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Drum and Gong Sound Journey

Experience grounding, healing and recalibration with
the new frequencies.


Drum and Gong
Sound Journey

This special event in time for the Equinox is co-facilitated by Alyse (Drum) and Deborah Nash (Gong),  a powerful date for manifestations and miracles!  So set your intentions for the new astrological year ahead, heralding in more dynamic and courageous energy to ensure your dreams manifest.  The beat of the Drum will assist with your reconnection to your heart and Earth, and Gong will bring a finer attunement to the new frequencies from the Cosmos.  These sessions are always really powerfully healing, connective and recalibrative.

Please RSVP to  

Prepayment to secure your place. $40 per person.  

Appreciate you arrive 10 mins earlier and bring something to lie on and to cover yourself during the Sound Bath.

Auckland Subud Hall, 19 Formby Ave, Pt Chevalier 

Upcoming Dates


20 march

Auckland Subud Hall
19 Formby Ave
Pt Chevalier

Limited spaces. 
RSVP essential.

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