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An Inside Job

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

So last Saturday I started my 5 weeks series of Mastery Classes - An Inside Job.  Thing is that I came down with a massive head cold the day before!  Pooh😕  I always knew this was a big step for me personally as I'd noticed the last few times I'd be facilitating the Soul's Journey workshops I'd also get toothache really bad.  What's that about!

As I am also consciously aware of the dis-ease we can cause to our bodies through not listening or taking appropriate action in expression it became acutely clear how I was holding myself back.  I had been getting signs to start the Mastery Classes and naturally I had resevervations about the commitment from myself and others.  I was doubting my own mastery, thinking there wasn't an interest.  Ha ha, so leading up to my decision I started getting enquiries from my former participants.  The thing is, there is so much to share, and how to start. I shared this with my friend who felt very excited about the prospect of the Mastery Classes and she encouraged me to just go ahead as she also could sense this was indeed my next step.  

Then I put it out there,  I gave a loose idea of the topics to be covered in 5 weeks,  4 hours every 3 weeks.   The idea is that we come together as a collective using the tools from the Soul's Journey workshop, we go deeper, this is to further embody the practises to a new level.  Amazingly, ha ha, I say amazingly because I was surprised by the response, I had 10 people sign up immediately, then there were 2 more.   The space can only take 11, so I capped it at that.  A couple of people will not be able to fulfill the 5 weeks, so there is space for another 2 to come in the other weeks.  I was fired up and excited and found myself thinking about how I was going to facilitate the first class which was also silently stressing me as I kept doubting this is what they want.  Gosh why do we do that to ourselves,  but mostly as I know from past experience, we will always bring through what is appropriate for the group due to the mix and dynamics.   I just have to show up and stay in the flow!

The Sound Healing Meditation a couple of days before showed and confirmed what I need to share.  OK,  could be a bit confronting, that's my judgement right there.  Who am I to judge, I made the commitment to share more deeply, it's what they want!  I reflect back to when I was learning, and it was a very different time and energy and this type of reflection was confronting as people were not ready in their commitment.  That's another story!

I note this is the key word here "commitment", and so this head cold, as I am fully aware were all my mental fears showing up fast and furious.  I had one day to recover...blah, I took myself to bed and rested.  Saturday came and well marginally better, at least my nose stopped running but my throat was still sore.  What to do, I kept thinking I hv to get someone to co-facilitate,  but my Soul just looked me in the face with a stern, get on with it!  Yeah I acknowledge my 'Fear', "FeelingExcitedAndReady"...only I didnt want to feel this vulnerable.  Ok, I surrendered to my inner mastery, I called in my guides and told them to hold space.   

Everyone was on time except one who arrived as she'd advised 15 mins later.  We had this amount of time before we could start.  It was important we all start together this first time.  I expressed my current state of unwellness and my mood which I see was a good way to open up the space so I'm showing up in a very human way😊   I then asked everyone to just share where they were and which tools they were finding useful in their day to day life.  This was also a good indicator of where most people are at.  

OK we were ready to roll.  We always start with Grounding, but this time I took them deeper.  It was fun for them to sense where they were and to go deeper.  Oh yeah, now we are talking😃   I love the honesty that is expressed as it just opens up the space to a new depth for everyone!

Next we went into expansion, oh this is fun...expanded but grounded, this is the way to learn when you are in an expanded space, no limitations, only pure potential, being in our multi-dimensional self more.  OK we are now set.  First up, getting connected intimately  (In-to-Me-See), creating the space of love and acceptance.  The theme we will explore was "Relating", how we relate to ourselves and towards others.  I showed everyone how they were going to sense where they "received" others, and how others "received them" which gives a lot of clarity to why relationships falter. 

This is one of the extended tools.  I got them to do this Women to Women, Women to Men, vice versa, and Men to Men!  Addressing the "projections" we are constantly manifesting in our life of how others need to be from our past "limited" experiences, this is the mirror of dysfunction facing us again.  Aha, it was revealing and gave such clarity of where the resistance and blocks were on the emotional level.  Using vibrational language with the inner child cleared these powerfully.  For some the depth was incredibly healing, seeing how for generations the repeating of stories further deepening the pattern to be recreated in each lifetime.    The crystalline energy is different and fast,  we were working on the grid, so I'm aware the impact of this energetic shift will also impact on the collective consciousness.  I noted and stressed it is the stories that we keep telling ourselves that return us to the pattern, we are only interested in giving the "feeling" a new perspective of expression thereby freeing up the energy.   There were some who felt the wronged of the past with their families, women, men etc.  So I clarified, what's happened has already happened, you didn't come to repeat the pattern, what needs to be addressed is this life, you cannot make the past right, it's already been, but you can choose different in this life for yourself and how you see yourself creating your new reality.  The penny dropped when one said,  "oh it's what was, to what I say we are in the Isness of now".  We can't change the past but we can build a new future by having awareness of the dysfunctional imprints and choosing change in the energetic imprints.  I said it's like humanity has been on this circle, just circling back round generation after generation, however when we consciously change the story by giving a new perspective, it's like we create a new imprint for others to sense, oh yeah here's an off ramp to another path.

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