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More Than Meditation Circle

For those who truly want to Ground, Grow and Flow in a new way.


More Than Meditation Circle

The evening will be a short meditation using vibrational sounds to activate and harmarmonise your frequencies with Grounding, Expansion and meditation. It is Stillness that allows the body to be present to catch up with recalibration, healing and activation of your DNA codes for your next step.


This is continuous and will assist with "innerstanding" through active awareness of these shifts each week.  Bringing forth a deeper consciousness to the front of your awareness.   I use the term "innerstanding" which is what you experience and feel in the moment.  Understanding comes from the awareness from the mind engagement, but is not always embodying that experience.


This is a gradual stepping into yourself.  Everyone has their own pace and this provides the space where you can experience a deeper grounding of your Being and experience on the multidimensional level. Learning, sharing and integration are progressive and so your commitment is paramount to fortifying your foundation.

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5 Jun-10 Jul

Cherry Park House

$180 for 6 weeks or $35 weekly
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