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April Resurrection

Greetings and I trust this message finds you all safely tucked up at home and gazing into your navel.  😝

It is indeed a BIG time for RESET, I knew it as going to be a challenging year, and never did I imagine it would be like this!  That's what I love about living in the never know what is arising but as you learn to embrace the moment there is an inner knowing all will be well.   I wish to share my personal experience as I'm aware it is very different to how  people have experienced in this time. I was surprised at how much fear and panic was arising from all around me as the news escalated about the Corona virus.  Those who have attended my workshops and been exposed to the consciousness of sovereignty, this is the time where it is needs to be embodied.  So my experience is as a witness, to sense the depth of fear of the unknown and seeing how people get pulled into the collective wave.   I felt this so strongly on the day we went to Level 3, I was at work and hearing everyone express their concerns and fears was palpable.  When it came to my turn, I felt very "alone" in that my perspective and Being felt very different to everyone else.  Not being disrespectful of the feelings being expressed, I didn't feel this level of concern or fear as my Being felt stable in knowing who I am.  So I shared my perspective of that and got the sense it did alleviate some of the fear.  Despite our differences in opinions and feelings, which is not about right or wrong but holding the space of love and compassion as a way of truly "receiving one another" no matter what is showing up,   I am the creator of my reality and I know that I can always create from the place of nothing.  I have done this time and time again in the past, so for me this is a time for people to truly reconnect and to move closer to their creator.  People often use the phrase of "you're not in touch with reality" and that is true, because I'm busy creating the reality I want to show up in my space, I don't participate or contribute to the reality that does not align to my soul purpose. Modern society has made us complacent, it's too comfortable to stretch into our true creator energy when everything is at our fingertips.  Instead we are conditioned to focus our energy on things that are outside of ourselves, that are measuring up to someone else's expectations or some goal set by some other authority.   We are striving for something that is not necessarily aligned to our soul, because it's normal?   Since I began this journey over 25+ years ago, I have always endeavoured to live by my soul.  It was never an easy choice because of my strong conditioning, but at the same time, I also felt I had no choice as my soul was very loud and clear (ha ha, sounds like I'm a split personality).   And now, some or more may be feeling this way right now.  Please TRUST, follow your intuition, allow the universe to support you as you move into a new way.  It's truly magical.  I have just come through another "dark night of the soul", I was aware I was going through this, just kept acknowledging my shitty state of feeling, embracing it, not trying to wiggle out of it, but facing it with compassion.  Staying in the moment, not judging it, or I would fall into the victim state, but really allowing myself to just feel that way, knowing it will pass, but today, I just have to feel shitty   I kept feeling like I just wanted to die, another little death.   I didn't try to change it, I just supported my feelings making sure that my inner being felt heard and received and slowly but surely a new dawn.  It truly was coming into the realisation of a new consciousness of birthing a new humanity in sovereignty.   This all was just before the Corona Virus announcement, so by the time it was announced I felt I had already gone through the worst which is perhaps why my response was different, I felt more strength and solid in the foundation of my Being.  My soul struggles to be in the confines of society, I have always lived on the periphery of it, sensing, discerning where I participated energetically.   My energy is reserved for creating my reality and at this time I need to acknowledge how this has shown up in such a beautyful and magical way. During this lock-down period, I'm feeling truly blessed and grateful to where I was led to live and share space with.  For those who don't know the story of how we came to the Home of Joy, in brief it was about 6 months of just being in the space of the "unknowable".  After I left Kawai Purapura where I lived and worked for 3 years, I travelled and spent a month in Bali thinking that was where my next adventure in life would be.   After being there for a month, I realised it was not where I wanted to live.  Back to NZ but then not knowing where I actually wanted to live was unsettling.  This is where our intention of "setting our space" is valuable.  Remembering , it's a feeling of how and where I wanted to live was what I was now cultivating...the feeling of how it would feel like.  At some point, I recall viewing an apartment in Mission Bay and when I walked into the space I immediately felt, this is how it should feel.  I couldn't afford the rent, but I somehow knew I was closer to getting my place soon.   As our linear mind will take us on wild goose chases, I was aware to stay open to new opportunities as I have always known that everything will come to me.  This time was about fortifying my values and foundation for my next abode.   Then out of the blue, I get a skype call from Marjolein and Cameron who were visiting The Netherlands at the time, and they asked if I wanted to share a house with them.   OK, sure why not, they are dear friends and I'm Elijah's godmother.  It seemed like a great opportunity to share in "family life".  Cameron had found this house for rental in Torbay on Trade Me and asked me to go and view and secure the place if it felt right.   I met with the landlord, and as soon as I walked in, it felt right!  I was blown away by the spaciousness of the house and it's sheer size and opportunities within the space.  I remember negotiating the rent with the landlord, and he scoffed at me and said "I'm already paying for your lifestyle, and I simply replied Yes, and we will love your home and keep it tidy for you"...I could already see him scratching his mind, thinking, and why am I giving you this property?  He kept asking if we had jobs, I told him we all worked for ourselves, he wasn't convinced as he asked me several times and yet, he felt compelled to lease the house to us!   When it is in divine alignment, the universe conspires to make it happen with ease.   The next part of was attract appropriate house mates, as there were several rooms to be filled.  Every name we mentioned, there was a pause of ...Oh they already have a place or they have just moved.   So without any real effort to ask but merely to share that we had this house and space available, both couples came on board as they too felt the alignment (the view helps too!)   We decided we needed a name for this home, this was how the Home of Joy came to be.  Unbeknownst to me, the Landlord's wife's name is Joy.  How coincidental, synchronistic and magical this journey has been so far!   I'm sharing this story as this is an example of how my reality shows up for me as I'm aware to continue nurturing and aligning my intentions of what it is I wish to create.  BTW, it will never look like what you imagine, and usually its different and a better experience, more than you bargained for!  A true blessing.    This is an opportunity for everyone to take a much needed pause to truly check-in and to see where you can simplify your life, de-clutter your space inside to allow for new things to emerge from you and out of you.  I cannot stress enough the importance of Grounding at this time - important for your own discernment, safety and creator energy.  A time for Stillness so that your body and immune system can truly rest, restore and recalibrate.  A time to really make some small changes to your routine to allow for opportunities to arrive.   We at the Home of Joy are fortunate during this time we are practising staying connected with our Being and, so so grateful for the offerings by everyone here, with yoga, yoga nidra,  flinch-lock treatments, dynamic movement training and sound healing meditations.   We got it covered, we will emerge, relaxed, restedl restored, recallbrated, fitter and healthier and happy😝 Enough for now, I acknowledge the huge shift that is happening globally, and I'm in awe of the design of how humanity has been paused so that there is space for reflection, growth and expansion for those who are ready. This is truly the gift.  It's not hard, just different and this what is truly happening.  Everything happens for a reason, we do not understand another's soul purpose, however, we can start to understand our own and that in itself is enough to keep the consciousness of humanity growing to a much more compassionate, loving place where we can truly accept all differences in this world so we can all live in harmony.  It is but a dream, and the dream is coming into reality if your focus is to nurture that.  Take care of the mind, body and spirit and all will be well.  Stay grounded, respond with awareness.  Set your space and keep aligning to those values.  Be kind, gentle and compassionate for this passage of growth you are now experiencing.   Adopt more simplicity in life, it will bring you back to Joy. If anyone needs support, please contact me.  I am still giving private sessions via Skype or Messenger.  Please don't let money be an issue, although this is how I live my life (as opposed to work for in life), my purpose is to be in service to humanity, so I'm sure we can work something out.   Let's support one another in a good way where everyone is feeling safe, supported and loved.  There is no need for anyone to suffer, that is an old conditioning, so let's work on it! For those who are feeling overwhelmed or sensitive to current situation with the COVID-19 virus, I have attached a video by Gregg Braden which may help to give you a more positive understanding and perspective.  Gregg presents the information in a very clear and factual way which gives you a sense of empowerment of how you wish to perceive this current time.  If this  subject does not interest you then bypass the link✌    Link:  Truth Vs Fiction with Gregg Braden For now all my workshops have come to a halt until further notice.  The Soul's Journey Workshop, scheduled for the weekend of 2-3 May is still an uncertainty with this lock-down.  Should it be lifted in time, then I will be happy to facilitate this.  If you are interested in attending this, please let me know and I will keep you posted.    Despite Ecofest North having to be cancelled as a public event, I was glad I got to share my Shamanic Journey with people on 21 March.  It's was a lovely setting on the grass with the forest in the background. Always a powerful experience of connection with all who attended.  I will keep you posted on the next Shamanic Journey in due course.  This has been my project with Kaipatiki Project, since we have had some time to review the situation, I'm pleased to advise that Ecofest North will continue with Backyard Actions,  to support and encourage people to experience different concepts, that lead us to practise change towards living more lightly on the Earth.  Visit I have been reminiscing about my simple lifestyle when I lived in the Valley in Kauai, and I'm sharing this memory of my home then, to inspire freedom and Joy.  Freedom of the heart. and Joy of the Soul.  My purpose in sharing this is to encourage and inspire you to live the life YOU Choose, as it's possible more than ever.  The systems and conditions you are currently living by, is your choice, you are the ones supporting it.   If you want Change, then You Have to Be It; one step at a time. Stay safe and well.  Wishing you blessings of Love, Peace, Clarity and Joy.  Stay connected to yourself and your inner child and then you will not feel isolated for those who are home alone, as you are always connected to the All That Is, including your family and friends near and far.   BE EnJOY, and see you in the flow🐬 In Gratitude, Love and Compassion Alyse Young💞🎶🌠

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