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Healing Your Inner Child

A 5 week programme to assist those who really want to
move through their healing.


Healing Your Inner Child

A 5-week programme (4.5 hours per day) to assist those who really want to move through their healing.  It will be an empowering and enlightening journey to recover and embody the parts of your hurts, trauma, shadow aspects  that you have been afraid to face, or just don't know how to respond to.  There is a way, with presence, gentleness and vulnerability with renewed safety.  It's not nearly as scary as people think!  


An outline of experiences you will embody;

·   Grounding, re-connection with the inner child, embrace more of your Self on all levels 

·   Healing family traumas - Clarity to core patterns and behaviours 

·   Reparenting/New Perspectives

·   Safety, nurturing and comforting/loving, and compassionate to self

·   Using vibrational language (aligning you energetically)

·   Fortifying your re-connection, reclaiming your Self


The following weeks will cover in the flow...

Week 1: (13 Feb): Introduction and connection your Inner Child and the Essence Child

Week 2: (20 Feb): Reparenting - Healing core family patterns - Mother/Father/Siblings - Family Constellation

Week 3:  (27 Feb):  Connecting with your deeper Shadow aspects - What is the Shadow?

Week 4: (6 Mar)  Attuning your energy with the Collective Consciousness - Shame/Guilt/Sorrow/Powerlessness to Love/Joy/Truth/Freedom

Week 5: (13 Mar): Karma/Past Life/Family Constellation and whatever is arising for the collective


The workshop is a place of safety, and intimacy to connect, share and heal at the level which you are ready to.  The group will be a max 8.  The objective is to guide and ensure you understand how to connect "energetically" to your feelings and healing without being stuck in "victim".  This is a commitment to change and growth



Investment:  $300

Dates: TBA 

Time:  TBA

Venue:  TBA


Let's heal the rift inside of us and come into Unity, ONENESS


Please register your intention ASAP or further enquries, please contact me.


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