our humanity has been built upon, is scary! That is the enlightenment in itself, the truth revealed! There's so much good information and insights being shared from all walks of life, and I encourage you take time to listen and observe life around you in a new awareness so you can come from a true place of your intuition to guide you forth into the new reality we are all building, one person at a time, in Unity. Reminder, Unity begins with our Self, we are ALL ONE, we all have a part to play in this life, and we all need to step up and BE who we really are, not what is being handed to you. Discernment, this is the Lions Gateway codes activating within us all now! It's a choice, so choose wisely in Love💖 Thank you for your presence; feedback, support and love. Keep Grounding (embodying your energy). Stay Beautyful and Sovereign💜🙏 In gratitude and appreciation of your time and love, Always Alyse 🙏💜

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